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Birth Name: Kelly LeBrock

Despite her thick English accent, actress/model Kelly LeBrock was actually born in New York City and sent to a Montreal boarding school to become fluent in French before moving to Great Britain, where she split time being raised in London and Sussex.

Born on March 24, 1960, Kelly began modeling at age 16, when she returned to New York to find work. She appeared on numerous magazine covers and worked for Christian Dior.

Kelly began acting in 1984, when she starred opposite Gene Wilder in "The Woman In Red." That same year she married the film's producer, Victor Drai, but their marriage ended in 1986. The role that made her a household name though, was that of Lisa in John Hughes' teen comedy Weird Science, in which two high school geeks create the ultimate fantasy woman. Soon she was all over peoples' television sets, starring in the first campaign for Pantene shampoo in the late 1980s. Her tagline, "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful," became the subject of ridicule but also helped make the brand successful.

LeBrock married again in 1987, this time to action star Steven Seagal; and she starred with her husband in 1990's "Hard To Kill." The couple have three children together, Annaliza (born 1987), Dominic (1993) and Arissa (1993). They divorced in 1996. After the death of her brother Harold in 2008, Kelly now devotes much of her time to philanthropy. She is the spokesperson for Club Carson, a group devoted to children suffering from cancer.

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