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2014-12-14 Lindsay Lohan's New Venture: 'My Addiction'
2014-12-04 Lindsay Lohan Rides a Rollercoaster in London
2014-12-03 Love Life Lowdown: Chris Pine
2014-12-02 Ex-'Housewives' Star Aviva Drescher -- Makes Promises Hollower Than Her Left Leg ... Scorned Agent Claims
2014-11-29 12 Girls Zac Efron Has 'Dated'
2014-11-27 Dina Lohan Claims Michael May Have Faked His Wedding
2014-11-26 Lindsay Lohan Despises Emma Stone: ‘She Gets Offered My Roles’
2014-11-23 Lindsay Lohan Gropes Herself, Flaunts Major Cleavage in Leather Bustier
2014-11-08 Lindsay Lohan Moving Back to NYC After London Play Flop
2014-11-07 Lindsay Lohan Moving Back to NYC After London Play Flop
2014-11-07 Lindsay Lohan's Probation Has Been Ended By A Judge
2014-11-07 Lindsay Lohan's Probation Ends in Necklace Theft Case--But She's Not in the Clear Just Yet
2014-11-07 Is Tom Cruise Dating Miranda Kerr?
2014-11-03 Celebrities Get Spooky for Kate Hudson's Halloween Party
2014-10-31 Lindsay Lohan Denies Rumors That She Is Secretly Dating Tom Cruise
2014-10-31 Lindsay Lohan Cancels Performances Of London Play
2014-10-30 Lindsay Lohan Denies Rumours That She's Chasing Prince Harry
2014-10-23 Top 10 'Mean Girls' Quotes
2014-10-06 Friday's Showbiz News: Lindsay Lohan's West End Debut Review and More
2014-10-05 Lindsay Lohan’s Getting a New Step-Mom & Another Half-Sibling
2014-10-05 Lohan Comes Out Smiles In London 'Speed-the-Plow' Revival
2014-10-03 Critics Mixed but Fans Happy with Lindsay Lohan's West End Debut
2014-10-03 Lindsay Lohan Forgets Lines In London West End Debut, Draws Mixed Reviews
2014-10-03 Lindsay Lohan Makes a Hairy Exit in London
2014-10-02 Top 10 Celebrity Falls from Grace
2014-10-02 Musicals We'd Like to See
2014-09-29 Lindsay Lohan Makes Her Stage Debut To Mixed Reviews
2014-09-25 Lindsay Lohan Bombs In Theatrical Debut
2014-09-25 Lindsay Lohan Vows To "Harass" Tina Fey To Write A Mean Girls Sequel About "Cheating" Housewives
2014-09-25 Lindsay Lohan Forgets Lines During West End Debut
2014-09-25 James Franco Blasts Lindsay Lohan In A Poem
2014-09-23 Ingrid Nilsen Takes Us Back to 2003
2014-09-10 Lindsay Lohan -- Accused Of Stealing 'Virtual Closet' App
2014-09-08 Stars React to Robin Williams Tragedy
2014-09-01 'Mean Girls' Cast: Where Are They Now?
2014-08-24 Lindsay Lohan's Credit Card Gets Denied in the Hamptons
2014-08-21 Lindsay Lohan, Drake, Sarah Jessica Parker And Channing Tatum Accept The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
2014-08-21 Sex List Drama: Lindsay Lohan Responds To James Franco
2014-08-16 Lindsay Lohan Has The Jitters Ahead Of Her Stage Debut
2014-08-15 Lindsay Lohan Claims Sex List Was an AA Requirement
2014-08-15 Lindsay Lohan's Smoking Is Out Of Control, But So Is That MAJOR Diamond Ring On Her Engagement Finger!
2014-08-08 Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton Reunite
2014-08-05 Hyla from 'Hollywood Today Live' Returns in the Studio
2014-08-03 Rachel McAdams Was in 'Awe' of Lindsay Lohan's Talent
2014-07-22 Celebrities That We'd Like to Send to the Moon
2014-07-20 Lindsay Lohan Wins an Acting Award
2014-07-18 Real Celebrity Ages
2014-07-13 Is Nicole Richie Still Friends with Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan?
2014-07-09 GTA V Angers Lindsay Lohan, 'Apes' Shorts, and More Hollywood Happenings
2014-07-06 Lindsay Lohan Sues Maker Of Grand Theft Auto V
2014-07-04 Lindsay Lohan Suing the Makers of Grand Theft Auto V
2014-07-03 Stars Who Are On Tinder
2014-07-03 Lindsay Lohan Sues Rockstar Over GTA V
2014-07-03 Lindsay Lohan Hits The Decks In London With P Diddy There For Support
2014-06-30 Shia LaBeouf Busted
2014-06-28 Shia LaBeouf Was Busted
2014-06-28 Lindsay Lohan Will Make Her West End Debut
2014-06-27 Adam Levine Explains Lindsay Lohan's Sex List
2014-06-26 Lindsay Lohan's Studded Thigh Highs: Gotta Have Them Or Make Them Stop?
2014-06-20 Lindsay Lohan Could Be Making Her Stage Acting Debut
2014-06-19 Lindsay Lohan Could Be Making Her Stage Acting Debut
2014-06-19 Excerpts Released From James Franco's Short Story About Lindsay Lohan
2014-06-11 James Franco's Story Based On Lindsay Lohan
2014-06-10 Dina Lohan Sentenced In DWI Case; Lindsay's Mom "Happy To Put This Unfortunate Event Behind Her"
2014-06-06 Kate Moss and Sienna Miller Prove Their Style Credentials As They Leave The Chiltern Firehouse
2014-06-06 Noel Gallagher Celebrates His Birthday with the A-Listers
2014-05-30 Lindsay Lohan Parties In Cannes With Her Brother Michael Jr.
2014-05-23 Lindsay Lohan Parties Hard In Cannes
2014-05-22 Lindsay Lohan Blacks Out
2014-05-21 Lindsay Lohan $150,000 Richer and Miscarriage Details Remain Secret
2014-05-20 Lindsay Lohan Scores $150,000 in Lawsuit
2014-05-20 Lindsay Lohan Is Asking Judge to Not Make Her Testify About Her Miscarriage
2014-05-14 Lindsay Lohan Swears About Miscarriage in New Court Docs
2014-05-12 If Oprah Couldn't Save Lindsay Lohan - Elton John Can


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