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'America's Got Talent': Live From The Inside (#620)

8/4/2011 8:00am EDT
America's Got Talent
Wondering what goes on inside NBC's America's Got Talent? Look no further. Starting with Wednesday night's results show, I'll be bringing you quotes and observations from the sixth season of TV's only variety-competition series.

First, the facts: only four acts moved forward - dance troupe Fatally Unique, favorites Zuma Zuma and Team iLuminate, and impressionist Melissa Villasenor, who was the judges' choice. The studio audience seemed to approve of the results, even breaking out into a "Zuma" chant as the African acrobats stood on stage alongside Yellow Designs Stunt Team.

But what did...

Ozzy Osbourne Loses Two Teeth

8/3/2011 8:30am EDT
Ozzy Osbourne has a dental problem - his two front teeth have fallen out ahead of a show on Thursday.

The rocker called his manager wife Sharon Osbourne just before she made an appearance on chat show "Chelsea Lately" on Monday night and told her of his dental drama.

She told the host, "I just got a phone call from him... He goes, 'I've got a problem... My two bottom crowns have fallen out.'

"I said, 'The two front bottom ones?' He said, 'Yeah'. I go, 'We've got a problem...' He's got a show to do on Thursday."

Rumor Report: Jennifer Lopez With Diddy? Mariah Carey's Toilet Champagne? Ozzy's $10k Dog?

7/28/2011 12:00pm EDT
Jennifer Lopez Diddy
Every week there's juicy gossip that sounds too good to be true - and it usually is. The Rumor Report is here to find out what's real and what's fake.

Jennifer Lopez back with Diddy? The superstar couple of the later 90s could be back on, now that J-Lo has left Marc Anthony. A tipster told that the two went on a dinner date Wednesday - making sure to arrive and leave alone as to not raise suspicion.

Verdict: FALSE! J-Lo's rep told GossipCop, "Jennifer was on the set of her new film ‘What to Expect When you are Expecting’ in Atlanta on Wednesday." Even the CEO of the rest...

Jack Osbourne Embarks On Extreme Fitness Regimen

7/27/2011 6:15pm EDT
Jack Osbourne
Reality TV star-turned-filmmaker Jack Osbourne has embarked on an extreme fitness program- the same training regimen used by U.S. Navy SEALs.

The son of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne recently began training outside Crossfit Hollywood, where he was put through his paces by a personal trainer.

The strenuous exercise routine includes weight lifting, endurance running, gymnastics and cardio work and Jack is already feeling the pain - he posted a photo of his cut-up hands on last week.

However, the 25 year old has already been tipped for fitness success - one of his coaches tells WE...

Amy Winehouse's Funeral Planned For Tuesday

7/25/2011 8:11pm EDT
Amy Winehouse
Amy Winehouse's family and friends will lay the tragic singer to rest in a private funeral on Tuesday.

The soul star was found dead at her north London home on Saturday, aged just 27, and her closest pals and relatives have been gathering at the Winehouse family home for shiva, the traditional Jewish period of mourning.

A spokesperson for the family announced on Monday that the Grammy Award winner would be buried on Tuesday. The time and location of the ceremony have been kept a secret.

Earlier in the day, Sharon Osbourne revealed her daughter Kelly had returned to her native Britain fro...

'America's Got Talent' Tightens Up As Acts Advance To Semi Finals

7/21/2011 11:45am EDT
Steve Retchless
Live from Hollywood, It’s the results of America's Got Talent, time to find out who will move on to the semi-finals and get the chance at a million dollars and have their own Vegas act. Host Nick Cannon explains to the audience that the audience votes choose the three acts who make it through to the semi-finals with the fourth act being chosen by the judges. First up for elimination, The Rhinestone Ropers, Thomas Johns and Silhouettes. Cannon asks Sharon whom she thinks the audience has put through. Sharon says it’s pretty obvious from the acts standing up there that silhouettes is moving ...

