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Now Playing: Lindsay Lohan Finally Pays Up The Thousands She Owed Sex List Drama: Lindsay Lohan Responds To James Franco
2014-08-16 Lindsay Lohan Has The Jitters Ahead Of Her Stage Debut
2014-08-15 Lindsay Lohan Claims Sex List Was an AA Requirement
2014-08-15 Lindsay Lohan's Smoking Is Out Of Control, But So Is That MAJOR Diamond Ring On Her Engagement Finger!
2014-08-08 Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton Reunite
2014-08-05 Hyla from 'Hollywood Today Live' Returns in the Studio
2014-08-03 Rachel McAdams Was in 'Awe' of Lindsay Lohan's Talent
2014-07-22 Celebrities That We'd Like to Send to the Moon
2014-07-20 Lindsay Lohan Wins an Acting Award
2014-07-18 Real Celebrity Ages
2014-07-13 Is Nicole Richie Still Friends with Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan?
2014-07-09 GTA V Angers Lindsay Lohan, 'Apes' Shorts, and More Hollywood Happenings
2014-07-06 Lindsay Lohan Sues Maker Of Grand Theft Auto V
2014-07-04 Lindsay Lohan Suing the Makers of Grand Theft Auto V
2014-07-03 Stars Who Are On Tinder
2014-07-03 Lindsay Lohan Sues Rockstar Over GTA V
2014-07-03 Lindsay Lohan Hits The Decks In London With P Diddy There For Support
2014-06-30 Shia LaBeouf Busted
2014-06-28 Shia LaBeouf Was Busted
2014-06-28 Lindsay Lohan Will Make Her West End Debut
2014-06-27 Adam Levine Explains Lindsay Lohan's Sex List
2014-06-26 Lindsay Lohan's Studded Thigh Highs: Gotta Have Them Or Make Them Stop?
2014-06-20 Lindsay Lohan Could Be Making Her Stage Acting Debut
2014-06-19 Lindsay Lohan Could Be Making Her Stage Acting Debut
2014-06-19 Excerpts Released From James Franco's Short Story About Lindsay Lohan
2014-06-11 James Franco's Story Based On Lindsay Lohan
2014-06-10 Dina Lohan Sentenced In DWI Case; Lindsay's Mom "Happy To Put This Unfortunate Event Behind Her"
2014-06-06 Kate Moss and Sienna Miller Prove Their Style Credentials As They Leave The Chiltern Firehouse
2014-06-06 Noel Gallagher Celebrates His Birthday with the A-Listers
2014-05-30 Lindsay Lohan Parties In Cannes With Her Brother Michael Jr.
2014-05-23 Lindsay Lohan Parties Hard In Cannes
2014-05-22 Lindsay Lohan Blacks Out
2014-05-21 Lindsay Lohan $150,000 Richer and Miscarriage Details Remain Secret
2014-05-20 Lindsay Lohan Scores $150,000 in Lawsuit
2014-05-20 Lindsay Lohan Is Asking Judge to Not Make Her Testify About Her Miscarriage
2014-05-14 Lindsay Lohan Swears About Miscarriage in New Court Docs
2014-05-12 If Oprah Couldn't Save Lindsay Lohan - Elton John Can
2014-05-07 Franco Continues To Deny Sex With Lohan
2014-05-01 Katy Perry and Biggest Celebs On Tinder
2014-04-26 Lindsay Lohan Says Her Last Drink Was "a Long Amount Of Time" Ago, But Admits It Was After Leaving Treatment
2014-04-25 Lindsay Lohan's New Career Trajectory Could Include Teaching Pole Dancing!
2014-04-25 Lindsay Lohan Disses Jennifer Lawrence
2014-04-23 Lindsay Lohan Confesses She's Dating A Married Man With Kids!
2014-04-22 Lindsay Lohan's Miscarriage & Sex List
2014-04-22 Sad News From Lindsay Lohan
2014-04-22 Lindsay Lohan Rep Chooses To Deny One Crucial Tidbit From Her Explosive New Interview (Hint: It Wasn't Sleepin' With Jared Leto!)
2014-04-22 Lindsay Lohan Doing 'Fantastic' After Miscarriage, Say Parents
2014-04-22 Lindsay's Scandal with the Hilton Family
2014-04-21 Behind the Scenes at the Jingle Ball Concert
2014-04-21 Lindsay Makes a Viral Video
2014-04-21 What's Going On with Lindsay's Hair?
2014-04-21 Lindsay: "My Friends Are Allowed to Have Drinks"
2014-04-21 What Lindsay Learned from Filming Her Docuseries
2014-04-21 A Film Producer Comes to Lindsay's Defense
2014-04-21 Will Lindsay Score a Multimillion-Dollar Book Deal?
2014-04-21 Lindsay Lohan: 'I Had A Miscarriage'
2014-04-21 Lindsay Lohan Claims To Have Suffered A Miscarriage While Filming Her OWN Show
2014-04-21 Lindsay Lohan: 'I Had a Miscarriage'
2014-04-21 Lindsay Lohan's Words for the Person Who Leaked Her "Sex List"
2014-04-21 Lindsay Lohan Reveals She Had a Miscarriage
2014-04-21 Lindsay Lohan: 'I Had A Miscarriage'
2014-04-21 Lindsay Lohan Has Been On A Dry Spell & It Was All Her Decision
2014-04-19 Lindsay Lohan Confirms Leaked Sex List Part of AA Recovery
2014-04-18 First Look: Two-Hour Finale of Lindsay
2014-04-17 There Will Be No Season Two For Lindsay Lohan’s OWN Reality Show
2014-04-17 Dina Lohan Pleads Guilty To DUI, Speeding Charges
2014-04-16 Rosie O'Donnell Slams Everything About Lindsay Lohan's Show
2014-04-16 Rosie O'Donnell Slams Lindsay Lohan
2014-04-16 Lindsay Lohan's Friends Play a Dangerous Game Of Dare
2014-04-14 Lindsay Opens Up About Her "Rocky" Childhood
2014-04-14 Lindsay's Elle Indonesia Photo Shoot Ends in Drama
2014-04-14 Paparazzi Disrupt Lindsay's Elle Indonesia Cover Shoot
2014-04-14 Lindsay Lohan Is Blaming Her OWN Reality Show for Her Bad Image?!
2014-04-10 'Mean Girls' 10 Years Later: 10 Facts You Probably Didn't Know
2014-04-10 ‘Late Show’: Oprah Makes Lindsay Lohan Blush, Cry