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Debra Messing Just Confirmed For ‘Dirty Dancing’ Remake?

1/15/2016 10:07am EST
'Dirty Dancing' Remake Adds Debra Messing To Star-Studded Lineup
No one will put Baby in a corner in 2016!

ABC has greenlit a three-hour musical version of the hit 1987 film "Dirty Dancing" starring "Scream Queens" Abigail Breslin

Debra Messing has just been confirmed to co-star alongside Breslin as play Marjorie Houseman, the mother of Baby in the remake of the iconic movie musical.

After starring in "Smash" for two years as well as warbling a tune or two on her hit series "Will and Grace," Messing can now make waves as the understanding '60s mom who is more like her daughter than she ever believed.

Breslin and Messing's characterizations of the sw...

Which Actor Once Jammed His Tongue Down Debra Messing's Throat?

7/9/2015 3:20am EDT
Debra Messing: Jeremy Piven Was A Really Terrible Kisser On 'Wil
Debra Messing is not a fan of Jeremy Piven. At least not his kissing skills. According to Us Weekly, Debra dished about her old Will & Grace escapades on Watch What Happens Live this week, and she had nothing but negative things to say about her former co-star.

When asked about her least favorite guest star on the show, Debra jumped to the name "Jeremy Piven" almost instantly. "You know who, at the time, I wasn't a fan of? Jeremy Piven."

Jeremy starred in an episode from the third season titled "Love Plus One." He played Nicholas, one of Grace's old boyfriends who comes back into her life...

Natural Celebrity Redheads - The Dirt On Whose Hair Is Real Or Fake

5/3/2014 8:00pm EDT
Natural Celebrity Redheads - The Dirt On Whose Hair Is Real Or F
Research reveals that less than 1 percent of the world's population has natural red hair. Even if both parents have red hair, there is just a one in four chance their child will be ginger, according to

Despite these rare statistics, Hollywood is full of redheads. So whose hair is real and whose isn't?

Lindsay Lohan is one of the few natural gingers in Tinseltown. She experimented with blonde for a while, but we're glad she's been sticking to her roots lately.

Check out more natural and unnatural redheads...

Curvy "Mad Men" star Christina Hendricks told The Daily Mail ...

This Week's Best Dressed Stars: Olivia Wilde, Debra Messing, More

11/2/2013 5:00am EDT
Debra Messing
Although scrutinizing the worst dressed stars is ultimately more fun, recognizing the stylish celebs of the week is also entertaining.

Debra Messing showed she's still got it at Gabrielle's Angel Foundation Hosts 2013 Angel Ball in New York City. The 45-year-old former "Smash" star wore a low-slung navy blue floor-length dress.

Messing appears in the upcoming made-for-television movie "Mother's Day" about a working mother of three who finds herself entangled in a web of lies.

Check out more of this week's best dressed...

A newly pregnant Olivia Wilde glowed at the IWMF Courage in Jour...

Tony Awards Photos: Scarlett Johansson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Anna Kendrick & More!

6/10/2013 9:29am EDT
Scarlett Johansson
As more and more big-screen stars dabble with theater roles, the attention to Broadway deepens. Several well-known celebs attended Sunday night's Tony Awards, and many presented trophies at the ceremony.

Scarlett Johansson, above, received mixed reviews for her role as Maggie in the sixth revival of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" earlier this year. She showed up to last night's event in a conservative black dress with a matching jacket.

Last year, Jake Gyllenhaal made his off-Broadway debut in "If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet." He played a man who struggled to help his overweight niece fit in...

Debra Messing To Receive Outstanding Mother Of The Year Award

3/14/2013 1:45pm EDT
Debra Messing
Actress Debra Messing will be celebrated for her parenting skills by The National Mother's Day Committee after landing an Outstanding Mother of the Year Award.

The Will & Grace star is one of four hardworking mothers, including media mogul Arianna Huffington, to be honored at the 35th annual awards ceremony at the Pierre Hotel in New York later this year.

Dana Verrill, Executive Director of the National Father's Day/Mother's Day Council, Inc., says, "These honorees are deeply dedicated to their families, careers and public service, and strive daily to expertly balance the demands of eac...

