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Now Playing: Carbon Copy%3A Get Lindsay Lohan's Post Court Look For Less Jerry Lewis immortalized in cement at Chinese Theatre
2014-04-13 Jerry Lewis Immortalized in Cement at Chinese Theatre
2014-04-13 Upton and Diaz Bring Girl Power to 'The Other Woman' Premiere
2014-04-03 Kate Upton Rocks The Red Carpet And Channels Marilyn Monroe - But Where's The Red Lip?
2014-04-02 Upton, Diaz bring girl power to"The Other Woman"premiere
2014-04-02 Lea Michele Channels Marilyn Monroe
2014-03-31 Marlene Dietrich's Personal Items Go Up for Auction
2014-03-27 Elvis, Marilyn, Tupac Appear in Odd Dutch Beer Commercial
2014-03-26 Alessandra Ambrosio on Kendall Jenner's Modeling Career
2014-03-15 Marilyn Monroe's Alleged Kennedy Sex Tape
2014-03-05 Pharrell's Huge Special Guests And Track List For New Album
2014-02-25 Paris Hilton Meets Marilyn Monroe
2014-02-20 Miley Cyrus Channels Topless Madonna on Vogue Germany Cover
2014-02-07 Miley Cyrus Goes Topless For Vogue Germany!
2014-02-07 5 Celebrities Who Died of Overdose
2014-02-04 MGM Mascot Receives Rare Honor
2014-01-23 MGM mascot receives rare honor
2014-01-22 On This Day: January 14
2014-01-14 Marilyn Monroe Au Musée Grévin
2013-12-13 Kanye West : Kim K is the Controversial Marilyn Monroe
2013-11-27 Royal Wedding Cake Slice Sold for Over $4K
2013-11-15 Paris Hilton's 5 Favorite iPhone Pics
2013-11-07 Love, Marilyn
2013-05-30 Marilyn Monroe's X-Rays and Medical Documents Up for Grabs at Auction
2013-10-11 Marilyn Monroe's X-Rays and Medical Documents Up For Grabs at Auction
2013-10-11 Love, Marilyn - Trailer
2013-10-10 Marilyn Monroe's Medical Records And X-Rays Confirm Plastic Surgery
2013-10-10 Marilyn Monroe Plastic Surgery Notes, X-rays Up For Auction
2013-10-09 Monroe's rare X-rays up for auction
2013-10-08 Katie Holmes Suffers a Marilyn Monroe White Dress Moment
2013-09-25 Original"Oz"Munchkin cements fame in Hollywood
2013-09-18 Kate Moss on Playboy's 60th Anniversary Cover
2013-09-18 Original "Oz" Munchkin Cements Fame in Hollywood
2013-09-18 Helen Flanagan Models Her Idol Marilyn Monroe in Cute Instagram Snap
2013-08-29 Young Marilyn Monroe 'Gives' Away House
2013-08-08 Book: Marilyn told Jackie she would marry JFK
2013-08-07 Never-Before-Seen Photos of Marilyn Monroe Emerge
2013-08-06 Celeb News: An Unseen Marilyn Monroe
2013-08-06 Scarlett Johansson Named Our Modern Marilyn Monroe
2013-08-06 Video@Home: The Timeless Charm of Marilyn Monroe
2013-07-29 Marilyn Monroe Sexy Hair Ads Bring Actress Back To Life
2013-07-29 Kerry Katona Will Star As Marilyn Monroe in Upcoming Stage Musical
2013-07-23 Kate Moss Narrowly Avoids a Wardrobe Malfunction in Black Prom Dress
2013-07-19 Marilyn Monroe pics, James Bond gun up for auction
2013-07-16 Marilyn Monroe Pics, James Bond Gun Up For Auction
2013-07-16 Lindsay Lohan Strips Down in 'The Canyons' Trailer
2013-07-12 'The Canyons' Director Compares Lindsay Lohan to Marilyn Monroe
2013-07-11 Entertainment News Pop: The Canyons Director Compares Lindsay Lohan To Marilyn Monroe
2013-07-10 Entertainment News Pop: Stern, Who Shot '62 Marilyn Monroe Portraits, Dies
2013-06-27 Lifestyle News Pop: Stern, Who Shot '62 Marilyn Monroe Portraits, Dies
2013-06-27 Kate Moss Covers Playboy Magazine
2013-06-13 The Best Movie Makeovers
2012-07-31 Gorgeous Marilyn Monroe Look Alike
2013-06-11 Marilyn Monroe: Joe DiMaggio Was Great In Bed
2013-05-31 Courtney Stodden dressed as Marilyn Monroe for S3x Talk Seminar
2013-05-30 Paris Hilton Wannabe Marilyn Monroe
2013-05-30 Marilyn Monroe's Closest Friend Dishes On Late Star
2013-05-30 Marilyn Monroe Wore WHAT To Bed?
