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‘Gossip Girl’ Wisdom: 50 Ways To Make Your Life Better

8/19/2014 7:07pm EDT
‘Gossip Girl’ Wisdom: 50 Ways To Make Your Life Better
Serena (Blake Lively), Blair (Leighton Meester), Nate (Chace Crawford), Chuck (Ed Westwick), Dan (Penn Badgley), Jenny (Taylor Momsen) and a coterie of others had it all. But “all” was more than just clothes, travel via private jet, and elevators that open right into the penthouse. They had a point of view as inspiring as the one from their expansive terraces.

I realized this when recently binge-watching the iconic show that ran from 2007 to 2012. Although I could have done without seasons three and four, I found one, two, five and six rather entertaining. Even though the plots are thin an...

Don’t Move To New York City Based Solely On What You See On TV: A User’s Guide

7/28/2014 2:00pm EDT
Don’t Move To New York City Based Solely On What You See On TV:
As a born and bred New Yorker, I’m drawn to shows about my city, taking comfort in the familiar sights and settings; yet I often find myself asking, “Did the writers of some of these shows ever step foot in Manhattan?”

I can shake off the inconsistencies, but I sometimes wonder about all the people saving their babysitting and paper route money hoping to someday move to the Big Apple hoping to mirror the glamorous life seen on the small screen.

Hence, a guide to separating fact from fiction:

‘Smash’ only lasted two seasons, but it was long enough to get your hopes up that moving here wo...

Weird Celebrity News: Shia LaBeouf's Paper Bag Stunt, Farrah Abraham's Virginity Wish

2/15/2014 6:00pm EST
Weird Celebrity News: Shia LaBeouf's Paper Bag Stunt, Farrah Abr
Weird and unusual things sometimes happen in the lives of celebrities. Here's a roundup of this week's strangest stories...

During the Berlin International Film Festival, Shia LaBeouf walked the red carpet with a paper bag over his head declaring, "I Am Not Famous Anymore."

On Tuesday, he began performing #IAmSorry at 7354 Beverly Boulevard in California. During the installation he looks at visitors in silence and sometimes cries uncontrollably, according to blog

Jerry O'Connell decided to mock LaBeouf's performance with his own installation titled #IAmSorryToo.

On Wednesday...

Taylor Momsen 'Really Likes' Being Choked

2/10/2014 3:30pm EST
Taylor Momsen 'Really Likes' Being Choked
Singer Taylor Momsen has Marilyn Manson to thank for her new obsession with being choked. You read that right, the former "Gossip Girl" star has a thing for people clamping their hands around her neck.

During the Revolver Golden Gods Awards show in 2012, Manson choked The Pretty Reckless singer, and she can't get enough of being "choked out."

Momsen, 20, recently told Revolver magazine, "It was f---ing awesome. He f---ing choked me out onstage... really f---ing hard.

"The people there were like, 'You need a doctor. Are you fine?' 'Dude, I just got choked by Marilyn Manson - I'm f---ing f...

Taylor Momsen Spooked Out By Jeffrey Dahmer Hotel Bathroom

2/5/2014 4:30pm EST
Taylor Momsen
The Pretty Reckless singer Taylor Momsen and her bandmates were tickled pink to discover the bathroom of their hotel suite during a recent stay in Milwaukee was haunted.

Momsen claims she bribed the manager to let the group stay in the room where notoirous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer murdered his last victim and they were impressed when the suite turned out to be just as spooky as they'd hoped it would be.

The Gossip Girl actress-turned-rocker tells Revolver magazine, "As I was showering, some weird s**t happened. The shower shut off and the bathtub started to fill up with water, then t...

Taylor Momsen Defends Nude Album Cover: 'I Was Trying To Make A Classic Photo'

1/30/2014 11:32am EST
The Pretty Reckless
Taylor Momsen has defended her bold decision to pose naked for the cover of her latest album, insisting she was trying to emulate artwork by Eric Clapton.

The 20 year-old singer ignited a storm of controversy earlier this month when she unveiled the racy bum-baring photograph which will feature on the cover of Going to Hell, the latest album by her band The Pretty Reckless.