'America's Got Talent' Quarter Finals Part 2

7/20/2011 3:22pm EDT
America’s Got Talent was hyped up for another exciting round of performances when 12 new acts performed for the quarter final round. However with jeers, tears and lackluster performances, the talent was bordering on boring until the latter end of the night. Kicking off the night was Attack Dance crew; ironically enough there ability to attack the dance with fire and conviction left the judges wanting more.

Trying to step up their game, no pun intended Attack Dance Crew came out blinged out in glow in the dark outfits. They tried to up the energy and momentum with an energized and synchron...

Ozzy Once Tackled A Home Intruder While Naked

7/14/2011 10:32am EDT
Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzy Osbourne had the opportunity to stop the burglar who broke into his U.K. home and stole his wife's wedding rings in 2004 - but let him go because he was naked.

The Black Sabbath star was stunned to come across the intruder in his wife Sharon's closet at their luxury family home in Buckinghamshire, England in the middle of the night, and tackled the man to the ground.

The rocker feared his nude attack would land him in legal trouble and his hesitation gave the burglar the chance to make a quick getaway with a haul of valuable goods.

Recalling the fateful night on her "The Talk" on We...

Sharon Osbourne Spots Her Stolen Wedding Ring On TV Show

7/13/2011 12:47pm EDT
Sharon Osbourne
Sharon Osbourne wept tears of joy on Tuesday when she realized her stolen wedding ring had been found after seven years - she spotted the priceless jewelry on a crime busting TV show.

The rock matriarch-turned-talk-show host was left heartbroken in 2004 after burglars targeted the family's luxury home in Buckinghamshire, England and stole a haul of pricey gems including her wedding and engagement rings.

She tuned in to the BBC's Crimewatch show on Tuesday and was stunned when presenters displayed a cache of stolen items recently recovered by cops - which included her 10-carat diamond Tif...

Osbournes Celebrated Wedding Anniversary Sick In Bed

7/11/2011 11:00pm EDT
Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne
Rocker Ozzy Osbourne's special wedding anniversary plans were ruined when his wife Sharon came down with the flu.

The former Black Sabbath frontman had secretly planned to whisk his wife away to California as part of their 29th wedding anniversary celebrations last week, but Ozzy's romantic gesture fell flat when Sharon caught a severe cold - and passed it on to him.

Returning to her hosting duties on The Talk on Monday after a sick leave, she says, "It was meant to be a big surprise for me but I kind of knew something was going on... There was too much whispering in the house: 'Now, what...

Celebrities React To Casey Anthony Murder Verdict On Twitter

7/5/2011 10:10pm EDT
Kim Kardashian, Nikki Sixx and Mandy Moore
Rocker Nikki Sixx, singer/actress Mandy Moore and socialite Kim Kardashian have all expressed their shock and outrage after Florida mother Casey Anthony was cleared of murdering her young daughter Caylee in an Orlando courtroom on Tuesday.

The jury delivered its verdict after 10 hours of deliberations in one of the most explosive court trials in two decades.

Anthony, 25, was found not guilty of first degree murder, aggravated child abuse and aggravated manslaughter of a child, but the jury members did find her guilty on four counts of providing false information to a law enforcement offic...

Things Get Rocky When 'America's Got Talent' Heads To Denver

7/4/2011 8:55am EDT
America's Got Talent
The America’s Got Talent auditions headed to Denver Wednesday night beginning on with a rocky start. It began when the judges tried to enter the stage from backstage which proved to be a maze Howie that had Howie so confused he made it out just in time for the show. After joining his fellow judges, the first act of the night was up enter Eric and Christlo.

The duo of Eric and Christlo stated that they were singers but began their routine dancing to the intro of TLC’s Waterfalls. Piers X’d them out before they even had a chance to sing a note. It was not long after their off-key performance...

