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Q&A: Devon Sawa Returns To 'Nikita'

9/30/2011 2:05pm EDT
You can't keep Nikita's Owen down - and the fans are certainly glad for that. Devon Sawa's ex-Guardian has been so popular that tonight marks his fifth appearance on The CW's hit spy series. Before "Falling Ash" airs tonight, Devon came by to chat with me about Owen's popularity and what's ahead for his character.

(You can also check out our previous interview from season one.)

This is your fifth appearance and your first of season two. Not bad for a character intended as a one-off! What do you think is the secret to Owen's popularity?

I must be doing something right. I don't ...

'Nikita' 2.01 'Game Change' Recap and Review

9/24/2011 12:11am EDT
Nikita is back, and I've got a boatload of questions. What does the show's future look like after those drastic changes in the first season finale? Will it continue to break the stereotype we expect when we hear the phrase "The CW"? Can I make a Standoff reference somewhere in here?

Maybe, possibly, and I just did.

Ominous music swells as Nikita walks into a dimly lit store and asks for haggis, which turns out to be the password that gets her into an underground casino. Looking fabulous as ever, she throws a lucky seven for a guy who flirts with her. She tells him that she and her b...

Maggie Q Suffered 'Boob Burns' On 'Nikita' Set

9/5/2011 12:30pm EDT
Maggie Q
Actress Maggie Q was left with swollen breasts recently after accidentally shooting herself in the chest while filming an all-action sequence for her TV show Nikita.

The Live Free or Die Hard star, who plays an assassin in the program, admits she suffered from "boob burns" when a scene with a prop gun went awry.

She tells People magazine, "I was filming a scene for Nikita a few days ago where I was shooting a gun. The bullets shot out to the right and one went into my bra, and I got boob burns."

But she managed to find an upside to her injury: "My boobs were so swollen I went up a cup si...

It's Season Two For 'Nikita'

5/17/2011 4:24pm EDT
Breaking: Nikita star Shane West has tweeted that the CW spy drama has been picked up for a season two.

The future was looking decent for the Maggie Q-led series, which has quickly developed a passionate fan following, but was fighting for space with One Tree Hill and Hellcats.

The CW has not yet made its official upfront presentation; however, I don't think any of us are going to argue with Michael, are we?

Stay tuned for updates if/as they become available.

'Nikita' 1.22 'Pandora' Recap and Review

5/13/2011 7:22am EDT
Now we come to the end of the rollercoaster ride that is Nikita. I hated it, then I loved it, then my feelings got all lukewarm, and now...well, now I'm still kind of lukewarm.

Picking up where "Betrayals" left off, Alex has apparently killed Nikita. We know that's not the case, but Joey Greco tells Percy that cardiac arrest is what did our heroine in, which doesn't make him as happy as one might expect. Percy orders Alex back to Division, telling Amanda "that was unexpected," before leaving to visit Oversight.

Meanwhile, Michael is still hanging out in the basement. Birkhoff wal...

Maggie Q Wonders Who Would Win Between Priestess And Nikita

5/12/2011 1:00pm EDT
Maggie Q’s new movie Priest gives her another female fighter to play. Priestess (Q) belongs to a religious order who have turned to killing vampires in the future. That might give her an edge over TV’s superspy Nikita.

“The Priests have been given these heightened abilities,” Q said. “They’re not superheroes, but they’re touched by the hand of God. They don’t do what Superman or Spider-Man does, but their abilities are heightened. So Priestess has a gift and Nikita has had to earn her gifts. Priestess is pretty cool, but Nikita is very well armed. Where does her stuff come from? Where does...

'Nikita' 1.21 'Betrayals' Recap and Review

5/6/2011 6:09am EDT
Last week's Nikita was fairly forgettable except for that awesome scene that saw Amanda expose Alex as a traitor. It's time to pick that mayhem up where we left off!

Michael and Nikita are discussing how much time they have before Percy enacts his plan for world domination. "Whatever it is, if it fails with Percy's fingerprints on it, then he burns, and he knows that," Michael says. They know they need Birkhoff to help them break the encryption of the black boxes. She expects him to get a hold of the hacker, but he knows doing so will expose him for good. Then there's a now-require...

'Nikita' 1.20 'Glass Houses' Recap And Review

4/29/2011 1:17am EDT
After tonight, there are only two episodes left in Nikita's first season. This would be the time to start the final push toward the end. Instead, we get an episode that reminds me of The X-Files' "Arcadia," only with more bullets and a lack of the supernatural.

