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Kimberly Peirce Takes Us Inside Directing 'Carrie'

January 16th, 2014 12:15pm EST
Kimberly Peirce
Making a movie is hard, but in some respects, remaking a picture is even harder. That's the challenge that director Kimberly Peirce took on with Carrie, the third film inspired by Stephen King's classic horror novel. BFTV chatted with Kimberly on Friday to talk about the process of reimagining the People's Choice Award-winning flick, and what captures her attention when it comes to making movies.

"I fell in love with the novel," she told us, explaining how she balanced being faithful to King's work with bringing something new to the big screen. "I just thought Carrie was an amazing charact...

Ryan Phillippe: ''Stop-Loss' Isn't An Anti-War Film'

March 26th, 2008 1:54pm EDT
Ryan Phillippe
Hollywood star Ryan Phillippe has denied his new film Stop-Loss is playing on the anti-war feeling among many U.S. citizens, insisting it is quite the opposite. The Crash actor plays an Iraq War veteran in the Kimberly Peirce-directed film, who struggles to adapt to life back home after a first tour of duty - before he is unexpectedly sent back to the Middle East against his will.

Asked by an MTV reporter whether the movie is "just another anti-war film", he replies: "No, no... the film to me isn't anti-war. If anything, it's pro-military. It's told from the soldiers' perspective, and...

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