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Demi Moore's Political Party Registration Was A Mistake

4/22/2016 11:15am EDT
Demi Moore Accidentally Registered As Ultra-Conservative Indepen
Demi Moore and a few other celebrities residing in California accidentally registered for an ultra-conservative party that opposes abortion, gay rights, and building a fence along the American/Mexican border.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that a survey of 500 members of the American Independent Party found nearly 3 of 4 people didn't realize they'd enrolled in a political party that wasn't directly a party of their choosing. The total came to an astonishing tens of thousands of voters who accidentally registered for the independent party.

According to the Los Angeles Times, voters were c...

Blu-ray Review: 'Forsaken' - Worth The Money?

3/25/2016 10:00am EDT
Blu-ray Review: 'Forsaken'
Ready to ride the range with a real life father and son? Then join us as we check out the western "Forsaken" out March 29 from Momentum Home Entertainment. We see if there are skeletons in the Sutherland closet below!

Title: "Forsaken"

Grade: 5

Cast: Kiefer Sutherland, Donald Sutherland, Demi Moore

Director: Jon Cassar

Rating: R

Runtime: 89 minutes

Release Company: Momentum Home Entertainment


The Flick: Anyone who has read my previous review knows my all out affinity for all things "Forsaken," but let me recap by saying there’s a ton going ...

Demi Moore To Star In TV Series '10 Days In The Valley'

2/24/2016 8:30am EST
Demi Moore To Star In First Major TV Role In 20 Years
Demi Moore is the latest star to make the leap from the big screen to the small one. The actress is making her TV return in the pilot drama "10 Days in the Valley."

Moore will play Jane Sadler, an "overworked writer and single mother" who is separating from her husband. Then their five-year-old daughter is kidnapped and she does whatever she can to get her back, reports Deadline.

"Rookie Blue" co-creator and executive producer Tassie Cameron wrote the script and will serve as showrunner. The program is currently being shopped around to networks. It will mark Moore's first major TV role in...

Are Kiefer Sutherland & Demi Moore Dating?

2/18/2016 4:00am EST
Kiefer Sutherland and Demi Moore
Kiefer Sutherland is addressing rumors going around that he and Demi Moore are dating. The two will appear the film, “Forsaken,” that hits theaters on Feb. 19.

Sutherland, 49, tells ET that he's not romantically involved with the 53-year-old actress, but he's “honored” that anyone thinks so! He claims their relationship is purely platonic.

"First of all, as honored as I would be if that were true, it is not true," he said of the circulating reports. "Demi is a friend of mine."

Kiefer Sutherland says rumors like ones that he's dating Demi Moore are "a small price to pay" for doing what he...

Review: Five-Star Father/Son Flick 'Forsaken' A Well-Weaved Western

2/16/2016 12:10pm EST
for 1
Any cinematic western worth its weight carries the beautiful burden of character. Meaning depicting a simpler era when folks had nothing to wrestle with but their own demons leaves a ton of room for layered work that most films of today have little to no time for. More especially in the case of the new five-star flick "Forsaken" which uses that superb 1872 western setting as a mere backdrop for an even more impressive family tête-à-tête between real-life father and son Kiefer and Donald Sutherland. And be it their ample dramatic chops or long personal history, seeing for the first time th...

Is Demi Moore Holding Out Hope For Ashton Kutcher By Doing This?

12/1/2015 1:04pm EST
Demi Moore Ashton Kutcher
Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher finalized their divorce in 2013, but insiders say the Ghost star hasn't cut the cord yet. Reportedly, Demi still has a photo hanging up of her and Ashton kissing.

According to a report by OK! Magazine, Demi Moore hasn't gotten over her ex-husband and keeps him close in her special way. An unnamed acquaintance said Demi "still keeps a framed picture in a guest room of her Los Angeles home of her and Ashton Kutcher smooching." The informant expressed concerned about Demi's alleged obsession with her former lover.

"She’s got photos of Bruce Willis and the gi...