Alex is telling Nikita how easy it would be to leave her apartment and her cover. Nikita doesn't think now is the time for that. "We can't afford to make a mistake," she says, but Alex insists that now that Michael has turned sides, she's no longer needed. I think I asked that same question awhile back...

Speaking of Michael...

'Nikita' 1.19 'Girl's Best Friend' Recap and Review

4/22/2011 8:38am EDT
Oh, Nikita. You are all about girl power this week. I just can't wait for the bigger and better things. Color me impatient.

Things are really awkward for Alex and Nathan, as Alex has told him her real story. He is not pleased with the entire "let's fake our deaths and run off together" idea. Just as he's leaving, Jaden shows up on her doorstep. Immediately, a three-way fight breaks out and ruins a lot of perfectly good dishware. This is obviously a nightmare.

Alex wakes up from it and is promptly summoned to Division by Michael, who is sending her on another mission he describes a...

Interview: Devon Sawa Returns To 'Nikita'

4/15/2011 9:16am EDT
After making his first appearance in "The Guardian," Devon Sawa became an instant favorite of Nikita fans everywhere. Since then, he's just kept coming back.

This week's "Into The Dark" marks Sawa's fourth appearance as rogue Division agent Owen, who was Nikita's (Maggie Q) second ally in the fight against the spy organization. To mark the occasion, he sat down with Starpulse to talk about the experience of Nikita.

Let's get the basic question out of the way first: what brought you to the role of Owen?

The action. I was all about that. When they said there's this show called Nikit...

'Nikita' 1.18 'Into The Dark' Recap & Review

4/15/2011 8:45am EDT
After the underwhelming "Covenants," I was looking for Nikita to punch back this week. And it does to an extent - mostly because Devon Sawa steals the whole show.

Unsurprisingly, after all that ridiculous sexual tension, Nikita and Michael are having a little issue keeping their hands off each other. (Hey, in her defense, if Shane West wanted to sleep with me, I wouldn't turn that down!) Into this cuddly moment walks Owen. He's arrived with information on the black box that's in London, and Michael is not happy to see him. Especially since Nikita wants to go with him to London. "Yo...

'Nikita' 1.17 'Covenants' Recap and Review

4/8/2011 6:10am EDT
Welcome back, Nikita. Now what?

Five years ago, we were in St. Petersburg, Russia, because all sorts of spy stuff happens in Russia. Nikita nearly shoots Michael when he shows up unannounced to help her with a mission. Back in the present day (picking up immediately from the end of "Echoes"), they are much less happy to see one another. He forces her to completely disarm - like that's really going to help him much - and accuses her of working for Gogol, the Russian spy organization. He tells her that if she doesn't get him Kasim's location in the next twenty-four hours, he's going...

Whoa! Did 'Nikita' Promo Say Too Much?

3/10/2011 5:01pm EST
WARNING: The following article contains a link to and discussion of spoilers for the April 7 episode of CW's Nikita. Do not read any further if you are attempting to avoid spoilers.

On Tuesday, The CW released a new promotional spot for their hit series Nikita. Being a fan of the show as well as a journalist, I clicked the link and viewed it - then immediately wished I hadn't.

The thirty-second clip advertising April 7th's return, the show's first new episode after a month-long hiatus, promises that "one moment" in the episode will "change everything." It then proceeds to show us said ...

'Nikita' 1.16 'Echoes' Recap and Review

2/25/2011 1:13am EST
I am generally opposed to TV episodes that take place in a character's head, as they lend themselves to bad writing. All too often, they are code for "we're going to use a bunch of half-baked, implausible ideas that wouldn't fly in normal canon, and/or tease fans with what you want by giving it to you without actually making it canon, and we're going to get away with it." This is not that episode. Not at all. In fact, by episode's end, my heart actually stopped.

The episode - and the drug trip - opens with Nikita giving Alex a pop quiz on Division lingo, mid-sparring match. When Ale...

'Nikita' 1.15 'Alexandra' Recap And Review

2/18/2011 1:02am EST
Nikita knows how to hook me. Last week, it gave me some of my favorite scenes ever to be had on this show, and now this. It just keeps getting better.

I have never understood the appeal of clubbing, so I'm at a loss when it comes to Alex showing up at a club to be the date of an Internet rich kid named Dustin Zimmer. It doesn't take a genius to see why Division is interested in a rich computer geek (they want his shiny new cell phone), but it does put Alex in an uncomfortable position, considering she's an ex-junkie surrounded by booze and drugs. No, this isn't awkward at all. It get...

