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Mary Stuart Masterson Is Pregnant With Twins

March 9th, 2011 8:25am EST
Mary Stuart Masterson
Actress Mary Stuart Masterson is expecting twins. The 44-year-old "Fried Green Tomatoes" star will give birth to her second and third children this summer.

Masterson and her third husband Jeremy Davidson are already parents to a 17-month-old son.

She's not the only star expecting twins - Mariah Carey is expecting a double bundle of fun this spring.

Cliffs Notes For Chick Flicks

March 3rd, 2009 2:51pm EST
The Notebook
Ever wonder what your wife is talking about when she mentions "that scene" from When Harry Met Sally? Or why your female co-workers start giggling when they refer to Bob in cubicle 8 as "Mr. Big"? Do you feel you're missing out on some cornerstone of pop culture, but just can't bring yourself to sit through all those tear-jerkers with a box of Kleenex and a carton of Jamoca Almond Fudge?

Well fear no more, because we've done the couch work for you - with this quick reference guide you'll never again be left scratching your head during a heated Julia Roberts/ Sandra Bullock debate.


Mary Louise Parker Pushed For Lesbian Plot Line

July 31st, 2008 9:12am EDT
Mary Louise Parker
Mary-Louise Parker begged the director of Fried Green Tomatoes not to censor the film's lesbian plot line, believing it to be a crucial part of the story.

Parker starred in the 1991 movie with Mary Stuart Masterson playing her best friend, but in the original story - from Fannie Flagg's 1987 novel - their characters were lovers. Movie bosses were determined to downplay the relationship and portray the couple as just close pals - despite Parker's desperate pleas to filmmaker Jon Avnet.

She explains, "I tried to make it (the homosexual connection) more articulated at the time, but...

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