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2015-05-24 Sharon Osbourne Gushes About Being a Grandmother
2015-05-18 Sharon Osbourne Says Daughter Kelly Is Figuring Out Her Life
2015-05-18 Sharon Osbourne's Guilty Food Pleasure Is Alcohol
2015-05-18 Leah Remini Addresses The Talk Controversy and Her Celebrity Feud
2015-05-17 Sharon & Kelly Osbourne Reveal What Makes Them 'Best Friends'
2015-05-08 Jack Osbourne's Pregnant Wife Lisa Osbourne Involved in Car Crash
2015-04-29 'The Osbournes' Reboot Dead at VH1
2015-04-28 So Sharon Osbourne Used to Mail Poo Boxes to Her Critics
2015-04-21 Black Sabbath Cancels Concert, Tony Iommi Gives Health Update
2015-04-10 Kelly Osbourne Will Remove Her Ovaries
2015-03-25 Kelly Osbourne Supports Angelina Jolie's Decision To Have Ovaries Removed
2015-03-25 Kelly Osbourne Breaks Silence For the First Time After Quitting ‘Fashion Police'
2015-03-11 Sharon Osbourne: 'North Is Not an Accessory'
2015-03-06 Sharon Osbourne Attacks Kim Kardashian for Dressing North in Fur
2015-03-04 Sharon Osbourne Reveals Ozzy Has Quite the Domestic Side
2015-02-24 Sharon Osbourne 'Has Alzheimer's Genes'
2015-01-19 Sharon Osbourne Loses A Tooth On Live TV
2014-12-17 F-Bombs for Feminism? Is This Viral Video Exploiting Girls or Empowering Them?
2014-10-24 Kelly Osbourne Just Got Disgusting
2014-10-04 Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne -- Bloody Hell, Ozzy ... You're in the Wrong Car!
2014-09-12 Sharon Osbourne Faces Her Biggest Fear
2014-09-11 Roseanne Barr & Sara Gilbert Have A Roseanne Mini-Reunion On The Talk & It's Uplifting Nostalgia At Its Best!
2014-08-07 Is Kelly Osbourne Going to Get Arrested By the Fashion Police?
2014-07-03 Sharon Osbourne Gets Frisky on the Red Carpet
2014-06-23 Does Prince Charles Deserve to Be King?
2014-06-13 Gwyneth Paltrow Talks to Water
2014-06-06 'The Talk' Ladies on Jay Z and Solange Fight
2014-05-13 Sharon Osbourne Goes Au Naturel
2014-03-17 On This Day: March 5
2014-03-05 Kelly Osbourne Takes a Personality Test
2014-03-04 Flashback Friday Alert! Florence Henderson Gets The Sweetest Surprise From The Brady Kids For Her 80th Birthday Thanks To The Talk!
2014-02-15 Sharon Osbourne's Food Fight With Jonah Hill's Brother Ends in Firing
2014-02-01 Sharon Osbourne Still Has Love for Matthew Mosshart
2014-01-10 'X Factor' Highlights of 2013
2013-12-27 Sharon Osbourne Leaves X Factor Wrap Party In Tears
2013-12-16 X Factor Favourite's Cake Fantasy
2013-12-14 Nicole Scherzinger Sizzles in Another Sexy Outfit
2013-12-02 Nicole Scherzinger Is Sexy in Silk at X Factor Dinner
2013-11-25 Barbara Walters Jokingly Admits That She Doesn't Like Any Of Her Co-Hosts Of The View!
2013-11-21 Donnie Wahlberg: Jenny McCarthy Laughed At Sharon Osbourne's Slam
2013-11-12 Arsenio Has Finally Gone Too Far
2013-11-08 Arsenio Is Still Recovering From Sharon Osbourne
2013-11-08 Barefaced Celebs
2013-11-07 'The Talk' Takes Over Arsenio's Show
2013-11-07 The Ladies of 'The Talk' Discuss Khloe & Lamar, White Girls Twerking, and Willies & Toonties
2013-11-07 Julie Chen Calls Out Arsenio's Massive Diamond Earrings
2013-11-07 Sharon Osbourne "Happy" Kelly's Gaga Feud Is Over
2013-11-06 Nicole Scherzinger Has to Carry Sharon Osbourne Home
2013-11-05 Kelly Osbourne Is Unimpressed With Lady Gaga's Birthday Cake Peace Offering
2013-10-28 Five Celebrities Who Underwent Double Mastectomy
2013-10-21 Shelley Smith Talks 'X Factor' Exit
2013-10-21 Sharon Osbourne on Her Family
2013-10-14 X Factor Judges Celebrate First Live Shows in London
2013-10-14 Kelly Osbourne Moving to England to Have Children
2013-10-03 Sharon Osbourne Blasts Lady Gaga as Bullying Hypocrite
2013-10-02 Sharon Osbourne Details Physical Fight With Ozzy During Split
2013-09-30 Sharon Osbourne Showers Her Granddaughter Pearl With Kisses
2013-09-27 Sharon Osbourne on Running Into Jay Leno Post-Affair
2013-09-27 Why Sharon Osbourne Is Nervous For Jack On 'Dancing With The Stars'
2013-09-06 Sharon Osbourne: Cybill Shepherd Was 'Crazy Like A Box Of Frogs'
2013-09-06 The Time Robin Williams Got Into Bed With Sharon Osbourne
2013-09-06 Sharon Osbourne And Julie Chen On 'The Art Of The Power Nap'
2013-09-06 Julie Chen: Racist 'Big Brother' Contestant Was 'Shook' After Interview
2013-09-06 Sharon Osbourne & Julie Chen LIVE
2013-09-06 Ozzy Osbourne Takes Wife Sharon on a Dinner Date in New York
2013-08-16 Sharon Osbourne Imprisoned Kelly In Padded Cell
2013-08-07 Simon Cowell Axes X Factor UK Plans Amid Pregnant Lover Scandal
2013-08-06 Sharon Osbourne's Outrageous Diss To Bieber and Kanye
2013-07-30 Sharon Osbourne Disses Kanye West
2013-07-30 Sharon Osbourne's Experience With New Orleans Cuisine
2013-07-30 Sharon Osbourne Has X Factor Rants Cut Due to Swearing
2013-07-29 Kelly Osbourne Shows Off Custom Engagement Ring
2013-07-23 Sharon Osbourne Reveals Kelly's Wedding Details
2013-07-23 Sharon Osbourne Goofs Around With Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh