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2015-10-05 Blake Lively Shuts Down Lifestyle Website
2015-10-01 Blake Lively Has Given Birth!
2015-09-24 Ryan Reynolds Jokes He's 'Lost All Cool' Since Becoming 'The Dad Guy'
2015-09-22 Ryan Reynolds Says a Lifelong Friend Tried to Sell Pictures of His Daughter
2015-09-22 Ryan Reynolds Admits Daughter James Calls Him Mama
2015-09-22 Watch Ryan Reynolds Try to Build an IKEA Crib
2015-09-21 Making a Scene S2:E2 | Gossip Gal
2015-09-16 Blake Lively Celebrates Friend's Book Release
2015-09-15 The Best Films of 2015 So Far
2015-08-12 Mindy Kaling: Everyone Can Look Like Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively
2015-08-08 Ed Westwick Dishes On The Text He Sent Blake Lively After Birth
2015-08-05 Blake Lively, Bruce Willis Confirmed for Woody Allen's Next Film
2015-08-05 Blake Lively and Kristen Stewart Join New Woody Allen Film
2015-08-05 Ryan Reynolds Reveals His Daughter James' First Word
2015-08-05 Ryan Reynolds Jokes About Baby James's With Conan
2015-08-05 Blake Lively Breastfeeds Daughter in a Bikini, Posts Pic on Instagram
2015-07-22 Blake Lively Posts 'Perks of Breastfeeding' Bikini Shot
2015-07-17 Ryan Reynolds Worries His Daughter's First Word Will Be The F Word!
2015-07-14 Ryan Reynolds on Helen Mirren
2015-07-09 Ryan Reynolds Doubts He Can Co-Star With Blake Lively
2015-07-09 Ryan Reynolds Calls His Wife Blake Lively the “Beyonce of Red Carpets”
2015-07-09 Ryan Reynolds Reveals What Scares Him Out About Parenthood
2015-07-07 Ryan Reynolds Is Hot Dad As He Promotes Self-Less
2015-07-07 Ryan Reynolds Develops New Fatherhood Fear
2015-07-07 "LIVE with Kelly and Michael": Ryan Reynolds Baby
2015-07-07 Celebrate Canada Day With Hollywood's Canadian Stars
2015-07-01 Justin Timberlake and David Beckham Share Father's Day Photos
2015-06-22 Celebs Share Adorable Father's Day Pics on Instagram
2015-06-22 The Hottest Celebrity Lifestyle Gurus
2015-06-19 The Best of Blake Lively
2015-06-19 Happy Father's Day to Hollywood's First-Time Dads
2015-06-16 Who Said That: 'The Age of Adaline'
2015-06-04 Beyoncé And Blake Lively Work The Dark Sheer Trend
2015-06-01 Blake Lively Shares First Fashion Design and More
2015-05-29 Blake Lively Was Positively Giddy in Her First Appearance on Letterman in 2008
2015-05-20 Ryan Reynolds Shares First Picture of Baby James
2015-05-15 Ryan Reynolds Finally Shares First Photo of Baby James
2015-05-15 Ryan Reynolds Joins Instagram! See the Hunky Star's First Photo From Upcoming Movie Deadpool
2015-05-12 Celebrity Closeup: Blake Lively
2015-05-12 The Box Office Top 5
2015-05-12 How The Stars Celebrated Their First Mother's Day
2015-05-11 Happy Mother's Day To Hollywood's First Time Moms
2015-05-08 Could Blake Lively Be Woody Allen's New Muse?
2015-05-07 Reese Witherspoon Launches Southern Charm Lifestyle Site
2015-05-06 Blake Lively Wants to Go to Harvard Business School!
2015-05-01 2015 Met Gala: Insider Scoop on Fashion's Biggest Night!
2015-05-01 Blake Lively Sets Her Sights on Havard
2015-04-30 Top 10 Hottest Blondes: Modern
2015-04-29 Blake Lively Posts Steamy Shirtless Pic of Hubby Ryan Reynolds
2015-04-29 Blake Lively Says She Can't Wait to Get Older
2015-04-29 Blake Lively Posts Shirtless Pic of Husband Ryan Reynolds
2015-04-28 Ticket or Skip It: 'The Age of Adaline'
2015-04-26 Blake Lively Breastfed Daughter During Recent Interview
2015-04-25 Blake Lively Embarrassed by President Obama Encounter
2015-04-25 Blake Lively Shares the Secret to Her Slim Post Baby Body
2015-04-23 Blake Lively Embarrasses Herself in Front of President Obama, Asks Him to Leave Ryan Reynolds a Second Voicemail
2015-04-23 Blake Lively Continues High Fashion Parade in NYC
2015-04-23 Weekend Watchlist: 'Age of Adaline,' 'The Water Diviner,' 'Adult Beginners'
2015-04-23 Blake Lively, Olivia Wilde & More Rock Pantsuits For Spring
2015-04-23 'Age of Adaline' Cast Dishes on Blake Lively's Unique Role
2015-04-22 Why Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Fight Over Their Baby
2015-04-22 Blake Lively's Hair Steals Spotlight in 'Age of Adeline'
2015-04-21 Blake Lively Jokes That Ryan Reynolds "Smells Like Poop," Says Their Daughter James "Looks Like Her Daddy"
2015-04-21 'Timeless Beauty' Blake Lively Stuns on The Age of Adaline Red Carpet
2015-04-20 Blake Lively on Baby James
2015-04-15 Ryan Reynolds Is Uninjured After Being Hit by a Car in Canada
2015-04-14 Blake Lively Shows Off Amazing Post-Baby Body, Talks Her ‘Huge and Awesome' Boobs
2015-04-14 Blake Lively Reveals Gossip Girl Felt
2015-04-14 Blake Lively Reveals Why She Kept Baby James' Name A Secret
2015-04-14 Ryan Reynolds ''Obsessed'' With Game of Thrones, Jokes Wife Blake Lively
2015-04-14 Ryan Reynolds Is a Victim of Paparazzo Hit-and-Run
2015-04-13 Ryan Reynolds Hit by Car in Reported Hit-and-Run in Vancouver
2015-04-13 Inside Secret Celebrity Weddings
2015-04-10 "Sisterhood" Cast Serve As Godmothers for Blake Lively's Baby