'America's Got Talent' Finds Its Way To The Big Apple

6/29/2011 10:01am EDT
America's Got Talent
The auditions continued in New York tonight as eager hopefuls swept the city that never sleeps. America's Got Talent judges were hopeful as well in a city where the talent is bigger and better if you can make it here you can make it anywhere. The talent was big and colorful in many ways featuring everything from singers and dancers to daredevil edge of your seat acts. First a husband and wife whose success as doctors hoped they could heal others through another way, singing.

Rat and Tak gave an astonishingly tone-deaf and off-key performance of Heart’s “Alone” if it wasn’t for the melody...

Ryan O'Neal Stands Up Daughter Tatum For Planned Interview On 'The Talk'

6/25/2011 10:30am EDT
Ryan O'Neal
Ryan O'Neal has caused another rift with daughter Tatum - he stood her up for a planned TV appearance on The Talk on Friday.

Ryan has been desperately trying to repair his rocky relationship with Tatum after the pair fell out 25 years ago - but now the movie star will have some extra explaining to do.

The two recently teamed up for Ryan & Tatum: The O'Neals, a reality series on Oprah Winfrey's OWN TV network, and subsequently embarked on a short publicity tour to promote the show.

So when Tatum walked onto the set - without her father in tow - it sparked concern from the audience, who ex...

Elton John, Simon Cowell & Sharon Osbourne Support 'X Factor's' Louis Walsh Over Assault Allegations

6/24/2011 10:35am EDT
Louis Walsh
Elton John, Simon Cowell and Sharon Osbourne have reached out to Irish music mogul Louis Walsh as he fights indecent assault allegations.

Walsh, who serves as a judge on Cowell's British reality show The X Factor, has vehemently denied accusations he groped a 24-year-old man in the restroom of Ireland's Krystle nightclub following a Westlife concert in Dublin in April.

The star has agreed to co-operate with police to defend his name, but Walsh admits the allegations have devastated him.

He tells Britain's Daily Star, "My name and my good reputation is all I've got and that has been besmi...

The Talent Heats Up When 'America's Got Talent' Hits Atlanta

6/22/2011 12:23am EDT
Americas Got Talent
The America’s Got Talent judges got an eyeful and an earful when they hit Atlanta for another round of auditions and contestants vying for a bid to Vegas. Hotlanta so it should be called was on fire with the first three contestants getting a ticket to Sin City. First up, Hershae Chocolatea the name says it all.

Hershae Chocolate or 31 year-old Hershawn Gardner was a drag queen and celebrity impersonator. First on her/his list Macy Gray with an amazingly on point performance of “ I Try” Gardner stunned and rallied the crowd with his dead on impression complete with afro and unmistakable to...

Gene Simmons: 'For The Record I Love Shannon Tweed'

6/21/2011 2:38pm EDT
Gene Simmons
Rocker Gene Simmons has promised to "work things out" with longtime girlfriend Shannon Tweed after confessing things are not "terrific" between the couple.

Model Tweed stormed off the set of a TV interview with Simmons last week when the KISS rocker joked about his fabled philandering ways.

The couple bickered throughout a brief appearance together on The Joy Behar Show, with Tweed calling her partner "a pig" after he joked about his womanizing, before walking off the live segment, announcing, "It's over. It's so rude of you to joke about it."

Simmons has now addressed the break-up rum...

Ozzy Sends Dirty Text Messages To Sharon Osbourne

6/21/2011 9:03am EDT
Rocker Ozzy Osbourne keeps the romance alive with his wife Sharon when he's away on tour by sending her "dirty messages."

The former Black Sabbath frontman is currently performing at festivals throughout Europe while Sharon stays at home in Los Angeles, where she co-hosts magazine TV show The Talk.

And in an effort to spice things up, Sharon admits her husband has taken up texting in order to send her racy messages.

Sharon tells, "I got a text from Ozzy yesterday and I'm like, 'Jesus, somebody's stolen his phone.' Because I thought somebody found his phone and they were t...