Stars Of NBC's 'Smash' Honor Marilyn Monroe On Anniversary Of Her Death

8/6/2012 8:22am EDT
Smash cast
On Sunday, the cast of "Smash" honored the 50th anniversary of the death of big screen icon Marilyn Monroe, who died of an overdose on Aug. 5, 2012.

The NBC television series centers on a fictional musical about the life of the "Gentleman Prefer Blondes" actress.

The cast, including Debra Messing, Megan Hilty and Christian Borle, took a break from filming on the New York City set and posed for photos, holding up a handmade sign that read, "Remembering Marilyn."

Messing also shared a Monroe quote on Twitter: "A career is wonderful thing, but you can't snuggle up to it on a cold night."


Debra Messing: 'I'd Be Devastated If My Son Grows Up To Be Heterosexual'

6/27/2012 11:38pm EDT
Former Will And Grace co-stars Debra Messing and Eric McCormack reunited in New York on Monday for the first time since their hit sitcom wrapped in 2006.

The actors were both invited to speak at the Trevor Live event in aid of the Trevor Project, a non-profit group dedicated to crisis support for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youngsters, and they stepped into the spotlight together at Manhattan's Chelsea Piers for the first time in six years.

McCormack, who portrayed gay lawyer Will Truman on the comedy show, told the audience, "We want all LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgen...

Debra Messing Files For Divorce; Claims Move To NYC Was A Factor

6/6/2012 9:06am EDT
Debra Messing & Daniel Zelman
In a move in which life immitates art, Debra Messing has filed divorce papers to officially end her 10-year marriage. Messing has started legal proceedings in Los Angeles to finalize the split.

The star, 43, quietly separated from screenwriter Daniel Zelman last year. Here's where he irony comes in - Messing reportedly moved on to date her TV co-star Will Chase, who ironically breaks up her TV marriage on hit drama "Smash."


Messing and Zelman met in college in 1990 and have an 8-year-old son, named Roman. She has cited "irreconcilable differences" for the break-up and is requesting...

'Smash' Season Finale – Let Karen Be Your Star

5/15/2012 2:17pm EDT
SMASH -- 'Bombshell' Episode 115
Previously on Smash: Movie star Rebecca Duvall ‘accidentally’ drank a smoothie laced with peanuts, and had a serious allergic reaction. Who will replace her when the show re-opens – Ivy or Karen?

“Break a leg!” The camera pans backstage, following someone who is about to take the stage. The chorus gets into place, the musicians tune up, and the curtain rises on ….

12 hours earlier: Julia, Tom, Derek and Eileen argue over the new song and ending to the show. They have the melody, rough lyrics, but no ‘Marilyn.’ They can’t afford to hold back the previews any longer. Derek storms out of the...

'Smash' Recap – Who Put The Peanuts In Rebecca's Smoothie?

5/8/2012 2:18pm EDT
Smash Episode 14
Previously on Smash: Rebecca Duvall stole director Derek from under Ivy’s nose; Dev got the wrong answer when he proposed to Karen, and somehow ended up flirting drunkenly with Ivy; Michael Swift has been brought back to the show, despite Julia’s frantic pleas.

Welcome to Preview Week. Dev wakes up beside Ivy. Karen’s frantically trying to reach Dev, who stormed off after she turned down his proposal. Meanwhile, Jessica’s worried about Ivy, who confessed the previous night that she’d found out that Derek was sleeping with Rebecca. In Ivy’s bedroom, two phones ring – and Dev very nearly an...

Debra Messing Opens Up About End Of Her 10 Year Marriage

5/4/2012 3:19pm EDT
Debra Messing
Actress Debra Messing has opened up about her split from husband Daniel Zelman, calling the decision to end their 10-year marriage "traumatic".

The Will & Grace star secretly separated from screenwriter Zelman last year, but the pair continued to act as a couple for the sake of its eight-year-old son Roman, even moving from Los Angeles to New York together so Messing could shoot her new TV show Smash.

