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Allison Miller Biography

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Birth Name: Allison Miller
Born: 09/02/1985
Birth Place: Roma, IT

Actress Allison Miller's fresh-faced presence granted her steady work in a string of high-profile if short-lived television series in the late 2000s, including "Kings" (NBC 2009) and "Go On" (NBC 2012). Born in Italy and raised in the American South, Miller headed to Hollywood in 2003, where she appeared in minor roles in various primetime series. Her first break materialized with the allegorical drama "Kings," but it lasted only a single season - a fate that also befell her subsequent efforts on the science fiction mystery "Terra Nova" (Fox 2011) and the Matthew Perry dramedy "Go On." Despite these recurring setbacks, Miller earned an eye-popping showcase as the star of the horror film "Devil's Due" (2014), playing a woman whose unborn child - the spawn of Satan - subjects her to a frightening transformation. Miller's versatility and appeal appeared to be her best defense against the vagaries of show business, as well as her ticket to greater stardom.

Born September 2, 1985 in Rome, Italy, Allison Miller relocated with her parents to Lexington, Kentucky and later Tallahassee, Florida, where Miller graduated from the private college preparatory Maclay School and performed with the Young Actors Theatre. She then briefly attended Rhodes College in Memphis, before transferring to the University of Florida in Gainesville, which she left after a year's time to try her hand in Hollywood. Once there, she became a finalist on VH1's reality series "In Search of the Partridge Family" (2004), which allowed her to display her singing talents, before making her acting debut on the long-running daytime soap opera "General Hospital" (ABC 1963- ). Minor roles on various series preceded her first feature appearance in the indie drama "Take" (2007), which was quickly followed by a more substantive turn in "17 Again" (2009) as Zac Efron's teenage girlfriend. That same year, she was cast as Ian McShane's daughter on the short-lived drama "Kings," which was followed by another series regular role on the science fiction series "Terra Nova." It, too, lasted only a single season.

Miller returned to series work the following year with "Go On," a dark comedy vehicle for Matthew Perry that cast her as his acerbic assistant. Unfortunately, that series was also cancelled before completing its first season, but Miller rebounded with "Devil's Due," which cast her in her first feature lead as a newlywed who discovers that she will give birth to the Antichrist. Though critically savaged, Miller's highly physical and aggressive turn as the unwitting mother helped to attract an audience to the supernatural horror film.