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2015-05-06 Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson Reveal Their Dream Jobs
2015-05-05 Anna Kendrick's Surprising (and Brilliant) Shower Thoughts
2015-05-05 Elizabeth Banks Takes Director's Chair in
2015-05-04 Elizabeth Banks Takes Director's Chair in "Pitch Perfect 2"
2015-05-04 'Pitch Perfect 2': Dsm Confronts The Bellas Clip
2015-05-02 'Pitch Perfect 2': Featurette - A Look Inside
2015-04-22 'Pitch Perfect 2': Featurette - The Global 'Cups' Phenomenon
2015-04-21 'Pitch Perfect 2' Trailer
2015-04-21 'Pitch Perfect 2': MovieBites
2015-04-18 John Krasinski Rocks a Sparkly Dress for 'Lip Sync Battle'
2015-04-17 'Pitch Perfect 2': Riff Off 90S Hip Hop Jamz Clip
2015-04-16 Anna Kendrick Muses About GoT's Flaunting of Daario's Manhood
2015-04-15 Anna Kendrick Fed Up with Lack of Male Nudity on 'Game of Thrones'
2015-04-15 Olivia Munn Welcomed To ‘X-Men' Franchise
2015-04-14 Barden Bellas Destroy the Competition in New Pitch Perfect 2 Clip
2015-04-13 What to Expect at the MTV Movie Awards
2015-04-09 Anna Kendrick Joins Zac Efron in Romantic Comedy
2015-04-03 Anna Kendrick and Zac Efron to Star in Your New Favorite Comedy
2015-04-02 Anna Kendrick Follows Her Animal Instinct
2015-03-30 ‘Into The Woods': Anna Kendrick Behind the Scenes
2015-03-25 'The Last Five Years': MovieBites Anna Kendrick on The Last Five Years
2015-03-21 Jennifer Lopez on Surprise 'Lip Sync Battle' Appearance with Anna Kendrick
2015-03-20 Jennifer Lopez Talks Potential 'Empire' Cameo: I'd Want to Be Cookie's Friend!
2015-03-20 Kendrick, Krasinski Shine in 'Lip Sync Battle' Trailer
2015-03-19 From Hilary Duff to Brandy: The Top 7 Cinderella Movies
2015-03-13 How to Date a Super Hot Girl
2015-02-27 Anna Kendrick Wears Gorgeous Peekaboo Coral Gown at the 2015 Oscars, Proves She's a Real-Life Princess
2015-02-23 Best Moments: Neil Patrick Harris' 2015 Oscars Monologue
2015-02-23 Neil Patrick Harris & Anna Kendrick Opening Oscars Monologue 2015 Highlight
2015-02-23 6 Best Presenter Moments 2015 Oscars - Jennifer Lopez, Kevin Hart, John Tra
2015-02-23 Best & Worst Dressed Oscars 2015
2015-02-23 Oscars 2015: Neil Patrick Harris Best and Worst Hosting Moments
2015-02-23 Everything BUILD with Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi
2015-02-20 Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi Are Big Vampire Fans
2015-02-20 100% Scripted, 95% Improvised
2015-02-20 'The Last Five Years:' From Stage to Set
2015-02-20 NYC's Leading Role in 'The Last Five Years'
2015-02-20 Jeremy Jordan's Impressive Singing Skills
2015-02-20 'Pitch Perfect 2' Trailer 2
2015-02-12 Watch Conan O'Brien and Anna Kendrick's Funny Musical Number
2015-02-12 Anna Kendrick Is a Shiksa Goddess, Jumps Into Bed With Smash Hottie Jeremy Jordan
2015-02-12 The Last Five Years' Film Clip
2015-02-12 Anna Kendrick Bags Oscars Gig
2015-02-10 Anna Kendrick Will Be Performing at the 2015 Oscars
2015-02-10 Grammy Awards 2015: Best and Worst Fashion
2015-02-09 Anna Kendrick's Musical New Movie
2015-02-06 Watch Anna Kendrick Try to Get Ryan Reynolds to Go Home With Her
2015-02-05 Joe Swanberg's Amazing New Definition of a Superhero Movie
2015-02-01 11 Celebrity Twitters You Must Follow
2015-02-01 Amy Schumer Has Very Awkward Visit With Anna Kendrick in MTV Movie Awards Promo
2015-01-31 'Digging for Fire' Cast Describes Joe Swanberg's Set as Party - Part 1
2015-01-28 'Digging for Fire' Cast Describes Joe Swanberg's Set as Party - Part 2
2015-01-28 'The Voices' Trailer
2015-01-28 Richard Roeper's Review of 'Cake' 2014
2015-01-25 Awards Season: Best Dressed Celebrities So Far
2015-01-19 Anna Kendrick on Nerdy Communities and Staying True
2015-01-14 Who Were the Best and Worst Dressed Stars at the Golden Globes?
2015-01-13 Red Carpet Fashion at the 72nd Golden Globes
2015-01-12 Ryan Reynold Talks to Decapitated Heads in 'The Voices'
2015-01-09 'Into The Woods': Exclusive UK Premiere Report
2015-01-08 Anna Kendrick Piping and Blasting
2015-01-08 'Into the Woods': Anna Kendrick, James Corden & Rob Marshall Interview
2015-01-07 Anna Kendrick Says That If It Wasn't For Weirdos, She'd Have No Career
2015-01-06 Anna Kendrick Tweets the Funniest Things
2015-01-04 Blake Lively Was Awesome, Even in High School
2014-12-26 Star-Studded Cast Reflects on Challenge of Adapting Sondheim
2014-12-24 Anna Kendrick Spills the Beans on 'Into the Woods' Co-Stars
2014-12-24 Into the Woods Star Anna Kendrick Plays Cinder-Tell-A With Andy Cohen, Dishes on Co-Stars--Watch Now!
2014-12-24 Meryl Streep and Ellen DeGeneres Recreate Oscars Selfie!
2014-12-23 'Into the Woods' Cast Pushes Their Singing Limits
2014-12-22 Rebel Wilson: Pitch Perfect 2 Will 'Please Fans'
2014-12-22 Richard Roeper Reviews 'Into the Woods'
2014-12-21 Kevin Jonas, Beyonce and Anna Kendrick Get Into The Holiday Spirit
2014-12-20 'Into The Woods': I Don't Like That Woman Clip