Demi Moore Has Two Good Reasons To Sell Her Beverly Hills Mansion

8/13/2015 9:19am EDT
Demi Moore
Demi Moore has reportedly decided to sell the Beverly Hills home she shared with Ashton Kutcher and where a partygoer died earlier this summer.

In July, the body of a 21-year-old man was found in the star's pool after Moore's assistant had thrown a party at the house. The victim reportedly didn't know how to swim, and his death is believed to be an accident.

Moore wasn't home at the time. She was traveling to see her daughters in New York City.

Moore purchased the five-bedroom, six-bathroom estate in 2003 for $3.15 million, shortly after she began dating Kutcher, according to Star maga...

Demi Moore: 'Botched' Plastic Surgery Or Unflattering Pic?

7/31/2015 9:03am EDT
Demi Moore
We're used to hearing about celebrities going under the knife -- getting the obligatory nips and tucks to look glam and fabulous.

However, this latest news about Demi Moore's cosmetic procedures is hard to fathom. Get this: Experts fear Demi's latest rounds of failed plastic surgeries are irreversible.

According to the latest edition of National Enquirer, Ashton Kutcher's ex-wife "stunned onlookers in New York on July 20 with what appeared to be the aftermath of botched plastic surgery." The tabloid quipped that Moore's obsessive "Demi-lition" of her face could reach the point of no retur...

Demi Releases Statement After Man Found Dead In Her Pool

7/20/2015 3:16pm EDT
Demi Moore
Demi Moore has commented on the weekend drowning of a man in her pool, saying she's in "absolute shock."

The body of a 21-year-old man was found in the star's pool early Sunday morning after Moore's assistant had thrown a party at the house. According to the Associated Press, Edenilson Steven Valle went missing for "10 or 15 minutes," and when his friends found him he was floating face down in the deep end of the pool.

"I am in absolute shock. I was out of the country traveling to meet my daughters for a birthday celebration when I got the devastating news," Moore said through her publici...

How Did A Man Die At Demi's Home And Who Is He?

7/19/2015 5:31pm EDT
Demi Moore, 3rd Annual Variety's Power of Women Luncheon Present
Update: The man found dead at one of Demi Moore's homes was not the victim of foul play. Sources report that an assistant to Demi or one her three children invited the man to the home for a pool party. It remains unclear who hosted the party at Moore's home. Investigators say alcohol was present, but only in "limited" quantities, according to TMZ.

Early Sunday, police were called to a Hollywood Hills home to investigate an apparent drowning. Officers arrived a short time later to a residence registered to Demi Moore. She once shared the home with Ashton Kutcher during their marriage. There...

Demi Moore, 52, Rocks A Red Bikini

6/24/2015 10:58am EDT
Demi Moore Bikini Body: Star Sizzles In Poolside Pic Alongside D
Demi Moore proved that age is just a number in a recent photo alongside her daughters Tallulah and Scout Willis. On Father's Day, the 52-year-old actress stunned in a poolside pic wearing a tiny string bikini.

Tallulah uploaded the image on Instagram with the caption: "When you can't be with the papa…#freeslw #POOLPARTY #mymomsbodtho."

Moore's daughters also showed off their beach bodies, with Scout, 23, in a blue bikini and Tallulah, 21, in a one-shouldered white swimsuit.

Fans were equally impressed with the shot, writing comments such as: "OMG Demi!!! She is unreal," "You're all beaut...

Demi & Rumer's Head-Turning Photo

5/27/2015 8:22am EDT
Rumer Willis And Demi Moore Are Identical Mother-Daughter Twins
Most people hate it when they become their mother. Rumer Willis doesn't seem to mind (it's probably not so bad when your mom's Demi Moore).

On Monday, Rumer (the daughter of Demi and Bruce Willis) shared a head-turning photo on Instagram. In the pic, Rumer and her mom are dressed in identical outfits: black jumpsuits, black-rimmed glasses and flowing black locks. They're making the same pose: hands in pockets, leaning against a wall. They're even rocking the same smile!

The pic's at the top of this page (and if you're having a little trouble... that's Rumer on the left, Demi on the right)...

