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Ashley Leggat This is what I do in my spare time.

Wednesday 9th of July 2014 06:34:12 PM
Ashley Leggat Happy Birthday to my soul sister/roomie @acleva. Thanks for making my life a non stop laugh. I am so lucky that you're not only my best friend, but sister too. Xoxo

Tuesday 8th of July 2014 11:54:30 AM
Ashley Leggat Happy 2nd Birthday to my mini me. I lovelovelove you!

Saturday 5th of July 2014 07:14:54 PM
Ashley Leggat This love is like woah

Friday 4th of July 2014 10:30:04 PM
Ashley Leggat Lone rangers

Thursday 3rd of July 2014 06:02:17 PM
Ashley Leggat The very best part of me, is you.

Wednesday 2nd of July 2014 05:39:43 PM
Ashley Leggat Happy 3rd Anniversary @robleggat9 and @kristy_leggat! I love you both so much. Keep making gorgeous babies. Xo

Wednesday 2nd of July 2014 11:27:40 AM
Ashley Leggat <3

Tuesday 1st of July 2014 06:32:21 PM
Ashley Leggat Happy Canada Day

Tuesday 1st of July 2014 01:30:54 PM
Ashley Leggat Yum

Monday 30th of June 2014 10:18:34 PM
Ashley Leggat This broad though.. <3 #PHO

Monday 30th of June 2014 07:52:59 PM
Ashley Leggat Home for the next week. #PHO

Sunday 22nd of June 2014 01:07:49 PM
Ashley Leggat Everyone meet Hercules Leggat. We get to pick this 6 year old cutie up tomorrow! #Rescue #Pug

Thursday 19th of June 2014 06:04:45 PM
Ashley Leggat So hard to say goodbye to one of the greatest cats in the world. Thanks for 19 years of love and joy. I will miss you :(

Wednesday 18th of June 2014 11:14:11 AM
Ashley Leggat Happy Father's Day to my wonderful dad. We are so lucky to have you in our lives! #CowboyRoy.

Sunday 15th of June 2014 11:36:03 AM
Ashley Leggat Blue skies and sunshine ☀

Saturday 14th of June 2014 08:10:26 PM
Ashley Leggat At the screening of #Wolfcop. SO funny, go see it!!!

Friday 13th of June 2014 08:34:15 PM
Ashley Leggat #tb to last year's Hello Canada party

Thursday 12th of June 2014 02:49:10 PM
Ashley Leggat We are in trouble....

Tuesday 10th of June 2014 06:54:37 PM
Ashley Leggat Sbohem Czech ❤

Monday 9th of June 2014 06:15:43 PM

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