Gene Simmons & Sharon Osbourne End Bitter Feud

6/20/2011 10:30pm EDT
Gene Simmons
Rocker Gene Simmons and Sharon Osbourne have ended their long-standing family feud after the KISS frontman apologized for a past hurtful tirade on live TV.

Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne's manager/wife have been locked in a bitter war of words for years after he publicly criticized her husband and their two children, Kelly and Jack, over their drug problems.

So when Simmons appeared as a guest on Osbourne's TV show The Talk on Monday, Osbourne took him to task for his remarks.

She said, "Many, many years ago when you first started (the reality TV show) Gene Simmons Family Jewels, it was repor...

Judges Struggle To Find 'America's Talent' in Seattle

6/20/2011 8:38pm EDT
America's Got Talent
On June 14th, the America’s Got Talent judges headed to Seattle for the second round of auditions. The second round began with a bang err bottle. With a vague introduction into the actual talent of the first contestant Brian Jackson, it could be he doesn’t have one. His talent blowing up water bottles until they explode, using a stopwatch he attempted to blow up three water bottles in 90 seconds but couldn’t even get through one as the buzzer sounded. He failed to please the judges as well as beat his previous world-record time but he was unable to burst even one bottle, the only thing ...

Q&A: Nick Cannon Chats About Hosting ‘America’s Got Talent’ & More

6/20/2011 3:00pm EDT
Nick Cannon
The sixth season of NBC’s "America’s Got Talent" is back and better than ever and Nick Cannon, the show’s charming and handsome host, took some time out of his busy schedule for a conference Q&A session.

Cannon discussed the talented acts this season, being an energetic host and his keen sense of fashion.

Below are a few of the questions he answered.

Question: Talk a little bit about the level of talent this season versus past seasons.

Nick Cannon: I think every year we say, you know, ‘The show’s getting better and better,’ but I really believe that this is the best year because I th...

Q&A: Sharon Osbourne Talks Changing Her Judging Style For 'America's Got Talent' & More

6/14/2011 2:00pm EDT
Sharon Osbourne
America’s Got Talent sixth season just premiered a couple of weeks ago, and recently we had the opportunity to catch up with Sharon Osbourne in a conference Q&A session.

In the session, Sharon spoke on the change in her judging style, the most difficult part about being a judge, balancing the show with everything else in her life, and more.

Here are a few questions and answers from the session.

Question: Piers Morgan in an interview recently, said that he felt that you were a much harder judge this season than in some of the past years. Do you agree with that? Also, do you thi...

Sharon Osbourne Insists IRS Owes Her A Rebate

5/2/2011 8:53am EDT
Sharon Osbourne
Sharon Osbourne has taken aim at tax collectors at the Internal Revenue Service in the U.S. after they hit her with another big bill last week.

While the rock matriarch was in London covering the royal wedding for TV show "The Insider," she was served another huge tax lien - but she insists the latest IRS order for cash is a "procedural error."

In a tweet sent out over the weekend, Osbourne wrote, "Just when we thought it was safe with the IRS, here they come again! This time their fault, not mine. Not taking this one laying down.

"Mine was a f**k up, yours was a PROCEDURAL ERROR. The bi...

Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne Facing More Tax Troubles

5/1/2011 1:01pm EDT
Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne
Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon are allegedly facing another bill from the IRS just weeks after reports suggested they had racked up a massive $1.7 million debt.

In early April, the rocker's wife spoke out about reports a multi-million dollar tax lien had been filed against the couple in California, insisting the bill had been paid and vowing to take better care of their finances in future.

The couple is now facing another tax bill for more than $357,000, according to

The website reports a lien was filed against Sharon in Los Angeles this week, alleging the TV personality owes...

Sharon Osbourne Perplexed By $1.7 Million Tax Debt

4/14/2011 3:34pm EDT
Sharon Osbourne
Sharon Osbourne is determined to get to the bottom of her latest tax troubles, insisting neither she nor her accountants knew anything about a debt.

