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Famous Spinsters: 14 Celebrities Who Never Got Married

10/21/2014 12:00pm EDT
Famous Spinsters: 14 Celebrities Who Never Got Married
Not too long ago, women who didn't get married were considered spinsters. Once they reached 40, they were officially Old Maids, and they were pitied for their lack of attachment to husbands and children.

Nowadays, plenty of women choose not to tie the knot, and many even raise children by themselves.

Actress Cameron Diaz, 41, has been in several long-term relationships. She dated singer Justin Timberlake and New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez.

She told Elle UK in 2011: "I think a lot of people are married to people that they're not romantic with anymore. I just didn't ever marry anybod...

33 Hottest Moms On TV We’ll Never Forget

4/27/2014 1:00pm EDT
33 Hottest Moms On TV We’ll Never Forget
Call them what you want, hot mama's, MILF's, hot older babes...whatever floats your boat one thing's for sure, television has certainly produced lots of these tempting older women. TV executives certainly know what they were doing when they casted these ladies, women want to be like them, men want to be with them. Here are 35 of the hottest ever!

Nancy Botwin "Weeds" (Mary Louise Parker)

Nancy Botwin, held one of the most auspicious jobs on television, that of a suburban soccer mom/marijuana dealer. Of course, her charm came from the fact that she could think of no other way to support he...

Celebrities That Turn 50 In 2014

1/2/2014 11:00am EST
Sandra Bullock
Welcome to day two of 2014! Looking back in time 50 years ago, the year was 1964. Major events of that year included President Johnson being re-elected by a landslide over Barry Goldwater. The investigation of John F. Kennedy's assassination by the Warren Commission concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the killing of the President. In the civil rights movement, three workers were murdered in Mississippi during the "Freedom Summer," and Anchorage, Alaska was hit by a massive earthquake.

In pop culture, Beatlemania had officially hit North America and on February 9 of that year, s...

The Hottest Celebrity Women In Their 40s

10/30/2013 3:03pm EDT
Kate Beckinsale
Who says life ends at 40? There are plenty of hot women in Hollywood going into their fifth decade - and here they are, in no particular order:

Kate Beckinsale (Above), born July 26, 1973

Alyssa Milano, born December 19, 1972

Jeri Ryan, born February 22, 1968

Cameron Diaz, born August 30, 1972

Sofia Vergara, born July 10, 1972

Rachel Weisz, born March 7, 1970

Carmen Electra, born April 20, 1972

Rebecca Romijn, born November 6, 1972

Cate Blanchett, born May 14, 1969

Naomi Watts, born September 28, 1968

Sandra Bullock, born July 26, 1964


Mary-Louise Parker Is 'Almost Done Acting,' Says The World Has 'Gotten Too Mean'

7/18/2013 9:11am EDT
Mary-Louise Parker
Mary-Louise Parker is thinking about giving up acting in the not-so-distant future. The former "Weeds" star is willing to do a few more projects before quitting the stage and screen.

She told  Australia's Herald Sun, "I'm not really that into it anymore. I don't know how many more movies I wanna do. I wouldn't mind doing a TV show again; I'd like to do a couple more plays, but I'm almost done acting, I think."

One of the reasons Parker wants to end her career is because of the pitfalls of fame.

"The world has gotten too mean for me, it's just too b**chy. All the websites and all the blog...

Mary Louise Parker To Replace Demi Moore In 'Lovelace'

1/27/2012 11:26am EST
Mary Louise Parker
Mary Louise Parker has reportedly replaced Demi Moore in the upcoming Linda Lovelace biopic after the Ghost star quit the project to battle health issues.

The actress was hospitalized on Monday night after paramedics were called to her home and she subsequently checked into a treatment facility.

Her spokesperson revealed Moore, who has since left the specialist center, had decided to pull out of Rob Epstein's film about notorious porn star Lovelace - and the director has wasted no time in finding a replacement.

Editors at claim Weeds star Parker has signed up to play fe...

Mary Louise Parker: 'People Give Me Pot All The Time'

6/30/2011 4:20pm EDT
Mary Louise Parker
Fans of TV series Weeds are so convinced actress Mary Louise Parker is a marijuana lover they keep offering to get her high.

In the hit comedy Parker plays Nancy Botwin, a widow who sells drugs to support her family - and the star reveals viewers often assume she's just like her pot-loving character.

She says, "People give me pot all the time... It's homemade a lot of times. People say, 'I grew it myself.' That's the thing I hear."

"I try to be gracious, you know, I'm not going to not take it. But I don't smoke it. I have children, you know. I'm not somebody who's going to go home and...

Our Favorite TV Moms: A Mother's Day Special

5/6/2011 6:00pm EDT
Home Improvement
Let’s be honest: I doubt that any of the moms on this list are as awesome as your own mother (suffice it to say that none of them are as amazing as mine). But these women, these television moms, are certainly worthy of mention. You may have grown up with some of them or you may have watched them last week, but one thing’s for sure: they’re moms, and they’re pretty terrific. So, in honor of Mother’s Day (and in no particular order) I present our favorite TV moms.

1. Joyce Summers (Kristine Sutherland) - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Was Joyce kind of clueless? At first, yeah, but her clueless na...

New 'Weeds' Promo Pic Shows Mary-Louise Parker Naked In Handcuffs

5/2/2011 2:00pm EDT
Last season on "Weeds," Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) and the Botwin family went on the lam after Shane bopped Mexican VIP Pilar to death with a croquet mallet.

In the finale, a major airport showdown with Esteban and Guillermo landed Nancy at the wrong end of an FBI dragnet, where she confessed to killing Pilar.

Has Nancy's luck finally run out – is Nancy bound for the big house? The series returns to Showtime for a seventh season on June 27. We know we'll be tuning in!

Click for more great Mary Louise Parker pictures:

'Weeds' Recap - 'Theoretical Love Is Not Dead'

11/23/2010 6:10pm EST
Wow, now that was a season finale. 'Weeds' always does manage to come out swinging by the end. First season it was her finding out Peter was DEA, second was the mexican stand off with all the dealers, third was Agrestic burning down, fourth was 'I'm pregnant,' fifth was Shane the murderer, and now the sixth has Nancy giving in to fate. Nice. It has been rumored that season seven will likely be the end of the show, and it seems likely she might be heading toward her inevitable death. Each year Nancy's climbed closer and closer to the edge, and it's only a matter of time before someone pushes...

'Weeds' Recap - 'Fran Tarkenton'

11/9/2010 3:58pm EST
Wow. Every season 'Weeds' manages to take me by surprise, and I never know where it is going by the season finale. This is rare since a lot of television can be figured out early. Next week is the season finale, so everything in this episode is preparing for that. And it looks like big changes might be coming. Let's get the least important thing out of the way: Doug goes home and his wife is re-married and he wants her back now. Why is he on this show? He serves no real purpose other than being annoying, and if they want comic relief, Andy is far more amusing than Doug will ever be. Cut the...

'Weeds' Recap - 'Viking Pride'

11/5/2010 11:22am EDT
Nancy's in a good mood again, because she has a plan: Coppenhagen. The hash is being sold now that they have their highly illegal and untested liquid drug, and they may have found a way to get passports out of there. The bartender she traded the drugs with knows someone who might be able to help, but Andy has to go and do it since he doesn't respect women. Everyone forgets that Nancy has bigger cajones than Andy, apparently. But it gives her time to follow her gut about that man she met last week. She has a feeling that he was not who he said he was, so she goes around asking people if they...

'Weeds' Recap - 'Dearborn-Again'

10/27/2010 2:34pm EDT
Oh Nancy, Nancy, Nancy. You drive all the men wild. It would usually be annoying to have a character that every man falls desperately in love with, but it makes sense with Nancy. Not only is Mary Louise-Parker absolutely beautiful, but there is this charismatic enticing vibe around Nancy. It's why she works as a main character and why all the fans have stuck with the show this long. We love her or we love to hate her, but there is something about Nancy Botwin. Obviously the men in her world agree.

The episode starts out with her visiting the teacher from high school that she seduced and he...

Mary-Louise Parker's Black Leather Dress - Hot Or Not?

10/20/2010 1:00pm EDT
Mary Louise Parker
Mary-Louise Parker walked the red carpet at the U.K. premiere of "Red' wearing a short black dress with patterned stockings. We think the "Weeds" star looks pretty hot. What do you think?

A group of former government assassins fights back against the CIA after they're targeted for knowing too much in "Red," an adaptation of Warren Ellis' acclaimed DC Comics graphic novels.

Mary-Louise and Helen Mirren feared they'd be fired from the action comedy once director Robert Schwentke saw them running.

The two thespians were tested to the full when it came to giving chase in the new film - becau...

'Weeds' Recap - 'To Moscow, And Quickly'

10/19/2010 3:26pm EDT
Price sister
Nancy's sister is the one being interviewed this time about their childhood. We haven't seen that much about Nancy Botwin and how she came to be the crazy woman she is today. In the first season there was an impression that she was very normal before Judah died suddenly, but the writers are unraveling the truth. Judah just kept the crazy at bay. Anyway last week the family tried to settle in a trailer park, and Nancy got them in trouble by having dirty violent sex with a married bartender. As a fan of Saved by the Bell, I will be traumatized forever seeing Zack Morris mostly naked. So now t...

