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Shirley Maclaine to guest star on Glee

April 8th, 2014 9:30pm EDT
Shirley MacLaine
Veteran actress Shirley Maclaine has booked a multi-episode arc on Glee.

The Oscar winner will portray a New York socialite, who becomes a mentor and benefactor for Darren Criss' character, Blaine, in a series of upcoming episodes, according to E! News.

Maclaine, who also has a recurring role on Downton Abbey, joins the likes of Whoopi Goldberg, Kate Hudson, Idina Menzel, Kristin Chenoweth, Gwyneth Paltrow and Sarah Jessica Parker, who have all served as guest stars on the programme.

Maclaine is set to make her Glee debut later this month (Apr14).

Hollywood publicist John Blanchette dies at 68

March 11th, 2014 4:10am EDT
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Hollywood publicist John Blanchette has died at the age of 68.

Blanchette passed away on 4 March (14) in Santa Monica, California, following a brief battle with blood condition myelodysplastic syndrome.

Over the years, he represented celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Bob Hope, Cary Grant, Debbie Reynolds, Shirley MacLaine, Halle Berry, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bryan Cranston.

He also served as actress Zsa Zsa Gabor's publicist for 30 years, and most notably in 2012, updated media outlets about her condition after she was hospitalised with high-blood pressure following the death of he...

Gwyneth Paltrow wants kids to have perfect accents

October 31st, 2013 5:20am EDT
Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow wants her children to have perfect English accents.
The 'Iron Man 3' star, who has daughter Apple, nine, and son Moses, seven, with Coldplay singer Chris Martin, is such a huge fan of period drama 'Downton Abbey' she is determined for her kids to adopt cut-glass posh accents like the show's Crawley family.
A source told the Daily Star newspaper: "Gwyn adores 'Downton Abbey' and is forever saying how she wishes her kids spoke as beautifully. At the moment, the kids use slang from the US and the UK and it drives her nuts."
The 41-year-old beauty previously claimed her children...

Shirley MacLaine's Daughter Slams Her In New Interview

February 5th, 2013 9:28am EST
Shirley Maclaine
It isn't always easy being the offspring of a celebrity. Shirley MacLaine's daughter Sachi Parker has written about the experience and opened up about how she had to work three jobs to put herself through college.

During an interview with "20/20," she explained how she was sent to live with her businessman father in Japan when she was just two years old.

Parker, 56, says she rarely saw her famous mother, 78.  "She was very absent. I was very lonely - very lonely. Definitely. And I still struggle with abandonment issues and loneliness," she explained.

One Christmas Parker returned home fr...

It Came From Outer Space: 11 Celebrities Who Just Might Be Aliens

September 18th, 2012 7:31pm EDT
Nicki Minaj
There are celebrities who dress like they're here from another planet -- like new American Idol judge Nicki Minaj and fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld; and there are those celebrities we actually think really may be from another planet -- like Lady Gaga and Tom Cruise.

Karl Lagerfeld: no one on earth would ever consciously choose to look or dress like this.

Lady Gaga: may actually be from beyond. Those pointy horns and shoulders may actually be her true form. And she came here in a giant space egg. Hmmm....

Richard Branson: the dude's obsessed with getting back into spac...

Check Out Jack Black's 'Bernie' On DVD, Blu-ray & More Aug. 21

August 18th, 2012 7:00am EDT
The darkly comic docudrama "Bernie" details the unusual friendship between a likable Texas mortician and a wealthy but reviled widow, and the shocking crime that followed.

Inspired by Hollandsworth's 1998 Texas Monthly article that first caught the attention of Linklater, "Bernie" takes place in Carthage, TX, where effeminate mortician Bernie Tiede (Jack Black) enjoys a reputation as a friendly and upstanding member of the community. Marjorie Nugent (Shirley MacLaine), on the other hand, couldn't hold a lower position on the local social scale.

Repressed and bitter, nasty Marjorie...

Shirley MacLaine: 'Downton Abbey Home Is Haunted'

June 9th, 2012 6:08pm EDT
Shirley MacLaine
Movie veteran Shirley MacLaine had a spooky time shooting scenes for TV series Downton Abbey at Highclere Castle in England - because the old place was haunted and King Tut's tomb was in the basement.

The Oscar winner, who is a leading spiritualist, has joined the cast of the period drama as American socialite Martha Levinson, and she admits she was fascinated by the supernatural world that buzzed about the set.

She tells U.S. news show Access Hollywood, "(It was) a fantastic experience... (Highclere) was haunted and the pictures came off the wall."

And, as if that wasn't spooky enough, ...

Shirley MacLaine Given Lifetime Achievement Award By John Travolta

June 8th, 2012 10:07am EDT
Shirley MacLaine
Oscar-winning actress Shirley MacLaine was presented with the American Film Institute's Life Achievement Award by John Travolta on Thursday night.