Nonetheless, Momsen is adamant she did not intend to grab headlines by stripping off, as she just wanted to create an iconic cover shot like the semi-nude picture featured on Clapton's classic 1975 live album E. C. W...

Taylor Momsen Bares All For Latest Pretty Reckless Album

1/23/2014 1:13pm EST
The Pretty Reckless
Former Gossip Girl actress Taylor Momsen has posed naked on the cover of The Pretty Reckless' latest album.

Momsen has unveiled the artwork for her band's 'Going To Hell' record, which shows her from behind with a giant cross emblazoned on her back, with an arrow pointing to her bare bottom.

The notorious blonde captioned the image: "Pre-order #GoingtoHell now at coming out MARCH 18th 2014! Here's the cover."

The Pretty Reckless have already previewed four songs from the album, including title track Going To Hell.

In the accompanying video, Taylor dressed as biblical figu...

The Hottest Female Celebrities Under 21

11/19/2013 3:03pm EST
The Hottest Female Celebrities Under 21
Who says youth is wasted on the young? We took a look at the hottest women (in terms of beauty and career) and found 14 who were too young to even drink in the United States.

Miley Cyrus, 20

(She turns 21 this weekend, cut us some slack)

Already Under Her Belt: Hannah Montana, Bolt, The Last Song, four top 10 Billboard albums (including three #1 rankings), two platinum records.

Coming Up: She's already working on a follow-up to Bangerz and will be touring in 2014. She'll probably make a few headlines along the way, too.

Taylor Momsen, 20

Already Under Her Belt: 9 films (such a...

Pretty Reckless Singer Taylor Momsen Sizzles In The November Maxim

10/10/2013 11:07pm EDT
Taylor Momsen
Taylor Momsen, former Gossip Girl star and lead singer for The Pretty Reckless, has done a sultry new photoshoot for the November issue of Maxim magazine.

The 20-year-old smolders gives a peek of the sexy black lace lingerie under her jeans and sweater while wearing her usual 'raccoon eyes' style of makeup.

She takes things to the raunchy level by writing "Going To Hell" (the name of her band's forthcoming sophomore album) on a mirror in lipstick and then sitting pantsless on a toilet while flipping the bird.

For someone the same age as Miley Cyrus, she sure does sexy a hell of a lot bet...

Taylor Momsen Shows Off Her Long Legs, Signature Raccoon Eyes On Set Of Music Video

4/10/2013 2:09pm EDT
Taylor Momsen
Remember Taylor Momsen? The former "Gossip Girl" star who dropped out of the CW teen hit to pursue her music career with band The Pretty Reckless? Well, she popped up in New York City on Tuesday while filming a music video with Japanese pop star Tomomi Itano.

The actress/singer showed off her long, lean legs in barely there shorts and tiny black skirts. She had a couple of costume changes and at one point donned a pair of chunky knee-high, lace-up boots.

As usual, Momsen, 19, sported her signature raccoon eye make-up and pout.

The star has been off the radar for a while. In the fall she ...

Taylor Momsen's Studio And Equipment Wrecked In Hurricane

11/1/2012 11:19pm EDT
Taylor Momsen
Singer/actress Taylor Momsen and her band The Pretty Reckless have lost all of their recording equipment after their New York studio was wrecked by superstorm Sandy.

The former Gossip Girl star took to her page on Thursday to curse the loss of her group's guitars and technical equipment after the former hurricane battered the East Coast earlier this week, but she accepts her misfortune pales in comparison to that of the thousands of residents left homeless or without power.

She writes, "Our studio, all its gear, all our guitars, destroyed... f**kyouhurricanesandy... At least w...

A Clothed Taylor Momsen Returns To 'Gossip Girl' Set Following Release Of Naked Video

10/17/2012 1:16pm EDT
Taylor Momsen
We spotted Taylor Momsen showing off her legs in an embroidered gold dress on the set of "Gossip Girl" on Tuesday. Taylor looked quite skinny in her platform Louboutin pumps and signature blonde-white hair.

