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Kate Middleton Wears Her Hair Up!

5/23/2016 1:45pm EDT
Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton wore a black on black ensemble complete with Adidas sneakers and a casual updo after spending much of her Friday sailing. According to People Magazine, the Duchess of Cambridge looked lovely as she headed home to London wearing black skinny jeans and a black knit sweater.

The Duchess may have ditched her signature blowout for the day, but she still managed to impress!

"We were all really impressed, she's clearly done a fair amount of sailing before. She had a feel for the boat. It's a really high-powered racing machine and to be able to steer one of those at close to 40 mph...

William And Kate Have Been Married 5 Years!

5/1/2016 10:08am EDT
Prince William, Kate Middleton Celebrate Wedding Anniversary
On Friday, April 29, Prince William and Kate Middleton celebrated their 5-year wedding anniversary! According to Us Weekly, the couple planned a "low-key" celebration for themselves.

"They already feel like they’ve been celebrating," said a source, saying that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge really enjoyed their time in India and Bhutan and that their trip was sort of an anniversary celebration.

Prince William and Kate Middleton wed in 2011 at Westminster Abbey in London. Their beautiful wedding was televised in several countries and was watched by millions of people. Over 72 million pe...

Kate Middleton Pregnant... Again?

4/23/2016 9:04am EDT
Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumors Debunked, Duchess Not Having Twi
Kate Middleton's daughter, Princess Charlotte, will be turning one in May, but that doesn't mean that the Duchess couldn't be pregnant with her third child. It's something that the tabloids have been publishing over and over again... but the truth is that the Duchess of Cambridge is not pregnant!

According to Gossip Cop, the latest batch of rumors that have Kate and Prince William expecting twins are false... again... or still.

"This is all a lie. Or more lies, we should say. Middleton is not pregnant, let alone expecting twins. The repeatedly discredited tabloid is merely continuing its ...

Why William And Kate Don't Hold Hands In Public

4/20/2016 7:53am EDT
Why The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Rarely Hold Hands In Publi
Have you ever seen Prince William and Kate Middleton hold hands? The young couple may be in love, but they rarely get on with public displays of affection -- and they are purposely careful about it. According to People Magazine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are affectionate and playful when it's appropriate, but tend to refrain from being "lovey dovey" while fulfilling royal duties.

"There is no actual etiquette or royal protocol that says the couple must refrain from PDA. The likely reasoning is more that while traveling on a tour such as the India trip, technically the couple are wo...

The Obamas Are Getting The Royal Treatment In The U.K.

4/19/2016 9:53pm EDT
 President Obama And The First Lady To Meet With British Royals
President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are getting the royal treatment in the U.K. this Friday.

The British Royal Family confirmed in a press release Monday that the Obamas will be visiting Kensington Palace, where they will be hosted by Prince William and Kate Middleton, as well as William's brother, Prince Harry.

"Their Royal Highnesses are very much looking forward to welcoming President and Mrs. Obama to Kensington Palace," the statement reads.

US Weekly reports that the meeting will take place at the Duke and Duchess' home in Apartment 1A. The Obamas reportedly will al...

Kate & William Sit On The Famous 'Diana Bench'

4/16/2016 9:26am EDT
Prince William & Kate Middleton
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, visited the Taj Mahal in Agra, India, on Saturday, the last day of their tour to India and Bhutan.

During one of the pair's most anticipated moments, they posed for photographs on the "Diana bench," a marble seat positioned in front of the Taj Mahal. It is a famous spot because William's mother posed there in 1992, just months before her separation from Prince Charles was made public.

The photo of Princess Diana is iconic because she looked sad and alone while dealing with a crumbling marriage. In contrast, the Duk...

Why Kate Middleton Is Being Criticized In Reports

4/13/2016 3:00am EDT
Kate Middleton's Bare Feet Under Intense Scrutiny, Reports Chast
Kate Middleton might be wishing she had some extra royal treatment before heading off to India because her bare toenails are under scrutiny.

The Duchess of Cambridge is in the news as much for her un-pedicured toes as she is for her fashion choices during this trip abroad. The Duchess and Prince William are in the midst of their highly anticipated tour of India.

According to TMZ, when Kate and William visited the Gandhi Museum in Delhi, she took her shoes off as part of Indian tradition. Unfortunately, the world paid more attention to the state of the duchess' toes than anything else.


Kate Middleton Maxi Dress In High Demand

4/12/2016 7:16pm EDT
Duchess Kate Wears $77 Maxi Dress In India
Kate Middleton wore a maxi dress on Tuesday while in New Delhi with her husband, Prince William. The Duchess of Cambridge was pictured in a red, floor-length maxi that had a paisley pattern as she and William visited a home for boys near Delhi Station.

