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Now Playing: Actress Brittany Murphy dies Happy Feet (Big Miracle Trailer) [FULL HD]
2011-10-10 Brittany Murphy's Last Film Opening In Oregon City
2014-04-04 Brittany Murphy's Final Film, Something Wicked, Being Released Four Years After Her Death
2014-03-18 Brittany Murphy's Last Movie Finally Gets Release Date
2014-03-18 Brittany Murphy's Last Movie Gets Release Date Four Years After Death
2014-03-18 Brittany Murphy’s Toxicology Report
2013-12-21 Father of Brittany Murphy Tries to Prove Murder Once Again
2013-12-20 Brittany Murphy's Dad Gets Second Lab Test, Proves Murder
2013-12-20 Was Brittany Murphy Poisoned?
2013-11-18 Brittany Murphy's Mom Finally Speaks On 'Poison' Reports
2013-11-26 Brittany Murphy's Mom Breaks Silence On Poison Reports
2013-11-25 Brittany Murphy's Mom Denies Poison Reports
2013-11-25 Brittany Murphy's Death Not Going to Be Reinvestigated
2013-11-22 Brittany Murphy's Cause of Death Will Not Be Reexamined
2013-11-22 Brittany Murphy Death: Body Exhumed for Investigation?
2013-11-20 Report Claims Brittany Murphy Was Poisoned
2013-11-18 Brittany Murphy and Husband Died from Rat Poison?
2013-11-18 Flashback: Kutcher and Murphy Are 'Just Married'
2013-03-12 The Dead Girl - Clip No. 1
2012-12-13 Inside The DVD: Sin City
2012-12-13 Sin City - Trailer #2
2012-12-12 Heidi Klum Returns to Jordache Jeans for New Campaign
2012-08-09 Heidi Klum Returns To Jordache Jeans For New Campaign
2012-08-08 Brittany Murphy's husband found dead
2010-05-24 SNTV - Brittany Murphy's husband dies
2010-05-24 Ashton's Baby Plans With Demi
2010-05-14 Brittany Murphy's Cause of Death
2010-05-05 Brittany Murphy's death caused by pneumonia
2010-02-05 Showbiz Week: Oscars, Razzies, Grammys
2010-02-05 Showbiz deaths of 2009
2009-12-30 Brittany Murphy at House of Hype
2009-12-24 Autopsy performed on Brittany Murphy
2009-12-22 A look at Brittany Murphy's most famous film roles
2009-12-21 Actress Brittany Murphy Dies at 32
2009-12-21 Coroner to autopsy Murphy's body tomorrow, possibly?
2009-12-21 Former boyfriend Kutcher
2009-12-21 Investigation begins into Brittany Murphy's death
2009-12-21 Mursphy dies at age 32
2009-12-21 Piers Morgan comments on death of Brittany Murphy
2009-12-21 Speculation over Brittany Murphy's death
2009-12-21 "Avatar"rules the box office.
2009-12-20 Actress Brittany Murphy dies

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