The singer/actress, who plays Jenny Humphrey on The CW drama, hasn't appeared on the show since season four. She left to pursue her music career with her band Pretty Reckless. The show, also starring Blake Lively and Leighton Meester, will end its run after season six this year.

Earlier this week the 19-year-old released a spoken word video where she recites lines from her band's song...

Pretty Reckless Singer Taylor Momsen Goes Nude In New Spoken Word Video

10/16/2012 5:49pm EDT
Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen has never shied away from doing anything shocking, that's why it comes as no surprise that The Pretty Reckless singer has gone nude -- save for her trademark black eyeliner -- for a new video for Amp Rock TV's "The Words" series and recites lines from her band's song "Under the Water."

The former Gossip Girl star stands alone in the black-and-white clip while the camera shows random closeups of her body, finally revealing that she's standing naked with her girlie parts blurred out.

"Lay my head under the water, lay my head under the sea," she reads in the video. "Excuse m...

'Supernatural' 7.18 Recap: Raise Your Glass

3/31/2012 8:31am EDT
padalecki, ackles
Leave it to “Supernatural” to wallop fans with Sam bravely facing his own demise only for poor dead Castiel to fly in for a last minute save and then to return with a lighthearted, filler episode that played as both a love letter to binge-drinking and a PSA for drinking and driving, and then stomp on our hearts with a one-two punch of--SPOILER ALERT-- Bobby Singer’s singers return. That’s enough to drive this liquor-averse blogger to drink in celebration and because of all the feelings. Where’s a raspberry mojito when you need one or 14? I love this show so much.

This episode starts ...

Taylor Momsen Is 'Done, Done, Done' With Acting

3/15/2012 9:13am EDT
Taylor Momsen
Former "Gossip Girl" star Taylor Momsen has no plans to return to acting as she prepares for a tour with shock rocker Marilyn Manson.

The former child star, who played cute Cindy Lou Who in "The Grinch," fronts rock band The Pretty Reckless, and she insists that's her priority these days after walking away from a lucrative TV acting gig.

And she's determined to stay away from the big and small screens.

Asked if she'd ever consider a return, Momsen tells, "F**k no! Never! I am done, done, done... It's good to finally be able to focus on music and not have to work on 10 jobs...

Stacy Keibler Looks Red Hot In Hollywood's Latest Fashion Trend

2/16/2012 12:00pm EST
Stacy Keibler
It's all about lace on the red carpet this month. Sports Illustrated swimsuit models Bar Refaeli and Jessica Gomes recently wore blue lace gowns to promote their sexy magazine, and Emma Watson looked adorable in a red cocktail dress last weekend.

Now George Clooney's squeeze Stacy Keibler has joined the lace fashion bandwagon. During Mercedes-Benz fashion week in New York yesterday she stood out in a sexy form fitted gown. We just wish she chose a pair of more delicate shoes.

Goth rocker Taylor Momsen also wore a lace dress at the same event.

Check out more photos of lace goodiness on th...

Amy Lee Tops Hottest Chicks In Hard Rock Poll

10/11/2011 8:15am EDT
Amy Lee
Evanescence star Amy Lee has topped a new magazine poll which lists the 25 Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock.

Lee beat out competition form Halestorm's Lzzy Hale, Picture Me Broken star Brooklyn and Taylor Momsen to claim the top spot in the Revolver magazine countdown.

However, she is not convinced she would lead the pack if it wasn't for the make-up and costumes she wears.

Lee says, "Nobody would think I was the hottest chick in metal if I didn't put a whole bunch of make-up on and have a team working on me all morning."

Also making the top 10: In This Moment's Maria Brink, Lacuna Coil'...

Taylor Momsen: 'I've Quit Acting'

8/16/2011 2:26pm EDT
Taylor Momsen
Former Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen has "quit acting" for good to focus on her music career.

The 18 year old took an extended hiatus from the hit TV series last year to tour with her rock band The Pretty Reckless, but she was expected to return as a guest star on future episodes.

However, Momsen has ruled out rejoining the cast of Gossip Girl, insisting she's turned her back on Hollywood for good.