2013-05-30 Entertainment News Pop
2013-05-19 Marilyn Monroe comic book to hit U.S. stores
2013-04-23 Historic Letters and Photos to Sell at Auction
2013-04-09 New at the Box Office: 'Jurassic Park' Roars Back Into Theatres
2013-04-05 Marilyn Monroe, Dwight D. Eisenhower Letters To Be Auctioned
2013-03-30 Michelle Keegan Wins 'Cleavage of the Year' Honour
2013-03-27 Hollywood's Golden Age Goes Up For Sale
2013-03-25 Ashley Greene's Condo Reportedly Burns Down
2013-03-22 Megan Fox Explains Marilyn Monroe and Lindsay Lohan Comparison
2013-01-16 Playboy Honors Marilyn Monroe With Exclusive Edition
2012-11-19 The Top 10 Highest Paid Dead Celebrities
2012-10-28 Megan Hilty Talks About Playing Marilyn Monroe on Smash (Sort of)
2012-10-26 Judy Garland's Dorothy Dress from the "Wizard of Oz" Up For Auction
2012-10-09 Celebrity Bytes: Stars That Portray Bigger Stars
2012-10-08 Latest Celebrity Gossip
2012-02-24 Marilyn Monroe’s Wardrobe on Display at the Hollywood Museum
2012-06-05 Jack Davenport Talks About His New Show Smash
2012-04-19 Items Owned by Whitney Houston and Marilyn Monroe Up For Auction
2012-03-20 Best Actress Michelle Williams at the Independent Spirit Awards
2012-03-05 Celebrity Drugs and Death in The Spotlight
2012-02-20 Oscar Nominations 2012: Tight Race For Best Actress and Best Actor
2012-02-20 On This Day - January 24
2012-01-23 Lindsay Lohan to Play Elizabeth Taylor?
2012-01-17 Golden Globes Fashion Predictions
2012-01-12 Michelle Williams Talks Marilyn Monroe at AFI
2011-11-13 Michelle Williams Plays Marilyn Monroe
2011-11-13 Julia Ormond Plays Vivien Leigh in Marilyn Movie
2011-11-13 Kenneth Branagh Is in Marilyn Monroe Movie
2011-11-13 Top 10 Fun Facts About Marilyn Monroe
2011-12-15 Celebrities' Winter Haircuts
2011-11-24 Katy Perry to Play Marilyn Monroe on Broadway?
2011-11-24 Watch, Pass or Rent Movie Review: My Week With Marilyn
2011-11-23 Emma Watson Shines at the My Week With Marilyn London Premiere
2011-11-21 Michelle Williams on the Other Side of Marilyn
2011-11-13 Michelle Williams Uncovers the Real Marilyn
2011-11-13 Lindsay Lohan Compares Self to Monroe
2011-08-25 Alleged Marilyn Monroe Sex Tape
2011-07-21 Charlotte Sullivan On The Kennedys; Marilyn Monroe
2011-03-30 SNTV - Michelle Williams channels Marilyn
2010-11-11 SNTV - Latest Celebrity Gossip
2010-08-18 SNTV - Paris goes Marilyn
2010-08-11 J-Lo Britney and Lindsay Channel Marilyn

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