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Now Playing: Max Records on the stunts in Wild Things On This Day: March 4
2014-03-04 A.C.O.D. (Clip) [FULL HD]
2013-10-08 A.C.O.D. (Trailer) [FULL HD]
2013-10-08 Catherine O'Hara Interview, 'The Right Kind of Wrong'
2013-10-08 A.C.O.D. Movie Review
2013-10-04 Jane Lynch&Catherine O'Hara on the meaning of love and marriage in A.C.O.D.
2013-10-02 Jane Lynch on the Cory Monteith Tribute at the Emmys
2013-09-27 'Frankenweenie' Official Trailer
2013-02-05 A.C.O.D. - Interview with Amy Poehler on the 2013 Sundance Red Carpet
2013-01-23 Frakenweenie Blu-Ray/DVD Special Features Clip
2013-01-08 Home Alone - DVD clip 01
2012-12-16 Home Alone - DVD clip 02
2012-12-16 Unscripted: For Your Consideration
2012-12-16 Penelope - Trailer No. 1
2012-12-16 Surviving Christmas - Trailer
2012-12-04 Surviving Christmas - Clip 3 - Who Are You
2012-12-04 Burton Pays Tribute to Classic Horror Films in 'Frankenweenie'
2012-11-18 Frankenweenie
2012-10-31 'Frankenweenie' Movie Sneak Peek: Edgar Knows
2012-10-22 'Frankenweenie' Movie Trailer
2012-10-22 Tim Burton Discusses His Relationship With His Dog as a Child
2012-10-22 Frankenweenie - Behind The Scenes Featurette
2012-10-18 Frankenweenie Movie Review
2012-10-14 Frankenweenie - LFF Opening Gala Premiere
2012-10-12 Martin Short and Catherine O'Hara Talking About Frankenweenie
2012-10-09 'Frankenweenie' Interview: Martin Short & Catherine O'Hara
2012-10-05 Richard Roeper Reviews Tim Burton's "Frankenweenie"
2012-10-04 Frankenweenie - Interview with Catherine OHara and Martin Short
2012-10-03 Frankenweenie - Interview with Tim Burton
2012-10-01 Frankenweenie - Clip - Bigger Problem
2012-09-26 Frankenweenie - Clip - Edgar Knows
2012-09-26 Penelope Movie Premiere
2012-09-25 Stars rave about working with director Tim Burton on"Frankenweenie."
2012-09-25 Frankenweenie - Clip - Sparky's Alive
2012-09-21 Frankenweenie - Clip - Lightning
2012-09-14 Home Alone: Then&Now
2012-08-24 Where the Wild Things Are Movie Review for Parents
2012-08-15 Frankenweenie Interviews with Tim Burton, Don Hahn, Allison Abbate, Atticus Shaffer at San Diego Com...
2012-07-22 Frankenweenie 'Homage' Trailer
2012-07-13 Frankenweenie Theatrical Trailer
2012-06-27 Tim Burton Brings Back Frankenweenie The Trailer
2012-03-09 Frankenweenie Movie Trailer No. 1
2012-03-07 Frankenweenie Teaser Trailer
2012-03-01 A Monster in Paris
2012-01-23 A Monster In Paris - Clip - Lucille Mistakes Raoul For The Monster!
2012-01-20 A Monster In Paris - Clip - Stop! Thief!
2012-01-20 Where the Wild Things Are Movie Review
2011-07-17 Where The Wild Things Are MovieMinute Excerpt
2011-07-14 Unscripted With Catherine O'Hara and Jennifer Coolidge
2011-06-21 Where the Wild Things Are- The cast
2010-07-22 Killers - Exclusive Interview With Katherine Heigl and Robert Luketic

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