There's already a waiting list for Kate Middleton's $70 dress: https://t.co/8GlMGQVqQa pic.twitter.com/hxCJOgg2q5

— Who What Wear (@WhoWhatWear) April 12, 2016

The dress is one of the most affordable pieces in Kate Middleton's wardrobe, costing only $77. According to Us Weekly, the dress is available for purchase, but is already on bac...

Duchess Kate Has Marilyn Monroe Moment

4/11/2016 7:24pm EDT
Duchess Kate Wardrobe Malfunction: Kate Middleton Has Marilyn Mo
Duchess Kate experienced a bit of a wardrobe malfunction while with her husband, Prince William, in India. According to Radar Online, Kate Middleton was at an event with William on Monday when the wind caught her while dress and blew it straight up! While many people could see plenty of leg, the Duchess of Cambridge was able to grab her skirt and hold it down before the world got a serious show.

The 34-year-old mother of two fought the wind for much of the day, but managed to keep her cool -- and she looked lovely doing so, naturally!

According to Mail Online, university professor BulB...

Kate Middleton Is Not Pregnant

4/7/2016 9:20pm EDT
Kate Middleton Pregnant Again? Rumors Surround The Duchess Once
Is Kate Middleton pregnant again? Not so fast. While the tabloids would like you to believe that the Duchess Of Cambridge is already pregnant with her third child just shy of Princess Charlotte's first birthday, that's actually not the case at all.

According to Gossip Cop, Duchess Kate isn't having another baby... at least not right now.

"Just like Middleton wasn’t with child in January, when Life & Style last claimed she was expecting, or in October, when the magazine similarly claimed to have an “official announcement” (see below). Gossip Cop is once again exclusively assured by a roy...

William & Kate Prepare To Say Goodbye To George & Charlotte

4/5/2016 11:00am EDT
Prince William, Kate Middleton Leaving Kids Behind For India Tri
Prince William and Kate Middleton are preparing to head out on their royal duties and that means that they will be parting ways with their two children, Prince George, 2, and Princess Charlotte, 11 months. According to People Magazine, William and Kate will be spending seven nights in India and Bhutan, marking the longest period of time that they've been away from their kids as a couple.

George and Charlotte will keep their normal routine with the help of their nanny, Maria. Kate's mother, Carole, will also be around in case Maria needs help.

Prince William and Kate Middleton will check i...

Is Kate Middleton Urging Prince William To Diet?

4/3/2016 12:30am EDT
kate middleton
Kate Middleton is NOT urging Prince William to lose weight, contrary to what a tabloid report might have readers believing.

OK! magazine published an article in this week's issue entitled, “Kate Middleton Is Urging Prince William To Diet Due To Her Worries About His Weight Gain.” As the report falsely writes, the Duchess of Cambridge “isn’t impressed with the eating habits he’s adopted over the winter” and she’s “determined to get her husband healthy again after he’s gained a few pounds!”

Gossip Cop is once again setting the record straight with yet another royal blunder in the media. The...

Kate Middleton Talks Too Much On Walkabouts

3/24/2016 1:30am EDT
Kate Middleton Talks Too Much During Royal Engagements?
Kate Middleton appears in a documentary special marking Queen Elizabeth II's ninetieth birthday called “Our Queen at Ninety.” In the show commemorating the queen's long reign, the Duchess of Cambridge is one of several royals interviewed for the special.

According to Us Weekly, Kate opens up about several topics, including one in which she shares that the royal family teases her for “chatting” too much on her walkabouts.

"There's a real art to walkabouts, everybody teases me in the family that I spend far too long chatting," Middleton said. "I still have to learn a little bit more, and to...

Duchess Kate Talks About First Christmas Present To Queen

3/23/2016 1:00am EDT
Duchess Kate Opens Up About First Christmas Gift She Gave Queen
Kate Middleton opens up in a new interview about her first Christmas with Queen Elizabeth and what she decided to give her as a gift. In a 2-hour special documentary titled, “Our Queen at Ninety,” the Duchess of Cambridge talks about the gift she gave her royal mother-in-law.

As anyone can imagine, the queen has everything and getting the right present would indeed pose a challenge to even the most creative person. IB Times reports that the duchess had a clever idea that turned out to be a hit. She put some thought into her gift for the queen although she worried that it “could have gone h...

William And Kate Raising Their Kids 'Normally'

3/17/2016 9:52am EDT
Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Trying To Raise Their Kids As 'Nor
Prince William and Kate Middleton are raising their children as "normal" as possible. According to Us Weekly, the royal couple is fairly determined to raise Prince George, 2, and Princess Charlotte, 10 months, as regular kids despite having all kinds of money and help at their disposal.

"The 33-year-old future king — who declared after George’s July 2013 birth, 'I very much feel if I can do it myself, I want to do it myself' — and his bride, 34, try to take turns making the roughly 10-mile trip to George’s pre-school for drop-off duty, says a source. And the tyke, who has half days at East...