Mary-Louise Parker Is Blue At The 'Red' Film Screening

10/12/2010 7:00pm EDT
Mary Louise Parker
Mary-Louise Parker showed up with her boyfriend, singer/songwriter Charlie Mars, for the "Red" Los Angeles special screening yesterday. We think she looks fab in the navy blue strapless dress. What do you think?

Mary and Helen Mirren feared they'd be fired from the new action comedy once director Robert Schwentke saw them running. The two thespians were tested to the full when it came to giving chase in the new film - because no matter how hard they tried they struggled to look convincing.

The "Weeds" star explained, "I don't mind being pulled to the ground if something was blowing up but...

Mary Louise Parker & Helen Mirren Worried About Running For 'Red'

10/10/2010 3:41pm EDT
Mary Louise Parker
Actresses Mary Louise Parker and Helen Mirren feared they'd be sacked from new action comedy "Red" once director Robert Schwentke saw them running.

The two thespians were tested to the full when it came to giving chase in the new film - because no matter how hard they tried they struggled to look convincing.

Parker explains, "Helen and I both said that we thought as soon as they saw us run that we'd both be fired. It takes a certain kind of commitment to run and look like there's a lot of drama happening around you and then to fall.

"I don't mind being pulled to the ground if something w...

'Weeds' Recap - 'Pinwheels And Whirligigs'

10/6/2010 8:15am EDT
The cast of Weeds
Andy Botwin has a problem, and that is he doesn't seem to understand that Nancy will do whatever she feels like. Even if she swears up and down 'I will listen to you,' the second she is bored she will just do what she wants. After royally messing up their time in Seattle, Nancy agrees to give the power reins over to Andy, because he actually knows how to live off the grid and keep away from people. He gives probably excellent advice on how to do that, but it lasts about ten seconds before Nancy gets the idea to bring the family to a carnival. Because she's like that. No honestly, the truth ...

'Weeds' Recap - 'A Shoe For A Shoe'

9/28/2010 3:33pm EDT
There was a pretty intense cliffhanger in the last episode of Weeds, and unfortunately several of the problems wrap up very fast. The CPS looking for Stevie are shooed off when Silas comes in and starts being offensive in sign language, and Nancy puts her fellow maid in a head lock until she just runs off. This probably needs to happen quickly because the real thing to worry about is Shane being taken. Cesar says he will trade Shane for Stevie, and for Nancy to start driving and they'll meet up somewhere. She packs the family into the car and comes up with a plan. Silas brings up a point th...

'Weeds' Recap - 'Boomerang'

9/21/2010 3:12pm EDT
It's a little reassuring that when crazy stuff really starts to go down, the first thing Nancy tries to do is save her sons. Of course neither of them would be in this situation if it wasn't for her, so that takes down the sweet motherly urges, but the intention is nice at least. All sorts of bad things converge at once on Nancy, and a lot quicker than anticipated! She's surrounded again, and how is she going to use her pretty brown eyes to get out of this one?

Last week ended with the police confronting Andy and Nancy coming out of the pot dealer's house. They actually have caught the van...

'Weeds' Recap - 'A Yippity Sippity'

8/31/2010 12:29pm EDT
On Weeds, the Botwin family became the Newman family and now they are determined to start over with a normal life. Nancy drags Andy and Silas over a picket line to get jobs at a hotel. They are given low level jobs because obviously none of them are actually qualified for more, and they can't list their vast drug experience. Meanwhile Shane continues to show he's probably never going to get any better, and Doug returns to the show. Meh. Where's Conrad? Anyone else wish Conrad and Heylia would come back? I know, wishful thinking.

Apparently working at a hotel involves a lot of horrible, cre...

Mary-Louise Parker Tried Marijuana For The First Time At Age 45

8/28/2010 9:19am EDT
Mary Louise Parker
"Weeds" star Mary-Louise Parker tried marijuana for the first time at the age of 45, after a friend convinced her it would cure a bout of sickness.

The actress, who plays a drug-dealing mom on the hit show, insists she never touched the drug as a teenager - but she succumbed to temptation after someone gave her some pot-laced lollipops.

Parker tells Vanity Fair, "I didn't smoke, it was a lollipop. I was at a party, and I'd been kind of sick recently. I was in the hospital and on some really heavy antibiotics. But I went to this party and I was in the bathroom the whole night, on the floor...

Mary-Louise Parker: 'I Wouldn't Go On A Blog If You Paid Me $100,000'

8/25/2010 2:42pm EDT
Mary Louise Parker
Mary-Louise Parker refuses to sign up to any social networking websites, insisting she's too sensitive to handle any "mean" insults aimed at her.