However, the actress, who met Zelman in college in 1990, confesses the dissolution of their partnership was not easy, especially as it coincided with a big career move.

She tells Ladies ...

'Smash' Recap 113 'Tech': Swap Your Partners, One Two Three

5/1/2012 12:06pm EDT
Smash - Tech
Last week on Smash, things seemed to be looking up for Julia when husband Frank returned home, and for Eileen, who is getting closer to Nick. But Rebecca Duvall’s reign of terror continues, and Karen’s new friendship with Rebecca seems to be yet another excuse for Dev to get closer to RJ.

Everyone’s packing for Boston, where the tech week will begin. Tom serenades Sam with a piano version of “Another Opening, Another Show.” Julia snuggles with Frank, as son Leo teases that they’ve been at it for a week. It’s Karen’s first big show, and she’s like a kid in Candyland, completely in awe of th...

'Smash' Recap: Rebecca's Gal Pal And Hooray For Bollywood

4/24/2012 1:11pm EDT
SMASH -- Publicity Episode 112
Last week on Smash: The famous Rebecca Duvall arrived, Karen found out that Dev had lost the Press Secretary job he wanted and was drowning his sorrows with colleague RJ, Julia’s son Leo was having problems at school, and Karen and Ivy reached a ceasefire over their mutual dislike of Rebecca.

This week on Smash: Karen’s called in for a meeting with Derek. Naturally, Evil Ellis just happens to be within eavesdropping distance. Derek apologizes for not spending more time with her, working on the musical. He thinks she’d make a brilliant Marilyn; he’s seen it, in his head. Unfortunately, Ivy ...

'Smash' Recap – A Bucket Of Fire And A Glimpse Of Uma

4/10/2012 1:38pm EDT
SMASH 'Understudy' Uma Thurman as Rebecca Duvall
Last week on Smash – Ivy’s problems and prescription pill dependency caused her to make a fool of herself in the chorus of “Heaven on Earth.” Karen was there to help Ivy through. Julia’s husband Frank walked out after discovering Julia’s affair with Michael. Evil Ellis tried to weasel himself a co-producer title.

It’s a full house at the Rehearsal Space, as cast, chorus, production and prospective investors await the arrival of their star for a design presentation. Rebecca Duvall (Uma Thurman) is stuck in Cuba, and the investors are getting restless. Eileen is given two days to get her pre...

'Smash' Recap: Karen And Ivy Drink To That In Times Square

4/3/2012 11:12am EDT
SMASH - Hell on Earth
Everyone’s waking up with their honeys today, and preparing for the world. Both Karen and Ivy have auditions – wanna bet for the same job? – while Julia’s on her way to Tom’s. Tom’s reluctant to let John leave, until he finds out that John’s a Republican! Horrors!

As Frank looks for some adoption papers on Julia’s bed side table, he finds a song she’s written about her affair with Michael.

Sam is not impressed when Ivy tells him that she’s on several prescription drugs. It all started with the Prednisone for her throat, then a sleeping pill, then something for anxiety, and then another an...

'Smash' Recap 'The Coup' – Mahatma Katie Saves The Show From Techno Popping

3/27/2012 12:30pm EDT
SMASH -- 'The Coup'
Previously on Smash – the workshop for Marilyn: The Musical did not receive the rave reviews expected. Derek, unhappy with Tom and Julia’s decision to fire Michael, and to replace Ivy with a ‘name’ star, determined to save the show. Julia and Michael broke up.

It’s been a few days since the workshop, and Ivy and the cast have not heard when or if they’ll be continuing to work on the musical. Even Tom and Julia have not heard from Eileen, who is ignoring their calls. Frank attempts to cheer up Julia, who is depressed and afraid the musical’s future is in jeopardy, by serenading her with a G...

Debra Messing Wins Back Twitter Name

3/22/2012 11:14pm EDT
Debra Messing
Actress Debra Messing is celebrating after winning back her tag from an Internet impostor.

The Smash star has been slow in adapting to the social networking craze, but Messing was recently forced to sign up for the microblogging site in a bid to protect fans from misleading fraudsters.

