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Now Playing: Did Ryan Gosling Cheat on Eva Mendes with Emma Stone? Did Ryan Gosling Cheat on Eva Mendes with Emma Stone?
2015-09-24 Eva Mendes Reveals Daughter Named After Hunchback of Notre Dame Heroine
2015-09-19 Eva Mendes on Keeping Her Latin Culture Alive
2015-09-16 Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Celebrate Daughter's 1st Birthday
2015-09-16 'The Place Beyond the Pines': Movie Review for Parents
2015-07-08 Eva Mendes Nearly Causes Car Collision
2015-06-26 Eva Mendes Spills Beauty and Fitness Secrets
2015-06-18 Happy Father's Day to Hollywood's First-Time Dads
2015-06-16 Love Life Lowdown: Eva Mendes
2015-06-09 Ryan Gosling Works Out As He Battles With Eva Mendes Over Prenup
2015-06-05 Eva Mendes Takes Her First Selfie
2015-05-22 Eva Mendes Posts First Selfie to Fight Cancer
2015-05-21 Eva Mendes Shares First Selfie for a Good Cause
2015-05-21 Happy Mother's Day To Hollywood's First Time Moms
2015-05-08 These Celebs Will Have Their First Mother's Day
2015-05-06 Eva Mendes Won't Be Celebrating Mother's Day This Year
2015-05-06 Eva Mendes Is the Latest Face of Estée Lauder
2015-04-25 'Furious 8': Eva Mendes Reportedly Wanted Back
2015-04-07 Shia LaBeouf Joins Coming Of Age Drama ‘American Honey'
2015-04-07 Eva Mendes Celebrates Launch of New York & Company Spring Collection
2015-03-27 Eva Mendez Recants Sweatpants Comment
2015-03-24 Celebrities Looking Desirably Cute in Sweat Pants
2015-03-20 The Secret to a Lasting Marriage: No Sweatpants
2015-03-20 Eva Mendes Apologizes For Comment About Sweatpants Causing Divorce
2015-03-20 Ryan Gosling Loves Sweatpants, Eva Mendes Believes Are Main Cause of Divorce
2015-03-20 Eva Mendes Was Joking About 'Sweatpants Divorce' Comment
2015-03-20 Eva Mendes Opens Up About Motherhood and Ryan Gosling
2015-03-19 Eva Mendes Thinks Sweatpants Are the No. 1 Cause of Divorce
2015-03-19 A Woman Interrupted Ryan Gosling's Film Premiere to Propose!
2015-03-16 Eva Mendes: I Don't Feel Like I've Earned the Right
2015-03-11 Eva Mendes Reveals She's in Therapy
2015-03-11 TooFab or TooDrab?! See The Best And Worst In Celebrity Street Style
2015-03-07 'Lost River' Trailer
2015-02-05 Justin Timberlake Can't Wait for Daddy Duties
2015-02-02 Eva Mendes Gives Emotional Speech
2015-01-30 Watch Ryan Gosling Crash Russell Crowe's AACTA Awards Appearance (In an Aussie Accent, No Less!)
2015-01-30 Ryan Gosling's Female Stalker Can't Be Stopped
2015-01-21 Hollywood's Baby Boom of 2014
2014-12-29 Ellen DeGeneres Shares Fictional Photo Of Eva Mendes' Baby
2014-12-04 Eva Mendes Shares an "Adorable" Picture of Baby Esmeralda With Ellen DeGeneres
2014-12-03 Eva Mendes Is “Exhausted” After Giving Birth to Ryan Gosling’s Baby
2014-11-27 Eva Mendes' First Interview About Baby, Ryan & Privacy
2014-11-26 New Mom Eva Mendes Is 'Completely Exhausted,' Has No Nanny
2014-11-26 Ryan Gosling Gets Restraining Order Against His 'Twin'
2014-11-21 Ryan Gosling Files Restraining Order Against Over Zealous Fan
2014-11-21 Happy Birthday Ryan Gosling
2014-11-11 Celebrity Scoop News: Eva Mendes' Daughter and More
2014-10-23 Top 10 Banned Sexy Commercials
2014-10-19 Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling's Baby Name Revealed
2014-10-12 Eva Mendes Throwback Photos
2014-09-25 Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling Have Baby Girl
2014-09-17 Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling 'Welcome Daughter'
2014-09-17 Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling Welcome Baby Girl
2014-09-17 Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling Are Expecting Their First Baby
2014-09-01 Eva Chen Introduces the October 2013 Digital Edition
2014-08-18 The Talk Co-Hosts Discuss Pregnant, Unwed Celebrities--What Does Guest Zoe Saldana Think?
2014-08-08 Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling's Pregnancy Was Planned
2014-07-17 Ryan Gosling Cooks for 'Pregnant' Eva Mendes
2014-07-16 Eva Mendes Is Pregnant with Ryan Gosling’s Baby
2014-07-11 Has Ellen DeGeneres Confirmed That Eva Mendes Is Pregnant?
2014-07-11 Is This What Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes' Kid Will Look Like?! A Forensic Artist Makes Predictions
2014-07-11 Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling Expecting Baby
2014-07-10 Is Eva Mendes Pregnant with Ryan Gosling's Child?
2014-07-10 Celebrities Give The Midi Skirt A Whirl
2014-07-04 Ryan Gosling Takes Center Stage At The Cannes Film Festival
2014-05-23 Eva Mendes Sells Funky Hollywood Starter Home For $10K Over Asking
2014-04-25 New York & Co. Hosts Dinner With Eva Mendes
2014-03-20 On This Day: March 5
2014-03-05 Oscars 2014: Top 3 Celebrity Couples
2014-02-28 Eva Mendes Remains Coy on Split, Will Watch 'The Notebook' on Valentine's D
2014-02-12 Eva Mendes Addresses Ryan Gosling Breakup Rumors, Denies Being Pregnant
2014-02-12 Eva Mendes Will Be Spending Valentine’s Day With Ryan Gosling After All
2014-02-12 Eva Mendes Jokes About Watching 'The Notebook' on Valentines Day
2014-02-12 Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling Split Amid Pregnancy Speculation
2014-02-06 Eva Mendes Sparks Pregnancy Rumors at Airport