The Weeds star avoids reading about herself online because she struggles to forget nasty comments - and she is adamant her life is better because of her internet ban.

She tells the Wall Street Journal, "I'll only remember that (an insult), and I'll remember it all day long... I wouldn't go on a blog if you paid me $100,000 right now. It's basically just a forum for people to be mean and have people listen to them. I don't do any of that Twitte...

'Weeds' Recap - 'Thwack'

8/19/2010 1:40pm EDT
Is everyone ready to go back to the wild world of the worst mother in the world and her increasingly sociopathic children? Yay! Weeds has returned after a stunning season finale last year, and Nancy Botwin is in fine form as always. Meaning she's still a drug dealer, still married to a mobster, and drunk most of the time because she fails as a mother in every possible way. We're back watching the train wreck, people, and it's more insane than it's been in a long time, and that's saying a great deal.

Last season ended with the powerful Pilar threatening Nancy and her two elder sons if she d...

Celebrity Birthdays - August 2, 2010

8/2/2010 3:00am EDT
Mary-Louise Parker
Happy Birthday to:

"Weeds" star Mary Louise Parker (1964)

"Terminator 2" actor Edward Furlong (1977)

"Clerks 2" director/actor Kevin Smith (1970)

Canadian guitarist Jeff Healy (1966)

Singer/actress Apollonia Kotero (1959)

"SNL" alum Victoria Jackson (1959)

Musician Mojo Nixon (1957)

"The Munsters" actor Butch Patrick (1953)

Actor Max Wright (1943)

Actress Joanna Cassidy (1943)

Horror director Wes Craven (1939)

The Band keyboardist Garth Hudson (1937)

"Lawrence of Arabia" star Peter O'Toole (1932)

"All in the Family" star Carroll O'Connor (1924; d. 2001)

Silver Screen star Myr...

TV's Hottest Moms

5/7/2010 8:48am EDT
Cougar Town
Mother's Day is fast approaching, so if you haven't ordered flowers or found a way to celebrate this special day with your mother, you'd best start cracking. In honor of this holiday, decided to take a look at some of the hottest mother's on television - the women that prove they can raise a family and look fantastic all at the same time!

Jules Cobb (Cougar Town) - Courteney Cox became a sexy TV mom at the very end of Friends, but she embraced it entirely in her new show Cougar Town. Jules is a recently divorced mother who worships her 18 year old son Travis, and manages to t...

Independent Film Festival Boston Review: ‘Solitary Man’

4/28/2010 11:59am EDT
Solitary Man
Aging is not kind to anyone. Getting older means accepting certain truths, one of which is that if you are disrespectful to those you love, you will end up all alone. The title “Solitary Man” quite literally describes the life of its protagonist Ben Kalmen.

The washed up businessman is merely a shell of his former self. Once respected in the community for his successful car dealerships, Kalmen mysteriously threw it all away with scandalous practices and adulterous affairs.

Kalmen dates a rich younger woman (Mary Louise Parker) so that he can use her connections to revive his career. H...

What's The Best Show On TV? Starpulse Writers Weigh In

3/15/2010 9:30am EDT
Best TV
What's the best show on TV right now? Several Starpulse writers tackle that very question and defend their favorite series as must-see TV. Do you agree with their picks? Take a look, and let us know!


Despite virtually no notoriety and severe initial undermarketing, the critically-adored "Modern Family" has picked up speed and is headed for a second season. Its approach is not unfamiliar, but it's greater than the sum of its parts. And don't let the unassuming name put you off.

The show follows one extended family on everyday occurrences like kids fighting in school, Fer...

Slideshow: 2009 Emmy Awards Fashion Part 2

9/21/2009 8:49am EDT
Emmys 2009 Fashion
Although 30 Rock and Mad Men dominated the 61st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday night, it's the fashion that fans talk about the most the following day. Check out part 2 of the Emmy fashion spectacular after the jump...

This year's show was hosted by How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris, who opened with a song and dance number. Harris ended his musical routine with a light-hearted jab at MTV Video Music Award stage invader Kanye West, warning nominees to keep an eye on celebrities looking to crash their acceptance speeches.

Which celebrity looks the best? Who needs a...

The 61st Emmy Awards: Who Should Win And Who Will Win

9/18/2009 3:44pm EDT
Neil Patrick Harris
You may have forgotten since there is about a 47-month lull between the nomination announcements and the actual awards ceremony, but the Primetime Emmy Awards are coming to your living room on Sunday evening with everybody’s favorite human being, Neil Patrick Harris, serving as host for the evening.

Hopefully, the choice of somebody known for being funny and having talents that extend beyond being able to sit still for a perfect haircut and remembering the names of contestants will show a marked improvement in the quality of the ceremony with the return to Emmy ceremonies of yore where b...