Reports suggesting Ozzy Osbourne and his manager wife owed more than $1.7 million in unpaid taxes broke earlier this week. Osbourne reveals she checked with accountants when her publicist alerted her to the story - and now she's attempting to figure out how the debt came about, insisting it has been paid.

In a statement issued exclusively to Internet blogger Perez Hilton, she writes, "At 4:00 p.m. on Friday afternoon I received a phone call...

Heidi Klum Tempts Fate With Smashed Mirror Dress at Elton John's Oscar Party; Gives Jay Leno her Panties (Video)

3/1/2011 3:00pm EST
Heidi Klum
Heidi Klum wore an unusual mirrored dress to the 19th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards viewing party on Sunday. Do you think she'll have seven years of bad luck?

During the event, Heidi was approached by Ross Matthews - aka Ross the Intern - from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, who was looking for goodies from the event to bring back to Jay.

Leno didn't attend Elton's yearly Oscar party or get one of the fancy gift bags that were given out, so Ross went around asking the stars if they'd be willing to donate anything to the late night host.

After collecting a napkin with a...

Justin Bieber & Ozzy's Best Buy Spacesuits Up For Grabs For A Few More Hours

3/1/2011 8:48am EST
Justin Bieber
Space suits worn by Ozzy Osbourne and Justin Bieber in a hilarious Super Bowl ad look set to net Sharon Osbourne's cancer charity more than $6,000 at auction.

Fans of the two stars have just one more day to bid on the items, which the stars wore in a Best Buy ad.

The highest bid on Ozzy's suit currently stands at $2,175, but Bieber's is the more popular on - his clothing item is at $3,650. Both are expected to swell in value before the lots end.

Showing off the outfits on her U.S. daytime show The Talk earlier this month, Sharon Osbourne said, "These outfits cost $30,000 each. J...

Justin Bieber & Ozzy Osbourne's Best Buy Space Suits to be Auctioned for Charity

2/23/2011 11:37pm EST
Justin Bieber
The futuristic outfits Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne wore in their Super Bowl Best Buy TV advertisement are to be auctioned off to raise cash for Sharon Osbourne's cancer charity.

The two stars have autographed their space suits, which cost a massive $30,000 each, and rock matriarch Sharon insists it's a must-have for any Bieber fan - because the teen's costume still smells of his sweat.

Showing off the outfits on her daytime show The Talk, she says, "These outfits cost $30,000 each. Justin was sweating all day, so it's covered in his sweat.

"They are unbelievable outfits... They're si...

Sharon Osbourne Settles Her 'Rock Of Love' Feud

2/15/2011 10:18am EST
Sharon Osbourne
Sharon Osbourne has reached an agreement with a reality TV reject who sued the rock matriarch for battery and negligence.

Megan Hauserman took legal action against Osbourne over claims she attacked her during a recording of TV series Rock Of Love: Charm School in December 2008.

The brawl kicked off after the contestant insulted Osbourne's husband Ozzy, calling the former Black Sabbath star a "brain-dead rocker." The 58 year old allegedly retaliated by grabbing Hauserman by the hair and scratching her.

Attorneys for Osbourne and Hauserman confirmed on Monday they had settled the case -...

Sharon Osbourne's 'Rock Of Love' Dispute Heads To Court

2/10/2011 9:00am EST
Sharon Osbourne
Sharon Osbourne's showdown with a reality TV reject kicked off on Wednesday - jurors were selected after both sides failed to settle their feud outside the courtroom.

Megan Hauserman is suing the rock matriarch over allegations she assaulted her during a recording of TV series Rock Of Love: Charm School in December 2008. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Abraham A. Khan had offered to meet privately with Hauserman, Osbourne and their attorneys to resolve the matter before calling in a jury panel.

However, Osbourne's attorney insisted the parties were "six figures away" from agreeing on ...