The Royal Family Releases New Photos!

3/7/2016 10:29am EST
Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Share New Photos On Ski Trip With
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have shared a few new photos of themselves with their adorable children, Prince George, 2.5, and Princess Charlotte, 10 months.

According to People Magazine, the pictures were taken while the royal family was on a ski trip in the French Alps last week. The photos were taken by photographer John Stillwell from the Press Association and were shared with the world via social media on Monday.

"It is the first time they have been on a family vacation abroad and it was 'the first time the children had played in snow like that before,' says a royal source. 'It w...

Does Duchess Kate Want Prince William To Get Hair Plugs?

2/24/2016 12:47pm EST
Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton and Prince William seem like the perfect couple, but a new report suggests that the Duchess of Cambridge is unhappy because her hubby is going bald! According to The Hollywood Gossip, Duchess Kate and Queen Elizabeth are having a hard time with William's "bald spot," and are hoping that he does something about it before he becomes king.

"The future King must look younger and vibrant, and this will be achieved only if William has a full head of hair. Experts in hair transplantation have been dispatched to Kensington Palace – in secret of course Royal courtiers reveal," said a...

Duchess Kate Enjoys Date Night With Hubby

2/10/2016 9:18am EST
Prince William and Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton and Prince William enjoyed a kid-free date night at the Crown Inn pub in East Rudham on Feb. 12. According to People Magazine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge didn't go too far from home -- the Crown Inn pub is about six miles from their Anmer Hall residence where they have lived since Princess Charlotte's birth back in May -- but made sure to sneak in the ever-important date night nonetheless.

According to the report, the royal couple noshed on pan-roasted Halibut steak and wild mushroom risotto. Prince William enjoyed a glass of wine while Kate opted for sparkling water...

Duchess Of Cambridge Grants Rare Interview

2/2/2016 8:53am EST
Kate Middleton To Give Her First Solo TV Interview In Six Years
Kate Middleton is giving her first solo TV interview since becoming a member of the British royal family. The Duchess of Cambridge hasn't given a one-one-one interview since November 2010 after she was interviewed by British journalist Tom Bradby following her engagement to Prince William.

Middleton, 34, will be filmed for a documentary to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday, according to various reports. Several members of the royal family will be included in the program, including William, Prince Charles, and the Duchess of Cornwall, which will honor the British monarch on her m...

What Does Prince William Have Planned For The Duchess Of Cambridge On Valentine's Day?

1/28/2016 8:53am EST
Kate Middleton & Prince William
Prince William is getting a very special gift on Valentine's Day -- a brand new helicopter for his team, the East Anglian Air Ambulance in Cambridge. The Prince and his fellow pilots have been working together since July, and the new H145 helicopter will help them transport patients with life-threatening problems, according to PopSugar UK.

The new helicopter will start flying out of the EAAA's Norwich base on Feb. 14. It features more cabin space for the two pilots and will help them reach patients much faster.

Some royal watchers are speculating that the Prince will give his wife Kate Mi...

Princess Charlotte Inspires Clothing Line

1/26/2016 9:38am EST
Princess Charlotte
Princess Charlotte has inspired a new line of children's clothing by British label Seraphine. According to Us Weekly, designer Cecile Reinaud was asked to collaborate on a children's clothing line for The Diana Collection and she could not think of a better inspiration than 8-month-old Charlotte, especially because mom Kate Middleton has been such a fan of the designer's maternity line.

"Designing the range for The Diana Collection coincided with one of the first official pictures of Princess Charlotte being released, so of course she was a source of inspiration for the collection. The fac...

Kate Middleton Shows Off Her Curtsey

1/11/2016 4:22pm EST
Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton turned 34 on Saturday and invited her whole family to Sandringham to celebrate! According to People Magazine, the Duchess of Cambridge was joined by her parents, Michael and Carole Middleton, her sister, Pippa Middleton, and her brother, James Middleton, for the weekend.

Kate spent her actual birth day "privately" with her family, including her husband, Prince William, and the couple's two kids, Prince George, 2, and Princess Charlotte, 8 months.

On Sunday, the Middleton's were seen walking to St. Mary Magdalene's church where they attended a service in remembrance of the G...

Another Day, Another Kate Middleton Pregnant Rumor

1/7/2016 9:57pm EST
Duchess Of Cambridge Pregnant Rumors: Reportedly, Will and Kate
Not again! A rumor going around claims the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with her third Royal baby. The latest news about Will and Kate says the British Royals are expecting another child this year, and pregnancy was part of Kate Middleton's plans all along.