The Apartment actress took to the stage at the Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles as she became the 40th Hollywood star to receive the honor.

Other stars in attendance included Jack Nicholson, Julia Roberts, Jack Black and Meryl Streep, with MacLaine's younger brother Warren Beatty telling the Associated Press, "Tonight we're here to honor a person I have known, a person I have loved my whole life."

Black adds, "This is not the first life...

Jack Black Commits Mild-Mannered Murder In 'Bernie'

March 1st, 2012 9:11am EST
Jack Black is just your average friendly neighborhood killer -- complete with ultra-moustache.

Black and his "School of Rock" director, Richard Linklater, have reunited for "Bernie," a pitch-black crime comedy based on a real-life 1996 murder case in Carthage, Texas.

Black plays the title role, a mortician whose reputation as the nicest guy in town doesn't get tarnished too much after he offs an elderly millionaire widow (Shirley MacLaine), an intolerable shrew whom most of the townsfolk believe had it coming.

The trailer doesn't make "Bernie" look like anything special, but it's good t...

Shirley MacLaine Joins 'Downton Abbey'

January 31st, 2012 9:17am EST
Shirley MacLaine
Shirley MacLaine is set to join the cast of award-winning British TV drama "Downton Abbey" as the mother of Elizabeth McGovern's Countess of Grantham.

Maclaine will play American socialite Martha Levinson in the upcoming third season of the celebrated series, which begins shooting this spring.

Confirming the casting news, producer Gareth Naeme tells the BBC, "(Writer/creator) Julian (Fellowes) has written another brilliant character in Martha Levinson, who will be a wonderful combatant for Maggie Smith's Dowager Countess."

Lenny Kravitz Honored In France

December 1st, 2011 9:58am EST
Lenny Kravitz
Rocker Lenny Kravitz was presented with one of France's highest honors by the country's culture minister at a ceremony in Paris on Wednesday.

The Are You Gonna Go My Way hit-maker was handed the Legion of Honor medal from Minister of Culture and Communication Frederic Mitterrand, who hailed the star's achievements, telling him, "You freed yourself of the barriers between black and white sound."

The ceremony was extra special for Kravitz, who revealed he got his first big break at a music festival in the French city of Rennes in 1989.

Past recipients of the award include veteran actres...

Shirley MacLaine To Receive AFI Life Achievement Award

October 10th, 2011 8:27am EDT
Shirley MacLaine
Hollywood legend Shirley MacLaine is to be honored with the American Film Institute's (AFI) lifetime achievement award next year.

The Oscar-winner will be presented with the revered prize in a ceremony next June, making her the 40th recipient of the trophy.

A statement from a spokesperson for the institute reads, "Shirley MacLaine is a powerhouse of personality that has illuminated screens large and small across six decades."

"From ingénue to screen legend, Shirley has entertained a global audience through song, dance, laughter and tears, and her career as writer, director and produce...

Shirley MacLaine Admits To Sleeping With Three Men In One Day

April 12th, 2011 8:27am EDT
Shirley MacLaine
Shirley MacLaine discovered she was a fan of monogamy after bedding three men in one day.

The Oscar winner has opened up about her scandalous love life and open 30-year marriage to businessman Steve Parker in new book "I'm Over All That" and accepts her three men in one day tale may shock many fans.

She says, "I wasn't into 'sexcapades', although I tried it once; I had three people in one day. It was on a political campaign, where everybody was doing the same thing (and) I just didn't wanna be left out. It was not my style at all; I'm a serial monogamist."

But that isn't to say MacLaine ...

Elizabeth Taylor's Career, In Photos And Videos

March 23rd, 2011 10:52am EDT
Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor made her big screen debut at the age of 10 in There's One Born Every Minute. By the age of 19, Taylor was making over $5000 a week and had an acclaimed movie under her belt: A Place in the Sun. However, it was still just the beginning for her career.

Taylor would then star in Father's Little Dividend, the sequel to Father of the Bride. She was on the verge of disappearing from the national spotlight in the mid-50s, until she starred in Giant and its sequel Raintree Country in 1956 and 1957, respectively. The latter film earned her a Best Actress Oscar nominat...

Happy 70th Birthday, Faye Dunaway!

January 14th, 2011 9:02am EST
Faye Dunaway
Hollywood legend Faye Dunaway celebrates a milestone birthday on Friday as she turns 70 years old.

The Oscar-winning actress broke into acting in the 1960s on the Broadway stage, before going on to film some of the most iconic movies of all time.

To wish Dunaway a very special 70th birthday, WENN has compiled 10 fascinating facts about the onscreen siren:

- She was born Dorothy Faye Dunaway on a farm in Bascom, Florida in 1941.

