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2015-07-21 Rachel McAdams: Southpaw Training Helped Me with True Detective Role
2015-07-21 Rachel McAdams And Jake Gyllenhaal Cosy Up At Southpaw Premiere
2015-07-21 Gyllenhaal and McAdams' Fighting Talk
2015-07-21 'Southpaw' Premiere: Gyllenhaal, McAdams Immerse Themselves in Boxing World
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2015-06-08 Movie Premiere: 'Aloha'
2015-06-02 Say 'Aloha' to Bradley Cooper
2015-06-01 Ticket or Skip It: 'Aloha'
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2015-05-15 True Detective Season 2: Second Trailer Released
2015-05-15 'Aloha': Sneak Peek Featurette
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2015-05-12 Rachel McAdams Explains Why She Wanted a Change After Shooting Mean Girls, The Notebook and Wedding Crashers
2015-05-11 10 Nicholas Sparks Movies Ranked
2015-05-09 'Southpaw' Trailer
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2015-05-01 Bradley Cooper Reunites With Rachel McAdams for 'Aloha': 'I Knew We'd Have Great Chemistry'
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