According to a Life & Style report, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge broke the news about the pregnancy over the Christmas holiday. The announcement was a shocker, but one of the biggest celebrants was none other than His Highness Uncle Red Beard, who reportedly couldn't contain his emotion, an unnamed insider reported.


The Truth About Those 'Queen Kate' Coming Soon Rumors

1/7/2016 1:34pm EST
Princess Kate To Be 'Queen' Of England Soon In 'Billion Dollar'
Will Princess Kate soon be called "Queen Kate" of the British monarchy?

According to an OK! Magazine post, its sources claim Queen Elizabeth II is abdicating and passing over her son, Charles, Prince of Wales, for her grandson, Prince William. And that's not the half. Sources say Buckingham Palace is planning a billion dollar coronation for Will and Kate in the spring with a guest list that includes Oprah, Beyonce and Jay Z, Elton John, and other A-listers.

In a previous Starpulse report last month, speculation grew that Queen Elizabeth II had likely made her choice in succession. Rumor...

Kate Middleton Makes A Tasteful Decision About Her Engagement Ring

1/6/2016 11:03pm EST
Kate Middleton Bans Sale Of Replica Engagement Ring? Duchess Rep
A new collection of replica royal jewelry has been made available to the general public, but it doesn't include a copy of Kate Middleton's $1.4 million sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

According to the Daily Mail, replica rings have already been manufactured but "mysteriously vanished" from the collection.

The Duchess of Cambridge may have banned the ring from sale because of its significance to her and husband Prince William, according to royal sources.

One insider revealed: "I expect the feeling at Kensington Palace is that it’s rather naff [tacky] to sell cheap copies of Diana’s ...

Is Kate Middleton Ready For Another Baby?

1/6/2016 8:50am EST
Kate Middleton's Plans For Baby Number 3: Duchess Of Cambridge,
Kate Middleton, who turns 34 on Jan. 9, is reportedly trying to get pregnant again. The Duchess of Cambridge has persuaded Prince William to expand their family in the new year, according to a new report.

A "palace insider" told OK! magazine: "William was against the idea initially because Kate had to go through hell for both pregnancies and wanted her to wait at least another year."

The reason the duchess is so keen on having another baby so soon after Charlotte's birth is because of her age, according to the tabloid.

Son George is two and a half while Charlotte is eight months old. Bo...

Pippa Middleton Takes St. Barths!

1/3/2016 11:57pm EST
Pippa Middleton Gets Leggy, Sports Peachy, Flirty Mini Dress In
Ah, Pretty Pippa Middleton does it again. Kate Middleton's sister and brother fled their British homeland and escaped to St Barths Island for a New Year's vacay. Photogs took snaps of Pippa showing major leg while sporting a flirty dress.

According to Daily Mail, the Middleton siblings were spotted at Nikki Beach over the holiday. James and Pippa were seen leaving the exclusive dining establishment looking casual in beachwear.

James looked like a younger version of "The Most Interesting Man in the World;" he looked comfy in a linen shirt and sported his trademark bushy beard. Pippa look...

Prince William & Kate Middleton Have Low Numbers In New Stats

1/1/2016 2:28pm EST
Prince William & Kate
Prince William and Kate pale in comparison to other British royals in a new statistic released. Although the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are a glitzy couple that the world loves to admire, they didn't deliver nearly number of royal duties that others did in their family.

BT reports that Prince William and Kate were far outperformed by Queen Elizabeth, 90, who carried out 340 official engagements in 2015. 306 were in the U.K. and 35 were abroad.

The queen also outperformed her husband, Prince Phillip and son, Prince Charles. According to the report, her 94-year-old husband, Prince Philli...

Good Luck Trying To Dress Like Kate Middleton

12/29/2015 9:33am EST
The 'Kate Middleton Effect': Royal Copycats Quickly Snatch Up Du
If Kate Middleton wears it, whether it be a dress, coat, or blouse, that particular piece of clothing will likely sell out or be extremely hard to find. This phenomenon is known as "The Kate Effect."

Take the green Sportmax coat she wore during a Christmas Day church service at Sandringham last week. According to Fashionista.com, the item sold out within hours of her holiday outing.

The coat was on sale at Farfetch for a mere $1,231.75 before it was snapped up by eager copycats. Apparently money is no object when it comes to emulating your favorite royal.

Newsweek reported a few years a...

Prince George Enrolled In Nursery School!

12/27/2015 2:32pm EST
Prince George
Prince George is growing up so fast! The 2-year-old son of Kate Middleton and Prince William has been enrolled in a nursery school near his home in Norfolk. According to People Magazine, George will be attending the Westacre Montessori School in East Walton beginning in mid-January.

"There's no set format, but it will be roughly around a couple of days a week," a source close to the royal family tells People Magazine. The decision to send George to school before his third birthday likely came about due to the toddler's busyness. His dad has been quite candid about how George is "always on ...