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'Lost's' Terry O'Quinn Plots Return To ABC For 'Hallelujah'

3/10/2011 11:25am EST
Terry O'Quinn | Photo Credits: James Devaney/
Lost's Terry O'Quinn is coming back to ABC for the hourlong drama pilot Hallelujah, a network rep confirms.

From Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry, the project centers on a small Tennessee town that is being torn apart by the forces of good and evil. However, things change when a...

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Drool Worthy TV Hunks

4/23/2008 10:01am EDT
James Denton
If ever there was a perfect man, chances are he's probably confined within the corners of an illuminated box in your living room. But regardless of that perfect man's fictional nature, it never hurt a girl to form an equally fictional crush, so we've rounded up five of some of the most desirable hunks on TV. And while this year's writers' strike has limited our exposure to our favorite TV fantasy guys, you can rest assured you will be seeing more and more of them in years to come.

Patrick Dempsey

Surely, McDreamy's place on this list isn't surprising to the scores of ladies who t...

'Cashmere Mafia' Recap: Many Things End, New Beginnings Ahead

2/15/2008 8:34am EST
Cashmere Mafia
This week "Cashmere Mafia" was the week of endings. Job endings, relationship endings, rear endings (ok not literally, but Davis really showed his this week with his behavior!).


Juliet (Miranda Otto) and Davis (Peter Hermann) began their not-so-civil divorce proceedings. The episode flitted between him taking everything from her and her reacting with disbelief. He expects to take all of the earnings that he brought to their marriage, along with a monthly stipend, or "manimony" as Juliet's lawyer refers to it. He then proceeds to go to the apartment while she's not home and...

'Cashmere Mafia' Is Getting Really Old, Really Fast

2/7/2008 11:13am EST
Cashmere Mafia
Ok, let's decide which was worse on the last episode of "Cashmere Mafia": the fact that Mia (Lucy Liu) made out with a "manny" who looks like a high school student, or the weirdness of Caitlin's (Bonnie Somerville) girlfriend telling her that she's pregnant? Or maybe it's the simple boringness of the entire episode. I just can't pick; they all make me either want to yawn or make my "ew, gross" face.


Zoe (Frances O'Connor) and Eric's (Julian Ovenden) whole part of this show is SO boring, it's ridiculous. The only thing they seem to be able to come up with for these two is a tug...

'Cashmere Mafia:' Not As Boring As Last Week, But Still Lacks Substance

1/24/2008 9:11am EST
Cashmere Mafia
Well, it's still not producing any earth shattering revelations, but at least this week I was able to sit through an episode of Cashmere Mafia without wanting to fall asleep or gag at the bad acting. Mia (Lucy Liu) only tried to pull off one ridiculous outfit (who knew you could wear a belt over a bed sheet and pass it off as a blouse?), and...drum roll please...NO lesbian love scenes!


Juliet's (Miranda Otto) new day starts off with Davis (Peter Hermann) showing up at the office with a brand new car he bought for her: a $200,000 Aston Martin no less. He claims it is so they ...

'Cashmere Mafia' Is 'Empty' With Bad Supporting Actors

1/18/2008 9:48am EST
Cashmere Mafia
After unsuccessfully trying to come up with an interesting introduction for the recap of this week's episode of "Cashmere Mafia," I am officially going to give up. I am going to apologize, on behalf of this show, for the lack of interesting content. However, they did successfully manage to incorporate the weekly lesbian make-out scene. Bravo on consistency.


Juliet (Miranda Otto) spent the first half of the show wavering over whether or not to give in to her temptation named Bobby Walsh. She felt the need to get back at her husband and follow through with her threat of taki...

'Cashmere Mafia' Represents An Already Done 'Housewives,' 'Sex And The City'

1/8/2008 9:25am EST
Cashmere Mafia
"Cashmere Mafia" had its debut this week, and the first thing that came to my mind after watching the episode was "Desperate Housewives Downtown."

The plot revolves around a group of four successful business women in Manhattan who have been friends since business school: Mia (Lucy Liu), Zoe (Frances O'Connor), Juliet (Miranda Otto) and Caitlin (Bonnie Sommerville). The pilot episode takes you into the personal lives of each woman and gives viewers an idea of the trials and tribulations that they are going to be faced with this season.


The episode opens with a touching mom...

What to Watch This Week (Dec. 31 - Jan. 6)

12/30/2007 1:00pm EST
Aliens In America
What's Airing, Re-Airing & Entertaining On TV This Week:

Monday, Dec. 31

Lack of New Year's Eve plans leaving you stranded at home? Never fear, there's actually some shows to watch before the ball starts dropping on ABC.

How I Met Your Mother (CBS, 8 p.m.), Aliens In America (The CW, 8:30 p.m.) - The CW and CBS offer up a pair of stand-out episode reruns. The awkwardness and misguided thinking of being a teenager is perfectly captured in “The Metamorphosis” episode of "Aliens in America." Meanwhile, on "How I Met Your Mother," Barney offers Lily money to paint him nude. Need...