She tells, "I quit acting, actually. I quit Gossip Girl and now tour and am in a band (sic). That's pretty much all I want to do. Hopefully, I'll be able to only do that for the r...

How Stars like LeAnn Rimes, John Legend, & Taylor Momsen Got Pampered Lollapalooza Style

8/9/2011 3:43pm EDT
LeAnn Rimes
With Chicago experiencing a mix of heat and rain for Lollapalooza weekend, the Miami “Express Yourself” Oasis and the EXPRESS ROCKS! SUITE transformed into the ultimate relaxation destinations for talent, media, and festival VIP's alike. Hundreds of guests flooded the 2nd and 4th floors of the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago to eat, drink, and mingle like rock stars, all while receiving exclusive swag and up close musical performances from BMI.

So, how did today's biggest celebrities get pampered? Starpulse has the Lolla scoop just for you!

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian escaped the Lolla crazin...

Lollapalooza 2011 Party Picks

8/3/2011 9:58am EDT
Black Cards
Lollapalooza is taking over Chicago August 5th-7th and a concert ticket isn't the only hot commodity, it's getting on the VIP party guest list. From Taylor Momsen to Topshop, Starpulse has put together your go to guide for the best events to snag an invite to this weekend.

Topshop Topman Exclusive After Party

Clothing megastore Topshop opens this Fall in the Windy City but the store is already making a splash. The brand is holding their invitation only party at Bar Deville on Friday August 5th with special musical guests Tinie Tempah, DJ Kid Color, and DJ Moneypenny.

The Hard Rock Ho...

Taylor Momsen's Band To Tour With Evanescence

7/27/2011 9:50am EDT
Taylor Momsen
Taylor Momsen's 18th birthday was extra special - the teen star's band The Pretty Reckless announced plans to tour with her idols Evanescence.

The singer/actress reached the milestone on Tuesday and she celebrated her day by revealing a big secret to her fans.

In a series of posts on her page, she writes, "Lots of bday announcements...#1. One of my first concerts, now we're touring with Evanescence... Presale July 28th! #2 We'll be playing in Korea, Japan, China and Australia before Evanescence..."

"starting with Lollapalooza in Chicago Aug 6th. the studio working o...

The Pretty Reckless' Set At Portugal Festival Axed

7/10/2011 10:14pm EDT
Taylor Momsen
Taylor Momsen has apologized to fans after her band The Pretty Reckless' set at a Portuguese music festival was scrapped at the last minute.

The rockers were set to play the Optimus Alive event in Alges on Friday, but their gig was axed due to "structural" problems.

Momsen is angry about the band's doomed set, but she's promised fans in the country the group will return in the future to play a full concert.

In a post on her page on Friday, she writes, "Portugal our set got cut tonight due to structural problems. What the f**k! Can't wait to come back and actually play... see ...

Taylor Momsen & Jessica Szohr Dropped From 'Gossip Girl'

5/10/2011 10:00am EDT
Gossip Girl
Taylor Momsen and Jessica Szohr have been dropped from the cast of hit TV show "Gossip Girl," according to a new report.

The series, which stars Blake Lively and Leighton Meester, is set to return for a fifth season in the autumn but reports both Momsen and Szohr will be missing from the line-up.

Momsen has taken a hiatus from the show in recent months to concentrate on working with her band, The Pretty Reckless, while Szohr has played an increasingly smaller role over the fourth season. They will both reportedly be able to return as guest stars in the future.

Taylor Momsen Q&A: 'I'm Not Going To Change Who I Am' (Audio)

3/8/2011 11:00am EST
The Pretty Reckless
We sat down with one of young Hollywood’s most controversial stars and we’re bringing you the exclusive!

At 17-years-old, Taylor Momsen’s been taking over headlines with her risky fashion, bad-ass attitude and talent. Successfully making the jump from actress to musician, Taylor is currently on tour with her band, The Pretty Reckless and delivering a show audiences will never forget. While she’s constantly being bashed in the media, Taylor tells us exclusively she’s not going to put on an act just to receive “good” press; unlike some people her age (cough, cough, Demi Lovato). Rocking blac...

