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'The Office' Recap: 'The Seminar'

1/29/2011 8:03am EST
In ‘The Seminar’ we are treated to glorious one-liners and even memorable soliloquies, as well as the much-hyped Ricky Gervais cameo and a hilarious, if not gratuitous, Kevin barfing scene.

Let’s start with the opening tag: Michael runs into David Brendt near the elevator. What the hell David Brent is doing in Scranton we don’t find out, but he’s clearly the same old guy, making politically incorrect impressions and all. I’m intrigued by his query of job openings. Obviously, this is a wink to Steve Carell’s departure, but could Gervais be more involved than we think? (Probably not, but...

'The Office' Recap: 'Ultimatum'

1/22/2011 8:10pm EST
Amy Ryan
After the holiday break, everyone’s wondering whatever came of Holly’s ultimatum with A.J. Michael has a “happy box” and a “sad box” ready (thanks to Erin), both of which contain various items, from scotch to gummy bears. “Jan. 3, 2011,” Michael declares, “A day that will live in-famously.”

Holly waltzes into the office, probably aware of the pressure on her, with thick gloves to cover her ring finger. It is soon revealed, however, that she just didn’t think it was fair to give A.J. an ultimatum – so things are just status quo. Michael is deliriously happy until he realizes Holly and A...

'The Office' Recap: 'Classic Christmas'

12/10/2010 9:44pm EST
Steve Carell
Now this is the holiday episode we’ve been waiting for. Party planning committee axed? Check. Holly back in Michael’s life? Check. A snowball fight of epic proportions? Check. Creed presented with deodorant? Check.

‘Classic Christmas’ is notable for the return of Holly Flax (the indispensable Amy Ryan) after Toby is called for jury duty on the Scranton Strangler case. (Isn’t he so proud to be part of such a morbid matter?) Michael is pleasantly shocked to hear the news, and abruptly cancels the office Christmas party so that Holly can have an appropriate holiday greeting – complet...

'The Office' Recap: ''

11/20/2010 11:41am EST
Gabe (Zach Woods)
This was one of the weakest ‘Office’ episodes of the season. The plot dragged and the writing wasn’t that great. Still, a mediocre episode of ‘The Office’ is still quite entertaining.

The opening tag is kind of a throwaway, leading up to the joke: a few years ago, the IT guy made the default server password “big boobz.” Uh huh.

This episode centers around Ryan, which is perhaps why it seems weak. It seems Ryan has come up with, a device that will allow you to send someone a message simultaneously by phone, cell phone, email, Facebook, Twitter and home screen. He nabs severa...

'The Office' Recap: 'Viewing Party'

11/12/2010 10:46pm EST
Ellie Kemper as Erin
‘Viewing Party’ was perhaps the funniest episode of ‘The Office’ in a while – not necessarily because the plot was brilliant, but because there were so many good lines and performances. Clearly the writers know the actors' strengths, inside and out, at this point.

The opening tag – where everyone’s watching images of The Scranton Strangler chase on TV – was average. But once Erin and Gabe invited the whole crew over to Gabe’s place for a ‘Glee’ viewing party, the laughs really picked up.

Where to begin? Michael, surprisingly, is a self-declared Gleek: “ You know who my favorite charact...

'The Office' Recap: 'Sex Ed'

10/15/2010 7:12pm EDT
Michael Scott
Dwight: “You need to contact every woman you’ve ever been with and notify them of your infestation of herpes. It’s the right thing to do.” That about sums up “Sex Ed.” Simple and silly.

The opening tag – featuring Dwight luring immigrant workers by courting, “Necessito un bueno worker!” falls flat. Dwight’s creepiness is usually funny, but in this instance, his partnership with Moz to fool illegal aliens and not pay them is just… uh, creepy? And not funny…

Back at the office, Michael saunters in with upper lip hair that would put Harry Houdini to shame. It’s soon revealed, however, ...