Demi Moore Says Divorce 'Had The Biggest Impact' On Her Oldest Daughter

5/13/2015 10:44am EDT
Demi Moore Says Her & Bruce Willis' Divorce Hit Daughter Rumer T
Demi Moore has been continually supporting her daughter Rumer Willis during her stint on "Dancing With The Stars," and the actress opened up on Monday night about how her divorce from Bruce Willis affected her oldest offspring.

"When their father and I decided to divorce it probably had the biggest impact on her," Moore revealed.

Rumer was 10 when the couple announced they had separated in 1998 and divorced in 2000. Their other daughters, Scout and Tallulah, were seven and four when the couple split.

Not much later, Rumer was being scrutinized in the media during the challenging adolesce...

Demi More Robbed Big Time -- Get Details

5/8/2015 12:10pm EDT
Demi More Burglarized: Stolen Items From Storage Unit Worth Some
Demi Moore, whose recent appearances to cheer daughter Rumer Willis on as she competes on "Dancing with the Stars" has thrust her back into the public spotlight, has had thousands of dollars of irreplaceable haute couture stolen from a storage facility.

TMZ reported that the movie star's red carpet clothing was reported missing from a storage unit in North Hollywood on Monday. The actress is compiling a list of the items that are missing, reportedly worth almost $200K.

The report claims that a member of Demi's personal team of assistants stopped by the unit and realized the theft. The uni...

Demi Moore Selling NYC Penthouse, Asking Millions!

4/19/2015 11:09am EDT
Demi Moore Selling Her Central Park West Penthouse For $75 Milli
Are you looking for a new apartment in New York City and have a couple of million dollars just lying around? If so, then Demi Moore would be happy to talk with you.

Moore just put her Central Park West penthouse apartment on the market for the whopping price of $75 million dollars. According to the New York Times, Moore purchased the 7000 square foot penthouse, along with a two bedroom apartment, with ex-husband Bruce Willis in 1990 at the iconic San Remo.

The 27 floor luxury co-operative Sam Remo towers sits at 145-46 Central Park West between 74th and 75th Street. Past and present famou...

Demi Moore & Bruce Willis Are Picture Perfect In Family Portrait

4/15/2015 8:49am EDT
Bruce Willis, Demi Moore & Daughters Pose For Rare Family Selfie
Nothing brings a family together like "Dancing With The Stars." Bruce Willis and Demi Moore attended their daughter Rumer's performance on Monday night to support her during "Disney" night and had a rare moment. The proud parents/former couple posed for a selfie with their three daughters.

Tallulah Willis posted a pic of the family on Instagram, which included Rumer dressed as Ursela from "The Little Mermaid" and Bruce hamming it up for the camera. The shot included the hashtags: "#familyportrait #rare."

One fan commented: "One of the best things about watching Rumer and Val is seeing the...

Forgotten Friday Flick: Jon Cryer, Demi Moore Starred In This 1984 Film

4/10/2015 12:20pm EDT
Forgotten Friday Flick - 'No Small Affair'
With actor Jon Cryer’s new book entitled ‘So That Happened: A Memoir’ out this week, it felt right to delve into some past Cryer work that cooks even more then his tell all – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick! Today we’re taking a picture and falling in love 80’s style with a coming of age tale about a clever teen that lives for the lens - until he meets a fetching female subject to channel his obsession that is. Romance, love and making it big - all with the click of a camera. From the screenwriter of the romance flick "The Longest Ride" hitting theaters this week, it’s…"No Small Affair...

Jon Cryer Dated Ashton Kutcher's Ex

4/8/2015 3:28pm EDT
Ashton Kutcher - Jon Cryer
When Ashton Kutcher took over for Charlie Sheen on the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men, he had a meeting with his new co-star Jon Cryer in an effort to create some chemistry.

But it's the chemistry that Cryer used to have with Kutcher's then wife Demi Moore that had Cryer worried.

Cryer revealed in his new tell-all book "So That Happened" that he and Moore dated after starring together in the 1984 comedy No Small Affair. And he also said that Kutcher apparently was not aware of that when he first met Cryer.

