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'Terra Nova' Recap: Season Finale

12/20/2011 2:20pm EST
'Terra Nova' Recap: Season Finale
The war between ‘Terra Nova’ and the future exploded (literally) in the two hour season finale where one reoccurring character even died!

Taylor and his team anticipate the arrival of the 11th pilgrimage. At the portal innocent pilgrims look shocked as they are welcomed by a suspicious army. Jim goes to greet the emerged Kara when a suicide bomber pops through the portal and unleashes an explosion, destroying the portal and knocking Jim out. The violent battle between Lucas’ employers and Taylor’s army is spared for our eyesight and instead we see the aftermath of the fight three days late...

‘Terra Nova’ Recap: Within

12/16/2011 7:40am EST
The Sixer Spy has one last mission!
The arrival of the 11th pilgrimage is just around the corner so Jim has to discover who the Sixer Spy is before Lucas solves his equation.

Jim is questioning all the women who had access to the hospital and when it becomes Skye’s turn, instead of lying that she was home alone, she insists that Josh was at her house and they were playing chess. Skye pleads with Josh to lie for her, claiming that she was stealing copper tubing at the time of the infirmary break in, and Josh agrees to help her out. The betrayer sneaks under the gate and rushes to the Sixer camp, giving them information in exc...

'Terra Nova' Recap: Now You See Me

11/29/2011 4:38pm EST
Terra Nova
Jim dresses up in cargo pants as he becomes Commander for the day whilst Taylor visits his son’s equations.

It is almost three years since the day Skye’s parents were murdered by the Slasher’s. Before Taylor leaves, he agrees to take Skye to the memorial field when he returns. New rules are set into action in order to find the Sixer spy. Every time a civilian wants to go OTG they have to first inform a security official. With Commander Taylor away, Jim is quickly on the lookout and Reynolds spots the spy’s location when flashes of light from outside camp are detected also inside a house.


'Terra Nova' Recap: Vs

11/23/2011 9:37am EST
Taylor has some skeletons in his closet!
It’s the anniversary of the day Commander Nathaniel first jumped through the portal, but could our hero be hiding a deep dark secret?

Nathaniel believes Boylan could be the Sixer’s inside man so he interrogates him, with no such luck. Josh is worried about Boylan, explaining to Jim that even though he does business with Mira and co, he is not working for them. Jim agrees to go and check up on Boylan.

Jim arrives to find Boylan out of his mind, Taylor has drugged his food. He deliriously tells Jim, thinking it is Taylor, that he will tell the truth about what is buried at the Pilgrim tree ...

'Terra Nova' Recap: Bylaw

11/2/2011 10:09am EDT
There's been a murder in 'Terra Nova.'
Forget dinos suited up in zombie gear, this week's episode is all about Detective Jim Holmes uncovering the first ever murder mystery in 'Terra Nova.'

Ken Foster, one of Terra's soldiers, is killed gruesomely by a vicious Nycoraptor at a Communications Relay Station. However, this is not the usual doings of a dino as when Jim investigates the crime scene he discovers claw marks indented into the door, suggesting the Nycoraptor had been trapped in the station, waiting to pounce his way out. Wanting to uncover more, Jim asks Liz to examine Foster's body and her findings show that strangely t...

'Terra Nova' Recap: The Runaway

10/20/2011 7:46am EDT
Terra Nova
At night, the security team spot what appears to be a Sixer out in the perimeter so they go and investigate. It turns out to be a terrified young girl, a la, the runaway.

The little girl, threatened by getting a jag, goes AWOL and hides under the table at the infirmary. Of course it’s Liz who comes to the rescue and forces everyone out of the facility. She’s able to lure her out and Liz discovers that the girl’s parents are dead and that she is a part of the Sixer team. Taylor brings the runaway food and she confesses he is named a “bad man” at the Sixer clan and she left because she wasn’...

'Terra Nova' Recap: 'What Remains'

10/12/2011 10:50am EDT
The Shannon's family
A scientist chases a green beetle like insect out of his laboratory at Outpost 3 into the wild jungle. Confused and overwhelmed by what he sees he falls into the hands of a waiting dinosaur.

Jim is angry that Malcolm has been given his own rover, and he believes since he is the only police guy in Terra, he deserves one too. Boys and their toys! Liz is going with Taylor to check out Outpost 3 as their calls to the laboratory have not been responded. She asks Jim to pick up her wedding ring which she has left in her laboratory. Commander Nathaniel, Liz and a soldier named Brady find two scie...

'Terra Nova' Recap: Instinct

10/5/2011 10:10am EDT
The Shannon family fly into another dino adventure!
After a stunning, jam-packed two episode pilot of ‘Terra Nova’ it seemed impossible for the series to continue drilling out chaotic, intriguing episodes. However, despite being filled with too many cliques to list, Instinct was still extremely enjoyable and it’s clear the Shannon family will be forced into nonstop gruelling adventure every week.

The beginning was very dark with us witnessing three Terra Nova campers in the jungle being murdered by God only knows what: a dinosaur, presumably. Taylor and his security team go out to investigate, believing Sixer’s to be up to mischief, and Jim...

'Terra Nova' Recap: Genesis

9/28/2011 8:31am EDT
Terra Nova
It came to no surpirse that Steven Spielberg's latest venture would be under huge pressure. The premiere of Jurassic Park meets Lost has aired and it's now time to decide: did 'Terra Nova' concour all high expectations?

The two hour debut wasn’t slow in pulling us straight into the action as we flied to the year 2149 where the human race is threatened by extinction. The only way in surviving this horrible fate is to travel to Terra Nova. That seems easy enough, until you throw in the fact that this place is 85 million years behind in prehistoric Earth.

Loving husband, Jim (Jason O’Mara),...