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2014-11-13 Stars of 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1' Attend World Premiere
2014-11-11 Darker 'Hunger Games' Won't Lose Viewers, Star Lawrence Says
2014-11-11 Celebrities React to the Naked Photo Scandal
2014-09-28 'Maps to the Stars' Premiere
2014-09-28 'Maps to the Stars': How's Show Business? Clip
2014-09-28 Chrissy Teigen Smolders On The Red Carpet For The NBA 2K15 Launch Event
2014-09-24 Julianne Moore's Busy Work Schedule
2014-09-12 Robert Pattinson: Film Maps True Hollywood
2014-09-11 Robert Pattinson Would Rather Be What?
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2014-08-31 Amanda Seyfried Confesses Her Girl Crush
2014-08-13 David Cronenberg Talks Hollywood And Being The King Of Venereal Horror
2014-06-28 'Non-Stop' Home Entertainment Trailer
2014-06-24 'Seventh Son': Moviebites
2014-06-09 Stars, Horses, and Fashion Mix at the 2014 Veuve Cliquote Polo Classic
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2014-05-20 Robert Pattinson Hits the Red Carpet in Cannes
2014-05-20 'Hunger Games' Cast at the Cannes Film Festival
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2014-05-18 Hollywood Stars on the Cannes Red Carpet
2014-05-16 Stars Walk the Red Carpet in Cannes
2014-05-16 Mike Leigh's Biopic 'Mr. Turner' Leaves Cannes Buzzing
2014-05-16 Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore Talk 'Non-Stop'
2014-03-05 Jaume Collet-Serra, Joel Silver and Michelle Dockery Talk 'Non-Stop'
2014-03-05 'Non-Stop': Clip - Bill Sends a Doctor to the Cockpit
2014-03-05 'Non-Stop': Featurette - The Writing
2014-03-05 'Non-Stop': Clip - Bill Explains Who He Is
2014-03-05 Non-Stop: Clip - Bill Questions One Of The Passengers
2014-03-05 Richard Roeper's Review of 'Non-Stop'
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2014-02-10 Non-Stop - Trailer No.1
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2014-01-28 'Being Flynn' Movie Review for Parents
2014-01-23 TOP 5 Best Casting Choices InĀ 2013
2013-12-31 Liam Neeson, Julianne Moore in "Non-Stop" First Trailer
2013-10-20 Carrie: Director and Stars Talk About Bullying Theme
2013-10-15 Judy Greer on Starring in Carrie
2013-10-13 Julianne Moore Premieres Horror Classic 'Carrie'
2013-10-08 Catching Up with the Stars at the LA Premiere of 'Carrie'
2013-10-08 The Remake of Carrie Is Back, Pig Blood and All.
2013-10-08 Hanks Has Diabetes; Berry, Martinez Pick a Name
2013-10-08 Chloe Grace Moretz Says 'Carrie' Doesn't Promote Bullying
2013-10-08 Chloe Grace Moretz, Joseph Gordon-Levitt Celebrate Star With Julianne Moore
2013-10-05 Julianne Moore Gets Hollywood Star
2013-10-04 Julianne Moore Honoured With Star on Walk of Fame
2013-10-04 Spears Pressured to Be Sexy, Moore Gets Walk of Fame Star
2013-10-03 Moore Gets Star on the Walk of Fame
2013-10-03 Carrie Prom Horror Stories Special: It's A Wrap!
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