Madonna Picks Kelly Osbourne As New Face Of Material Girl Clothing Line (Photos & Video)

2/23/2011 1:14pm EST
Kelly Osbourne
Poor Taylor Momsen! It looks like her "Gossip Girl" role isn't the only part she will be losing: she has a fashion dilemma too! Kelly Osbourne will now be the new face for the Spring 2011 ad campaign of Madonna's clothing line, Material Girl, replacing the smokey eyed Momsen with rock royalty instead. Lola, along with her famous 'material' mom, are the designing forces behind this juniors line available exclusively at Macy's stores.

"Kelly represents a true Material Girl. She is edgy, cool and has a unique sense of style that Lola and I love," reveals Madonna.

Adds Kelly, “It's such an ho...

The Pretty Reckless Rock New Single, 'Just Tonight,' on 'Lopez Tonight' (Video)

2/14/2011 12:54pm EST
The Pretty Reckless
The Pretty Reckless rocked the audience on Lopez Tonight with their song "Just Tonight" off their new album, "Light Me Up." Taylor Momsen also sat down with George and talked about her future on Gossip Girl, her love of rock n' roll, shopping at Hustler, and the tricks she has pulled on the paparazzi.

"Light Me Up," which debuted at #2 last week, and is available now on iTunes.

Check out the video below, followed by Taylor's interview with George Lopez...

Click for more great The Pretty Reckless pictures:

Taylor Momsen: 'I'd Love To Write With Paul McCartney'

2/10/2011 11:31am EST
Taylor Momsen
Teen star Taylor Momsen is setting her sights high in her music career - she wants to work with Beatles legend Paul McCartney.

The Gossip Girl actress fronts rock band The Pretty Reckless, and writes all of the material for the group.

Momsen admits she'd love to head into the studio with singer/songwriter McCartney - and she wouldn't turn down the chance to team up with former Oasis star Noel Gallagher either.

She says, "My all-time favorite band is The Beatles for their genius. I'd love to write with Paul McCartney that would be awesome... John Lennon's not a possibility anymore but ...

Kelly Osbourne Uses Fart-Smelling Zit Cream

2/9/2011 8:21am EST
Kelly  Osbourne
Kelly Osbourne recently tweeted about her smelly anti-acne treatment.

She wrote, "I just put this zit cream on my face that has sulfur (sic) in it and now my face smells like an egg fart. its making me SICK!"

Meanwhile, Osbourne is said to be in the lead to take over from "Gossip Girl" actress Taylor Momsen to front the next advertising campaign for a clothing range, which is designed by Madonna and her daughter Lourdes.

Click for more great Kelly Osbourne pictures:

Kelly Rutherford Says She 'Worries' About Taylor Momsen

2/1/2011 5:32pm EST
Kelly Rutherford
Gossip Girl actress Kelly Rutherford worries about Taylor Momsen's racy reputation, but she's adamant it's not her "place" to dish out advice to her teenage co-star.

The 17-year-old actress/rocker has come under intense scrutiny for her outspoken opinions and provocative persona, and she has been accused of being a bad role model for her young fans.

Rutherford, who plays Momsen's onscreen step-mom in the hit drama, reveals she is concerned about the way the young star conducts herself - but insists she doesn't feel qualified to offer her help to her young colleagues.

She tells Britain's ...

Kelly Osbourne To Be The New Face Of Madonna's Fashion Line?

1/24/2011 9:00am EST
Kelly Osbourne
Kelly Osbourne is set to replace Taylor Momsen as the new face of Madonna's Material Girl clothing line, according to a new report.

The pop superstar recently launched an online search for the next poster girl for the fashion collection, encouraging fans to vote for their favorite through the brand's website.

Singer-turned-reality TV star Osbourne is now said to be in the lead to take over from the "Gossip Girl" actress to front the next advertising campaign for the range, which is designed by Madonna and her daughter Lourdes.

A source tells Britain's Sunday Mirror, "Kelly's always been ...