Interview: Xander Berkeley Is 'Nikita's' Bad Guy (But I Still Like Him)

2/10/2011 12:10pm EST
If you don't know who Xander Berkeley is, you haven't been paying attention for the last twenty-plus years. Currently playing very, very bad as Division's head honcho Percy on The CW's Nikita, Berkeley is an experienced character actor who seems to have been in literally everything (just to name a few: 24, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, The X-Files, Gattaca). With all that history, there wasn't time to ask him all the burning questions that I've had since loving him on 24, but I managed to ferret out a few things about Nikita and grill him about his impressive career.

You stepped into a pre...

'Nikita' 1.13 'Coup De Grace' Recap And Review

2/4/2011 1:07am EST
Now that Alex has settled into her new life and we've settled into the new direction of Nikita, it's time to get back to what this show does best: secrets, lies and a healthy dose of action.

In voiceover, Alex gives us (and Nikita) the specifics of her first mission as a full-fledged Division agent: assassinating Prince Eric of Georgia at a museum get-together, taking orders from Brendan Fehr from Roswell. When prompted, she also tells Nikita that Michael hasn't asked about her lately (in an operational context, of course), but when she asks Nikita what the deal is between them, Nikit...

Interview: Shane West Clues Us Into What Makes 'Nikita's' Michael Tick

2/3/2011 4:47pm EST
He's been at the top of my Interview Wish List for five months - and that day has come. This afternoon, Nikita star Shane West and I sat down to dish about Michael's various and sundry character quirks, the show's rumored tonal shift, and what we may have missed, just ahead of tonight's all-new episode of the CW spy drama.

First, I should get this off my chest: when Nikita premiered, I was a little hard on your performance. Having seen more of your work since then, though, I should say that I was wrong and you were right, and I'm quite impressed with your work.

Really? Well, this is...

Brittany's TCA 2011 Blog: CBS, Showtime & CW - From 'Chaos' To 'Kick-Ass'

1/18/2011 11:10am EST
Hawaii Five-O
After spending time getting to know FOX on Tuesday, I handled three networks a few days later. Friday at the TCAs (Television Critics Association) was devoted to CBS and its two sister networks, Showtime and The CW. All three brought their midseason shows, as well as executive sessions and a CW panel devoted to the "kick-ass" women of their various series. Here's the dish from the Eye and beyond:

CBS Executive Session

CBS President of Entertainment Nina Tassler was on the hot seat Friday morning. She was quizzed on CBS' emphasis on legal and procedural shows- what with three CSI's, two NC...

Metallics, Black & White Dresses Dominate 2011 People's Choice Awards Fashion (Photos)

1/6/2011 8:55am EST
2011 People's Choice Awards
The stars came out en masse during Wednesday night's People's Choice Awards, and it appears that metallics, black, and white are the trendy hues this year.

Hollywood's finest walked the blue carpet in an array of subdued colors, although a select few stars stood out in bright attire.

Check out what the stars wore last night, and tell us who looked great and who didn't!

Check out the full list of winners HERE!

Taylor Swift

"Wizards of Waverly Place" star Selena Gomez in her second outfit of the evening

"Nikita" star Maggie Q

"Desperate Housewives" star Vanessa Williams

Kim, K...

'Nikita' 1.10 'Dark Matter' Recap And Review

12/3/2010 1:02am EST
Nikita 1.10
Nikita certainly left us with a lot to think about almost a month ago. Not to mention, it teased us with the return of Owen (Devon Sawa), the rogue agent introduced in the "The Guardian"/"Resistance" two-parter. In other words, this episode has a lot on its plate from the word "go." Episodes with the highest expectations can also turn out to be the best for a series; look at last week, which certainly paid off what it promised.

We open with an excuse to show Maggie Q in a swimming pool. Nikita is obviously still struggling with betraying Michael at the end of "One Way," and she ends...

Maggie Q's Sexy 'Nikita' Billboards Upset Mall Bosses

8/19/2010 3:30pm EDT
Maggie Q
Billboards promoting actress Maggie Q's new TV show Nikita are causing a controversy across America - because they're too sexy and too fiery.

The bosses of some malls and shopping areas have refused to put up the posters for fear of offending people. The varied billboards feature the scantily clad Live Free or Die Hard star holding a series of killer weapons.

Officials at top Los Angeles shopping center The Grove passed on an image of Q wearing a leather outfit. Malls in Chicago, Illinois and New York also passed on the image, according to Variety. Some outlets have now erected a repla...

Maggie Q Has A New Series Premiering This Fall

7/29/2010 2:54pm EDT
Maggie Q
You many not know Maggie Q yet, but she's one of the newest and sexiest stars of The CW's upcoming fall series "Nikita." If these pics are any indication, the show and its star are going to be hot!