- The actress has been married twice - from 1974 to 1979 to Peter Wolf, lead singer of rock group The J. Geils Band, and from 1984 to 1987 to British photographe...

Oldies But Goodies: Stars Who Haven't Lost Their Touch

May 19th, 2010 9:10am EDT
Oldies But Goodies Stars Who Havent Lost Their Touch
Betty White kicked ass last weekend on Saturday Night Live showing her fans that she still has it at the rip old age of 88 and a half. Her Mother's Day episode reached its largest TV audience in 18 months and it was no surprise considering she had an entire Facebook fan page devoted to her. After her top viewed Snickers commercail that aired on Superbowl Sunday, fans built a Facebook page to encourage the actress and NBC to host Saturday Night Live- and it worked.

Betty is an Emmy-award winning actress best known for her roles as Sue Ann Nivens on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Rosew Nylund...

Shirley MacLaine Fuming Over 'Valentine's Day' Poster Snub

February 5th, 2010 12:33pm EST
Shirley MacLaine Fuming Over
Veteran actress Shirley MacLaine has blasted movie marketing bosses for failing to include her in promotional posters for new film Valentine's Day.

Early prints of flyers for the movie featured a series of pictures of the cast - but MacLaine and her co-star Hector Elizondo were not included.

A second design was then drawn up which included the pair - and MacLaine is baffled why they were left off the original.

She tells Dutch TV network RTL Boulevard, "We both complained. We don't know why we're not on it, frankly... I have no idea. I think its age discrimination. I really do. M...

Our Favorite Celebrity Siblings

December 4th, 2009 10:04am EST
The movie "Brothers" comes out this weekend, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Natalie Portman, and Tobey Maguire, and it got everyone at thinking about brothers ... and sisters. About celebrity siblings to be exact. There are some incredibly talented families out there, and while that occasionally means high family drama, sometimes the siblings who come out of it become celebrity gold. Here's a look at some of the best celeb siblings out there right now.

Warren Beatty and Shirley MacLaine

There are still people in the world that have no idea that these two Oscar winners are eve...

The Best & Worst Of Julia Roberts

March 27th, 2009 9:26am EDT
Mary Reilly
As one of the highest paid actresses in the world, it is no surprise that Julia Roberts has a long and varied career to admire. She started out as a romantic comedy charmer, and she has done several of them even after her vast popularity, but eventually Roberts moved into more dramatic filmmaking and huge box office hits.

She was the first actress to be on the cover of Vogue, and she is undoubtedly considered one of America's Sweethearts, so much so that she actually starred in a movie of the same name! Beautiful, intelligent, well spoken, and hard working, Roberts has been in a numbe...

Top On-Set Celebrity Feuds

February 27th, 2009 11:32am EST
The View
Hilary vs. Faye, Beyonce vs. Etta and Chris Brown vs. Decent Society: No doubt about it, the celebrity feud is alive and well. Though many celeb squabbles make for amusing gossip fodder, it's rare for public battles to result in real-life rows; except, of course, when volatile stars enact personal wars in the workplace. What do you get when you cross massive egos and crippling insecurities with bright klieg lights and tight shooting schedules? Ten of the juiciest on-set squabbles in Hollywood history, that's what. Lights, camera, altercation!

Debra Winger vs. Shirley MacLaine -- Te...

Mega Oscar Diary

February 23rd, 2009 9:22am EST
Sean Penn
Before we get started on the Mega Oscar Diary, let's go to a few random ramblings from the cadre of pre-shows around the dial:

-Philip Seymour Hoffman's hat probably came with a matching set of fingerless gloves.

-Those who were unable to see the Los Angeles CW affiliate's pre-show missed this exchange.

-The CW's Female Host: What is the role you'd love to do next. If you could do anything following 'The Wrestler' what would it be?

-Mickey Rourke: (Slowly eyes her up from head to toe with a knowing smile and walks off.)

-I know a lot of people care about fashion, ...

Spotlight On Oscar's Best Pictures

January 7th, 2009 12:15pm EST
January is the start of award season which means it's a tense time in Tinsel town! Actors are either being recognized or shunned for their tremendous work, agents are either celebrating with their stars or firing their "has-been" actors and we are betting on who is going to take home the Oscar! The stars, the fashion, the ambiance, the parties and actually taking home an Oscar along with the bragging rights that come along with it make this time of year so exciting!

The category of Best Picture is a huge deal and to be a part of the movie that wins is an honor! To say that you starre...

Spotlight On Talented, Oscar-Winning Movie Stars

June 23rd, 2008 8:45am EDT
Daniel Day-Lewis
There are many talented people in Hollywood who have won a coveted Oscar, and there are so many talented winners that it's difficult to just name a few.