"It was awkward in that I'm not sure she even told him that we dated," he told Ente...

Rumer Willis' Latest Dance Makes Her Famous Mom Cry

4/8/2015 1:15pm EDT
Demi Moore Tears Up Watching Daughter Rumer Willis On 'DWTS'
Rumer Willis brought her mom to tears on "Dancing With The Stars" on Monday night after dancing to Adele's "Turning Tables" with Val Chmerkovskiy and revealing she was bullied as a child. "When I was a teenager I was super awkward," she confessed. "I don't think I really felt comfortable in my body or with how I looked and people were nasty."

Willis, 26, was very unhappy with the way she looked. She said: "For years I thought 'Maybe I can get plastic surgery... If I change my face or get really skinny, that will be it, that will be the answer. And it's not."

Sister Tallulah Willis was in ...

You'll Never Believe Who Demi Moore Is Reportedly Dating

2/16/2015 8:50am EST
Demi Moore
Demi Moore, who has a penchant for younger man, is rumored to be dating another young-ish Hollywood star -- Orlando Bloom. The pair, ages 52 and 38 respectively, have been spotting hanging out together on several occasions, prompting rumors they are hooking up.

The stars were recently photographed in Los Angeles, Calif., along with Moore's daughter Tallulah Willis. At one point, the three of them shared a group hug.

British magazine Grazia claims that mutual friend Jennifer Aniston set them up over their shared interest in yoga and meditation. The insider said: "They are both deeply spiri...

Top Five 80s Movie Cougars

2/9/2015 8:00pm EST
Top Five 80s Movie Cougars
Long before the term 'cougar' even existed, there were already plenty of films dealing with the subject of relationships between inexperienced younger men and passionate older women. During the 80’s it became almost a cinematic virgin’s right of passage to be taught the ways of love by a patient and caring older woman. So we’re heading back to that headband and breakdancing decade to reveal some of the best film cougars that era had to offer. From sensual call girls to sassy singers, foreign spies to sensitive sexy French teachers, we’re digging up the best of the best in older hottie ac...

Stars Who Grew Up Living In Poverty

1/7/2015 1:15pm EST
12 Celebrities Who Used To Be Poor
Some of Hollywood's biggest and most successful stars come from humble beginnings. The following rags-to-riches stories include stars who lived in their cars, one who wore a dress made out of a potato sack, and another who took a janitorial job at age 15 to support his family.

Leonardo DiCaprio's parents divorced when he was one, and he stayed mostly with his mother in Los Angeles, Calif. He lived in a rough neighborhood and was exposed to drugs, crime, prostitution, and violence near Hollywood Boulevard and Western Avenue. His mother took several jobs in order to support them. The actor t...

Demi Moore & Drummer Still Going Strong

12/3/2014 9:59am EST
Demi Moore & Boyfriend, 28, Still Together After One Year
Demi Moore was spotted hanging out with her boyfriend at Starbucks in Los Angeles, Calif., over the weekend, squashing speculation that the pair split up.

Moore, 52, and Sean Friday, 28, have been dating for over a year but are rarely photographed together. Friday is a drummer for the hard rock band Dead Sara.

The couple was first pictured together over the holidays in 2013. A source told People at the time: "He is awesome...He is that guy you want to be with, just a fun guy."

The insider added that Friday is not a big partier. He appears to be good influence on the actress, who finaliz...

Female 90s Stars Still Owning Hollywood

11/6/2014 7:00pm EST
Our Favorite Female Film Stars From The 90s Still Owning Hollywo
There is no denying that some of the hottest women from the 1990's still reign over Hollywood today! From Buffy, Rachel Green and Carrie Bradshaw on our television screens to G.I. Jane, a Speed-ster and a "Lethal Weapon," these iconic actresses became household names and defied the Hollywood standards of women. Let's take a look at some actresses whose careers blossomed in the nineties.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock's career took off in the 1990's after she appeared in 22 TV shows and movies, including Working Girl (1990), Demolition Man (1993), Speed (1994), While You Were Sleeping (1995...