She says, "I knew nothing about Twitter and I had a girlfriend of mine email me and say, 'I have been talking to you for three weeks over Twitter and I didn't know it wasn't you! It's somebody posing as you.' And I thought, 'What?'

"And it turned out there were six people posing as me! And I th...

'Smash' Recap – Some Like It REALLY Hot

3/20/2012 12:50pm EDT
Smash - Megan Hilty as Ivy Lynn
Good morning! Outside the rehearsal studio, Julia and Michael exchange little smiles and a sly handclasp as Eileen and Derek arrive. Derek’s all business, barking out orders and comments. With a showcase to present to investors in one day, there’s no time for niceties.

Karen arrives at a studio to record a track for her meeting with hotshot Bobby Raskin. Her big stage voice is over powering, but when she tones it down to sing Colbie Caillat's "Brighter Than the Sun," the engineer is charmed. In fact, he thinks he loves her!

Julia and Michael can’t keep their hands off each other. When he ...

'Smash' Recap – 'Chemistry' And History Are Made At Night

3/13/2012 12:20pm EDT
Ivy wakes up to a singer’s nightmare – she’s lost control of her higher notes, a condition commonly caused by strain. She puts on a happy face, rather than let Derek know the problem.

Eileen’s best backer, Ralph, is surprised that she’s only asking for $7 million; he says she’ll need $15 million if she’s taking “Marilyn: The Musical” to Broadway. She says that the $7 million is just to fund the workshop and an out of town try out. He’s not committing until he sees a rough workshop, but he’s intrigued. She’s surprised when Ellis comes by to report on the state of things at the rehearsal s...

'Smash' Episode 5 – Karen Discovers Her Inner Marilyn While Ivy Droops

3/6/2012 2:00pm EST
Katharine McPhee as Karen Cartwright
Eileen’s busy day gets worse when her assistant Scott calls to tell her that he’s now working for Jerry, her ex-husband. Later, Ellis comes to Eileen’s rescue when she has trouble with her computer. Eileen realizes that Ellis has the inside scoop on Tom, and the status of the script.

As the chorus wait for rehearsal to start, Derek asks Karen to help him work out some choreography for the ‘Marilyn’ character. She is stiff and uncomfortable. Derek accuses her of being afraid of herself, and anything below her neck. They settle into a rhythm as Julia arrives, on the phone with Frank, who’s s...

'Smash' Recap – Even Nick Jonas Can't Satisfy Diva Ivy

2/28/2012 12:16pm EST
Smash - The Cost of Art
It’s the first day of Workshop for the musical, and Karen is excited to be joining the other performers. Ivy’s friends in the ensemble aren’t impressed with new girl ‘Iowa,’ however, and treat her rudely. Speaking of rude, Julia snubs Ellis, and asks that he be moved to another desk. Michael assures Julia that everything will be fine, referring to the rehearsal, but she assumes he’s alluding to their past relationship. Eileen’s lawyer tells her that they can’t locate the money she needs for the workshop, as it is in escrow until the divorce is finalized.

Everyone cheers and applauds “Mar...

'Smash' Episode 3 Recap - Secrets, Lies And Super Spies

2/21/2012 1:49pm EST
I’m struck this week with how key emotional scenes in this episode of 'Smash' have been staged at a different tempo from other television shows. There is a slower pace, and camera shots linger on faces for longer than one expects – the effect, overall, is of watching a televised theatre production. I also noticed a difference in the hair and makeup of certain characters, most especially with Debra Messing’s ‘Julia.’ The first two episodes seemed to favor a contemporary cosmetic approach, but this week had the look of classic Hollywood, circa 1940. For me, these changes bring a touch of clas...

'Smash' Recap: Final Callback, And The Winner is…

2/14/2012 1:38pm EST
Smash Callback
Why are we rushing to the casting of ‘Marilyn’ in ‘Marilyn: the Musical’? Not saying that I wanted to draw out the process through the entire season, a la any of a zillion reality shows, but come on! Choosing Ivy over Karen, post director pounce … is that all there is?

