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Now Playing: Academy Awards: Fashion Memories From 2012 Kate Mara's Interesting Red Carpet Style
2015-07-31 'Fantastic Four': Featurette - Wormholes
2015-07-30 'Fantastic Four': Featurette - Teleportation
2015-07-30 'Fantastic Four': Featurette - Invisibility
2015-07-30 'Fantastic Four': Featurette - Alternate Dimensions
2015-07-30 Special - Comic Con Part 1:
2015-07-30 'Fantastic Four' Trailer 3
2015-07-15 Michael B. Jordan Reveals His Hot Body Secrets
2015-07-13 Michael B. Jordan Reveals His Hot Body Secrets
2015-07-13 Honoree Kidman Seeks Level Playing Field for Women in Film
2015-06-17 'The Martian' Trailer: Matt Damon Tries to Survive on Mars, Return to Earth
2015-06-08 Source Says Jamie Bell and Kate Mara Are Nothing More Than Friends
2015-05-07 Take a Look at Upcoming Flick 'Fantastic Four'
2015-05-07 Paul Giamatti, Toby Jones, Boyd Holbrook Joining Sci-Fi Thriller 'Morgan'
2015-04-30 Fantastic Four Cast Talks Iconic Suits And Potential Future Storylines
2015-04-29 Cara Delevingne And Rose Byrne Are CinemaCon Awards Winners
2015-04-24 #ThrowbackThursday Is All About Kate Mara
2015-04-23 'Fantastic Four' Trailer 2
2015-04-21 Fantastic Four - Trailer No. 2
2015-04-21 'Fantastic Four': MovieBites
2015-04-11 New 'Fantastic Four' Images Revealed
2015-03-15 How to Date a Super Hot Girl
2015-02-27 Kate Mara Celebrates Birthday on Feb 27
2015-02-23 Finally a First Look at Fantastic Four! - Trailer Time
2015-02-02 'Fantastic Four' Trailer
2015-01-30 The Fantastic Four Teaser Reveals Superheroes Overhaul
2015-01-27 New 'Fantastic Four' Plot Details Revealed
2014-12-03 Ridley Scott's Monster Martian Cast
2014-10-25 Love Life Lowdown: Kate Mara
2014-09-23 Kate Mara Offered Role in Ridley Scott's 'The Martian'
2014-09-18 Bieber and Bloom Battle Over Beauty
2014-09-02 'Fantastic Four' Won't Follow Comic Book Story
2014-09-01 Lena Dunham Woke Up Like This, Is No Beyoncé
2014-08-29 X-Men Apocalypse and Fantastic Four Details at Comic-Con 2014
2014-07-25 Kate Mara's Sparkly Sumo Suit: Gotta Have it Or Make it Stop?
2014-06-10 Lupita Nyong'o Is Marie Claire's 'Fresh Face' Cover Girl
2014-04-10 'Transcendence' Featurette: Guarding the Threat
2014-04-09 Marie Claire May 2014 Issue Cover Shoot
2014-04-09 'XOMC': A Short Film
2014-04-09 Kellan Lutz, Nick Jonas And Chris Evans Hunk Up The ‘Vanity Fair’ Young Hollywood Party
2014-02-27 Johnny Depp, Kate Mara In "Transcendence" Second Trailer
2014-02-16 How to Date Kate Mara
2014-02-13 'The Fantastic Four': Eying Female Villain
2014-02-06 Kate Mara Goes Boldly Blond
2014-01-11 ‘House Of Cards’ Season 2: Frank Underwood’s Big Mess
2014-01-06 Transcendence - Trailer No. 1
2014-01-03 Johnny Depp, Kate Mara, Morgan Freeman In "Transcendence" First Trailer
2013-12-22 'House of Cards' Makes Emmy History
2013-09-23 Wild Moments At Fashion Week With Katie Holmes And Rachel Zoe
2013-09-15 Michael Kors Flirts With Spring
2013-09-11 2013 Emmy Nominations
2013-07-18 Netflix "House of Cards" NYC Premiere
2013-02-03 Academy Awards: Fashion Memories From 2012
2013-01-30 10 Years - DVD Clip No. 1
2012-12-17 Full of It - Trailer
2012-12-16 Deadfall Film Clip
2012-12-06 10 Years - Trailer No. 1
2012-08-22 Justin Long Dating Kate Mara
2012-06-08 127 Hours Movie Review
2012-05-22 Star Style Color Trends
2012-04-23 Rooney Mara Flashback
2012-01-30 Celebrities Sound Off on Their Biggest Fears
2012-01-06 HappyThankYouMorePlease - Junket
2011-02-23 A Look at 2011 SAG Awards Fashion Hits and Misses
2011-02-01 SNTV - Flashback: Rooney Mara