Rumor Patrol: Zac Efron's Sugar Momma, Bruce Willis To Be A Grandfather, More

7/26/2014 6:03pm EDT
Rumor Patrol: Zac Efron's Sugar Momma, Bruce Willis To Be A Gran
You can't go one week without hearing a ridiculous story involving some of your favorite celebrities. Thankfully, the Starpulse Rumor Patrol is here to sort out what's real and what's fake.

Zac Efron is Dating Michelle Rodriguez for the Money: Fans are wondering if there is an ulterior motive behind Efron getting close with Rodriguez. Star claims Efron has burned through his High School Musical millions thanks to his drug problems, and he's found a "sugar momma" in the form of Rodriguez. "Michelle thinks Zac will pay her back as soon as his paycheck comes in, but everyone is convinced that...

Female Celebrities Who Have Dated Much Younger Men

7/9/2014 8:00pm EDT
Female Celebrities Who Have Dated Much Younger Men
Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron's purported romance has been making headlines this week for several reasons. First, she's a self-described bisexual who recently dated a hot British model.

Rodriguez split with Cara Delevigne in May reportedly because of the model's constant partying with young female celebrities such as fellow model Suki Waterhouse and singer Rihanna.

But what's also getting tongues wagging is that Rodriguez is 10 years older than the actor. Rodriguez turns 36 this weekend, while Efron is a sprightly 26.

The Hollywood stars have been hanging out together in Italy, and ph...

15 Female Celebrities Who Have Shaved Their Heads

5/31/2014 8:00pm EDT
15 Female Celebrities Who Have Shaved Their Heads
It's not uncommon for male stars to shave their heads once their hair stops growing, but when a female celebrity gets a buzz cut, it makes headlines.

Actress Natalie Portman famously shaved her head to play Evey in 2006 film "V for Vendetta." In fact, she shaved it herself on screen in one shot.

Director James McTeigue told USA Today at the time: "She knew the day was coming. I put three cameras on her, made sure the clippers weren't stuck, and then we shaved her head. She loved it and kept rubbing her head."

Portman, who was 24 when she went bald, proved that even women can rock a shave...

10 Celebrities Who Secretly Went To Rehab

5/24/2014 8:00pm EDT
10 Celebrities Who Secretly Went To Rehab
Actor Zac Efron battled a cocaine addiction and dabbled with party drug Molly, prompting him to seek professional help in March 2013. He was treated for several weeks. He reportedly relapsed while filming the comedy Neighbors and headed back into rehab as soon as the movie was finished.

He told The Hollywood Reporter in April: "I was drinking a lot, way too much. It's never one specific thing. I mean, you're in your 20s, single, going through life in Hollywood, you know?

"Everything is thrown at you. I wouldn't take anything back; I needed to learn everything I did. But it was an interest...

5 Celebs Over 50 That Still Turn Heads

2/20/2014 2:00pm EST
5 Celebs Over 50 That Still Turn Heads
There are those celebrities who you think are struggling to look younger with the use of plastic surgery and those who are aging gracefully with their natural good looks. Some leave you wondering what type of work they've had done, while others are leaving you with the feeling of awe after seeing photos of them. It's even more rare to find those celebrities after the age of 50 who are still able to make you turn your head. This is our homage to them.

There is no question that Brad Pitt is like a fine wine -- he just gets better and better with age. At the age of fifty, Brad is still lo...

15 Celebrity Women Over 50 Who Are Still Sexier Than Ever

1/23/2014 9:42pm EST
Christie Brinkley
59-year-old Christie Brinkley (she'll be 60 on Feb. 2) became a household name when she covered Sports Illustrated's illustrious Swimsuit Issue for three consecutive years (1979, 1980, 1981), and on January 14 she was spotted at the party celebrating the 50th anniversary of the annual issue looking better than most of the younger models.

But Christie isn't the only star over the age of 50 who still looks good. In fact, we'd probably have to say that 50 is the new 30 for these women, few of whom -- if any -- appear to have had any "work" done.

Actress Jane Seymour, 62, (she'll be 63 on Feb...