"Nikita" stars Maggie in the title role as a spy and assassin for a top secret U.S. government agency, who rebels against the system that created her and will stop at nothing to bring their powerful operation to an end. The series debuts Thursday, Sept. 9.

The actress also starred alongside Tom Cruise in "Mission Impossible III."

More: Celeb Photo Features | Fashion Photo Featu...

Aly Michalka Stars With Ashley Tisdale In New CW Cheerleader Drama 'Hellcats' (Hot Pics!)

5/20/2010 11:19pm EDT
Aly Michalka
Aly & A.J. singer Aly Michalka and "High School Musical's" Ashley Tisdale helped the CW network debut their fall lineup on Thursday. The pair will star together in a high school cheerleader drama called "Hellcats." There's no word if ageless 24-year-old Tisdale will play a high school student in this one or if they'll be giving her a more mature role though.

The show will fit into one of the vacant slots in the upcoming fall schedule after bosses at the network confirmed that the the remake of the popular 80s nighttime soap "Melrose Place" was canceled.

Hit hero drama "Smallville" will al...

Maggie Q's Plunging Neckline - Hot Or Not?

3/30/2009 1:22pm EDT
Maggie Q
Maggie Q (Mission: Impossible III, Live Free Or Die Hard) showed up at the 23rd Genesis Awards wearing a coral colored dress with a how-low-can-you-go neckline.

What do you think of the actress's outfit? Is she hot or would the dress look better on a more full-figured star? Let us know in the comments!

See more photos of Maggie here!

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Slideshow: Sexy Asian Actresses

8/26/2008 3:15pm EDT
Asian-American sexy female celebrities
There are a number of Asian actresses who have crossed over to Hollywood, plus many American actresses are of Asian descent. Enjoy a look at some of the most beautiful Asian women from the big and small screen.

When you're done looking at the pics, be sure to let us know YOUR favorite(s) in the comments below!

Kelly Hu
- Click pic for next page -

More Kelly Hu pictures & news

Lucy Liu
- Click pic for next page -

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Maggie Q
- Click pic for next page -

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Brenda Song
- Click pic for next page -

More Brenda ...

Slideshow: Sexy Female Vegetarians

7/25/2008 8:37am EDT
Alyssa Milano
Whether they do it for health reasons or because they're animal lovers, several celebrities have decided to follow a meat-free diet. And just because they lack the protein from a juicy steak doesn't mean these stars don't have what it takes to look good. Check out 10 of the sexiest celebrity vegetarians:

Pamela Anderson

-Pamela Anderson Pictures

Alicia Silverstone

-Alicia Silverstone Pictures

Alyssa Milano

-Alyssa Milano Pictures

Carrie Underwood

-Carrie Underwood Pictures


Top 10 Movie Fight Scenes of 2007

12/31/2007 10:23am EST
From the epic shootout in Heat to the Terminator battling the T-1000, everyone loves fight sequences. The two previously mentioned are some of the best of all time. The good fight scenes stand out and the bad ones are forgotten. But it’s the great ones that are seared into our memory. The following is a list consisting of the very best fight scenes that 2007 had to offer.

# 10. Transformers – Optimus Prime vs. Bonecrusher

While this was a guilty pleasure of mine this year, for many fan-boys, it was a dream come true. Their childhood toys and favorite cartoons came to life like...

'Balls Of Fury' Bounces Into Theaters August 29

8/15/2007 6:30pm EDT
Balls Of Fury
In the unsanctioned, underground, and unhinged world of extreme Ping-Pong, the competition is brutal and the stakes are deadly. Now, this outrageous new comedy serves up this secret world for the first time on-screen.

Down-and-out former professional Ping-Pong phenom Randy Daytona (Tony Award winner Dan Fogler) is sucked into this maelstrom when FBI Agent Rodriguez (George Lopez) recruits him for a secret mission. Randy is determined to bounce back and recapture his former glory, and to smoke out his father's (Robert Patrick) killer – one of the FBI's Most Wanted, arch-fiend Feng (Acad...

Memorable Celebrity Quotes

6/28/2007 11:51am EDT
Maggie Q
"If it was possible to genetically engineer the perfect woman in the world... it would be Maggie Q... She should be cloned." Bruce Willis was impressed with his Live Free or Die Hard co-star.

"Coldplay are the modern Beatles, so I'd love to do a duet with them, especially Chris Martin." Justin Timberlake heaps praise on Coldplay.

"We're putting a ban on all dudes from coming to the show." Actor/singer Tyrese is hoping his upcoming Shirts Off tour with R&B stars Genuwine and Tank is strictly for the ladies.

"At night, before I go to bed, I check on the kids to make sure the...