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USA Picks Up 'Motive' Beginning With Unaired Season 3

3/27/2016 2:12pm EDT
USA Picks Up 'Motive' Beginning With Unaired Season 3
USA is the new American broadcaster for the Canadian crime drama Motive, and will begin by screening the third season that has never before been seen in the United States. Season 3 premieres on USA on Friday, Apr. 1 at 10 p.m.

Motive stars Kristin Lehman (The Killing) as Detective Angie Flynn in a cop show with a twist: it reveals the killer and the victim at the start of every episode, leaving audiences to watch Angie and her team connect the dots - and uncover the motive behind each crime.

ABC broadcast the first two seasons of Motive, then unceremoniously dropped the show citing low ra...

'Motive' Recap And Review: 'A Bullet For Joey' - Brotherly Murder

8/14/2014 10:02am EDT
'Motive' Recap And Review: 'A Bullet For Joey' - Brotherly Murde
We don't have to tell you who the victim is this time, do we? But when the killer seems to be completely unrelated, it makes for an interesting investigation for Detectives Flynn and Vega in this week's episode of Motive.

Joey Dunkamp's corpse is found in his car, placed there postmortem according to Betty. Cut to his murderer, Donnie Kovach, washing the blood off his hands in the bathroom of the body shop he co-owns with his two brothers, talking about how the family needs to "protect our own." Might he be referring to something done to the brothers' kid sister, Erin, who's just come home...

'Motive' Recap And Review: 'Angels With Dirty Faces' - Murder In Two Tries

7/17/2014 10:05am EDT
'Motive' Recap And Review: 'Angels With Dirty Faces' - Murder In
Motive is always good at taking obvious stories and busting them open. This week's episode, "Angels With Dirty Faces," is a prime example of that. Angie and Oscar stumble on what seems like the worst date ever and find out that the problem is much closer to home.

James Dent was living high on his mother's money, until he ended up braindead. The person responsible is his mother's nurse, Peter Ward (Paul Campbell). Angie and Oscar arrive just as James is being taken into an ambulance, having been found handcuffed to a chair with a belt around his neck. It seems like a pretty open-and-shut ca...

'Motive' Recap And Review: 'Pitfall' - The Compassionate Killer

7/10/2014 10:02am EDT
'Motive' Recap And Review: 'Pitfall' - The Compassionate Killer
This week's Motive is one of the best of the season, because it expertly mixes the cocktail of everything that makes this show a sleeper hit: plotlines that are entertaining, expertly cast with tremendous character actors who blend seamlessly into the story, and those little scenes of development amongst the main ensemble that keep us wanting to spend more time with them. It all works well in "Pitfall," which tugs at the heartstrings from beginning to end.

At an accident scene, it's up to paramedic Stuart Fletcher (Callum Keith Rennie, who's so awesome he even made The Firm cool) to save a...

Kristin Lehman Returns In Season Two Of ABC's 'Motive'

5/21/2014 12:15pm EDT
Kristin Lehman Returns In Season Two Of ABC's 'Motive'
One of Canada's best crime dramas is back for another season, and Motive is shaking things up a bit for its sophomore cycle. After a wonderful chat with us before season one, star Kristin Lehman - who plays the fearless Detective Angie Flynn - rejoined BFTV last week to talk about what's different in season two.

Would she say that the series went through any significant changes between seasons, or are we about to see pretty much the same show we fell in love with? "It's hard for me to say, because I end up adapting to what's in front of me. But I think it's a little bit of both of those th...

Is ABC’s ‘Motive’ the New ‘Columbo’? Heck, yes.

8/28/2013 8:30pm EDT
I am totally digging the CTV Canadian import, ‘Motive’ on ABC whose season finale airs this week. ‘Motive’ follows lead detective Angie Flynn (Kristin Lehman), her partner Oscar Vega (Louis Ferreira), their newbie detective Brian (Brendan Penny), and their forensic scientist Betty (Lauren Holly) as they attempt to solve that week’s murder mystery. Like any procedural, we see the crime and victim by opening credits. Unlike most procedurals, we know the killer early on. As each episode progresses, we watch the motive team solve the case and learn what drove the killer to murder.

Although she...

Kristin Lehman Leads A Killer Show In ABC's 'Motive'

7/11/2013 12:14pm EDT
She's charismatic, she's beautiful, and now she's stopping killers. Kristin Lehman stars as Detective Angie Flynn in the Canadian 'whydunit' cop drama Motive, which airs stateside on ABC. BFTV recently caught up with the talented actress to get some clues about tonight's new episode, "Public Enemy," and chat about the highlights of her extensive TV career.

"It's really one of my personal favorites," she revealed. "Molly Parker, who of course your readers will know from Deadwood and The Firm and all kinds of other things, she guest stars in this episode and it's so good."

In addition to th...

Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Peter Gallagher & More To Star In Lifetime Miniseries 'The Gathering'

7/5/2007 1:24pm EDT
Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Peter Gallagher ("The O.C."), Jamie-Lynn Sigler ("The Sopranos"), Kristin Lehmann ("Prison Break"), Jenna Boyd ("Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants") and two-time Academy Award nominee Peter Fonda star in the chilling new Lifetime original miniseries, "The Gathering."

The two-part, four-hour drama that will air in October follows the story of Michael Foster (Gallagher), a doctor in search of his wife, Ann (Lehman), after she vanishes without a trace. Without any logical explanations for her disappearance, Michael's search leads him to dark and sinister findings, including the existence...