Okay, I’m rushing. I’ll slow down. The second episode of the hotly anticipated ‘Smash’ had it’s ups and downs. Although primarily about the trials and tribulations of a Broadway musical production, we continued to have glimpses into the private lives of the main characters. Producer Eileen had a creepy encounter with her alm...

'Smash' Is A Smash!

2/7/2012 11:47am EST
'SMASH' is a smash
“Overture, curtain, lights!“ “There’s a broken heart for every light on Broadway.” We know all the clichés, and, in a society awash with musical reality shows, we know that lightning can strike, and that the little, mousy, unknown with the big voice can be catapulted into overnight stardom.

Or so we’d like to think. In reality, it takes years of study, practice, and endless “go sees”, humbling auditions, and menial jobs to pay for training and those courses supposedly guaranteed to catapult the wannabe into the starring role.

“Smash” follows the story of two female triple-threat (singing,...

'Smash' Review: 'Pilot' Lives Up To The Buzz

2/7/2012 1:57am EST
When I first heard of the idea for Smash, I thought, "How is this going to work?" The answer is, "Pretty fantastically, actually."

The general premise of the series comes together pretty quickly. While hopefuls Karen (Katherine McPhee) and Ivy (Megan Hilty) search for their big break, writing partners Julia (Debra Messing) and Tom (Christian Borle) talk about new ideas, and thanks to Tom's new assistant, they start mulling the idea of another Marilyn Monroe musical. Tom is a friend of Ivy's, and has her in mind for the lead, while Karen finds reassurance in her boyfriend Dev (former...

Steven Spielberg Struggled To Sell 'Smash'

1/17/2012 9:29am EST
Steven Spielberg
Steven Spielberg spent five years trying to bring his new TV drama Smash to the small screen because the concept failed to win over network executives.

The Jaws director came up with the idea of a series set behind-the-scenes of a Broadway show, and teamed with his Dreamworks Television company and writer Theresa Rebeck to turn his vision into a program.

However, despite Spielberg's power in Hollywood, it took years to persuade TV executives to take on the show - until NBC entertainment boss Bob Greenblatt agreed to commission the series.

Spielberg tells Access Hollywood, "I came up w...

2012 Golden Globes Fashion: Who Rocked The Red Carpet & Who Didn't?

1/16/2012 9:30am EST
2012 Golden Globes fashion
The Golden Globes are the first big awards show of the season, and the stars came out in colorful ensembles to attend one of Hollywood's most prestigious events leading up to the Academy Awards.

There were very few fashion missteps at this year's event. "Homeland" actress Morena Baccarin wore a daring black dress that showed quite a bit of cleavage (is that appropriate?), while "Ringer" star Sarah Michelle Gellar took a chance with a blue and white tie-dyed gown (too bohemian?).

There wasn't a lot of flash on the red carpet. Few stars wore sequins (Laura Dern, Madonna, Diane Lane and did)...

5 New Mid-Season Television Shows To Check Out...Or Not

1/2/2012 10:00am EST
The Firm
Every Jan. 1, I heave a sigh of relief because I not only made it through another year and survived the frenzied stress of the holiday season but also because mid-season television shows will be unveiled. Like Christmas presents from an adoring aunt, mid-season shows can be just what you need or exactly what you don't.

Check out five new shows you may or may not want to check out:

The Firm (NBC)

NBC took John Grisham’s best-selling novel and big screen hit, “The Firm,” and continued the story in the spin-off of the same name. It follows Mitch McDeere, the Memphis lawyer who brought ...

Debra Messing Still Living With Estranged Husband

12/21/2011 9:42pm EST
Debra Messing
Actress Debra Messing is still living with her estranged husband, despite announcing on Tuesday that the couple had been separated for months.

The Will And Grace star and screenwriter Daniel Zelman ended their 10-year marriage earlier this year and quietly went their separate ways.

But the couple has refused to alter its living arrangements for the sake of its seven-year-old son Roman and is still sharing the same apartment in New York.

A source tells, "(They) have been separated the better part of the year but continue to live together in New York for Roman."

They even a...