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Now Playing: Dina and Michael Lohan Go to Therapy Together Dina and Michael Lohan Go to Therapy Together
2015-10-06 Lindsay Lohan Is Back in the Studio! Watch Her Record New Music
2015-10-03 Taylor Kitsch Brings Signature Charm to The Tonight Show
2015-08-08 Duran Duran On Their Lindsay Lohan Collaboration
2015-08-01 Fans Approve of Lindsay Lohan's New Ultra Sexy Line
2015-07-17 Another Top 10 Worst Movie Accents
2015-07-05 Lindsay Lohan Eats Ice Cream as She Leaves Launch
2015-07-02 Lindsay Lohan's Icy Cry for Help Beauty Treatment
2015-06-17 'OITNB' Inspires the Top 5 Bad Girls of Hollywood
2015-06-12 Marilyn Monroe's Legacy Lives On as Hollywood Channels the Iconic Star
2015-06-01 Robbie Williams' Lyrics in Charity Auction and More
2015-05-29 Thursday's Showbiz News: Lindsay Lohan Is Back in Court and More
2015-05-28 Lindsay Lohan Avoids Jail by Finishing Her Community Service on Time
2015-05-28 Looks Like Lindsay Lohan WILL Complete Community Service
2015-05-27 Lindsay Lohan Has Week to Complete How Many Hours of Community Service?
2015-05-21 Lindsay Lohan Takes Ice Bathes to Burn Calories as Well as Cryotherapy
2015-05-19 Jane Fonda's Advice to Lindsay Lohan: 'Come Live With Me'
2015-05-15 Lindsay Lohan Doesn't Want To Discuss Community Service
2015-05-15 Lindsay Lohan -- Watch Your Language!!!
2015-05-15 Lindsay Lohan Finally Shows Up for Community Service
2015-05-14 Lindsay Lohan Skips Community Service
2015-05-13 Lindsay Lohan's Dad Talks Daughter's Community Service Drama: 'Where There's a Will, There's a Way'
2015-05-12 Rachel McAdams Explains Why She Wanted a Change After Shooting Mean Girls, The Notebook and Wedding Crashers
2015-05-11 All the Hollywood News
2015-05-09 Lindsay Lohan Ordered to Complete 125 Hours of Community Service
2015-05-08 Lindsay Lohan Fails Community Service, Again
2015-05-08 Fun Facts With Jimmy Fallon & Jane Fonda Fonda
2015-05-08 Bet on Who Tiger Woods Dates Next
2015-05-07 18 Things That Lasted Longer Than Blonde Kim Kardashian
2015-05-05 Michael Lohan -- I'm On an Installment Plan ... For Child Support!
2015-05-02 Lindsay Lohan Accidentally Calls Her Instagram Followers Donkeys
2015-04-23 Lindsay Lohan May Have Just Called Us All Donkeys
2015-04-22 Lindsay Lohan Tells Fans ‘You Are A Donkey'
2015-04-22 Lindsay Lohan Insults Fans with 'Inspirational' Quote
2015-04-22 Ireland Baldwin and 5 Other Celebrities Who Tweeted From Rehab
2015-04-15 Celebrities With Tax Troubles
2015-04-14 Lingerie-Clad Lindsay Lohan Feels Sexiest Naked
2015-04-08 Lindsay Lohan Reveals When She Feels Sexiest
2015-04-08 Lindsay Lohan Says She's "Focused" on Her Career—but Would "Maybe" Date a Businessman
2015-04-07 Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan Share Extreme Beauty Tips
2015-04-06 18 Things That Lasted Longer Than Blonde Kim Kardashian
2015-03-29 Did Lindsay Lohan Just Free the Nipple?
2015-03-27 Lindsay Lohan Is Showing Way Too Much In This Braless Photo, But Is It On Purpose?
2015-03-27 Celebrities Who Have Gone Platinum Blonde
2015-03-23 Top 10 Actors Who Have Played Twins
2015-03-18 Kanye West Used as Racist Remark Cover-Up
2015-03-13 It's Pretty Obvious You Photoshopped Your Butt In This Picture, Lindsay Lohan
2015-03-13 Get Ready For Lindsay Lohan Poor Decision #73829
2015-03-13 Lindsay Lohan -- Baby Got Back ... Courtesy of Photoshop (PHOTO)
2015-03-13 Jamie Dornan's Former Flames
2015-03-03 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Celeb-U-Serve
2015-02-26 Madonna Tumbles Off Stage at Brit Awards
2015-02-26 Shawn Holley: Lindsay Lohan Got A Raw Deal
2015-02-26 Lindsay Lohan Is Back in Trouble with the Judge
2015-02-26 Spiritual Guidance from Deepak Chopra and Lindsey Lohan
2015-02-22 Topless Lindsay Lohan Is Finally Happy
2015-02-20 Lindsay Lohan Got Esurance to Donate $10,000 to a Community Service Org on Her Behalf
2015-02-17 Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart: Are They or Aren't They?
2015-02-10 Lindsay Lohan Gets the Crowd Going Wild at Jimmy Kimmel Appearance
2015-02-04 Lindsay Lohan and Mom Hit Fox With Defamation Lawsuit
2015-02-04 Lindsay and Dina Lohan Sue Fox News for Defamation
2015-02-03 Lindsay and Dina Lohan Sue Fox News Over Cocaine Comments
2015-02-03 Best Super Bowl XLIX 2015 Commercials: Walter White, Loctite & More
2015-02-02 Lindsay Lohan's Latest Gig: Promoting Car Insurance
2015-02-02 LiLo 'Ordered to Prove She Had Chikungunya in Court'
2015-01-29 Dame Judi Dench Wants a Tattoo and More
2015-01-29 Lindsay Lohan Could Be Going to Jail
2015-01-29 Check Out #TBT Lindsay Lohan as a Teenager Growing Up in New York
2015-01-29 Lindsay Lohan Completes Community Service to Narrowly Avoid Jail
2015-01-28 Lindsay Lohan Actually Completed Her Community Service
2015-01-28 Lindsay Lohan Still Hasn't Finished Community Service, Could Be Jailed
2015-01-26 Lindsay Lohan Fails Community Service, Could Be Headed Back to Jail
2015-01-23 Lindsay Lohan Facing Jail For Failing to Complete Community Service
2015-01-23 Lindsay Lohan Hospitalized With Rare and Incurable Illness
2015-01-22 Lindsay Lohan Out of the Hospital After Health Scare: Get the Details