Daniel Day-Lewis is known as one of the most selective actors in the industry; he's starred in only four movies in the last 10 years. Whenever Day-Lewis has a movie being released, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences stands up and takes notice. He's won two Academy Awards for Best Actor: His first was in 1989 for his role as Christy Brown in "My Left Foot" and the other in 2007 for his work as Daniel Plainview in "There Wil...

Jack Nicholson Likes Prostitutes?

May 28th, 2008 1:18pm EDT
Some John
Hollywood playboy Jack Nicholson's alleged penchant for prostitutes has been outed in former co-star Debra Winger's new autobiography Undiscovered.

Winger joined Nicholson on the big screen in 1983 Oscar-winning movie Terms of Endearment, co-starring Danny DeVito and Shirley MacLaine. And among her own intimate revelations, the actress recalls a shocking encounter with Nicholson after the pair landed in Germany to promote the movie.

She writes, "I had never been there (to Germany) and was relentlessly joking with Jack (Nicholson) about how I, as a Jew, would be treated. He final...

Three Best & Worst TV Shows Turned Into Big-Screen Films

May 28th, 2008 8:38am EDT
The Dukes of Hazzard
With so many long-running series coming to an end lately, it hasn't taken long for message boards and fansites to buzz with ideas for big-screen reunions. There are a ton of television shows already green lit and in various stages of development (The A-Team, Dallas, and I Dream of Jeannie to name a few). It doesn't seem too farfetched to assume even more producers are awaiting the opening numbers from this Friday's release of Sex and the City: The Movie before they offer a firm stance one way or the other.

If it's a hit, even four years after the show went off the air, the wheels will...

Joan Collins Would Retire If She Could

April 23rd, 2008 10:36am EDT
Joan Collins
Veteran actress Joan Collins would love to retire from show business but she can't afford to. The former Dynasty star insists she's not desperate enough to take any role that's offered to her, but she can't quit acting at 75.

She says, "I would (retire). Ninety nine per cent of actress would. (But) I don't have Barbra Streisand's money. I need to work." And the actress admits she lost two recent movie roles she desperately wanted - to Shirley MacLaine and Susan Sarandon.

She tells the new issue of BlackBook magazine, "The one that Shirley MacLaine had in Bewitched, I was trying ...

Lifetime Unveils 2008-09 Programming Slate

April 14th, 2008 2:19pm EDT
Carson Kressley
For its 2008-09 schedule, Lifetime Network has unveiled a diverse development slate in all genres, including original comedies, all with top talent in front of and behind the cameras.

In addition to season six of the watercooler hit "Project Runway" bowing on Lifetime in November 2008, season two of the successful Carson Kressley self-esteem makeover show "How to Look Good Naked" will premiere in July and be expanded to a full hour.

Also returning to Lifetime on Sunday, June 8, at 10 PM (ET/PT), is the second season of the smash hit "Army Wives," which is the network's highest-ra...

Shirley MacLaine Convinced Pet Dog Speaks To Her

February 6th, 2008 10:05am EST
Shirley MacLaine
Veteran actress Shirley MacLaine is convinced her pet dog can communicate with her. The Terms Of Endearment star owns 11 other canines but insists her relationship with rat terrier Terry is so unique, pet and owner understand one another.

She says, "I talk to her and she answers me. I have serious discussions with her and I'm convinced that on some level she really listens. She is selective about the questions she answers, though. For instance, she likes the question, 'What shall we do next in the kitchen?' Other questions she just thinks are a waste of time."

-Check out Shir...

Notable Quotables

January 1st, 2008 7:00pm EST
"It weirds me out. Genetically, my legs are supposed to be huge. I can't really think about it, or I'll go crazy." Rihanna on the fact shaving firm Gillette paid $1 million to insure her legs as part of an advertising campaign.

"They're all over the place in New Mexico. They're there. It's not a question of are they or not. The question is why... I've talked to people all over the world who've been aboard the craft and told me what they learned." Actress Shirley MacLaine insists visitors from outer space are commonplace in New Mexico.

"There are people out there that cannot stand ...

Classic Tearjerking Movies

December 26th, 2007 3:55pm EST
The Notebook
The classic tearjerker movie. Many of us watch them with a diet coke in one hand and a box of Kleenex in the other. Whether it's a sappy Lifetime movie or an old classic romance, we enjoy watching them even though they make us weep like little babies. Some won't admit to tearing up, while others put the blame on "allergies" or use other excuses.

It's pretty hard to keep this list short, or maybe it's just because here at Starpulse we get a little sappy when it comes to this type of film. We somehow managed. Get out the box of Kleenex because you may need them.

My Girl (1991)


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