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2015-05-12 'Castle': Beckett's Career Crossroads
2015-05-12 'Castle': Castle Fights for His Life
2015-05-12 'Castle': Castle Owes It All to Beckett
2015-05-12 'Castle': Kate Beckett for State Senate?
2015-05-12 'Castle': A Beckett Impersonation
2015-05-05 'Castle': Beckett's Badass Takedown
2015-05-05 'Castle': Carly Rae Jepsen Sings "I Really Like You"
2015-05-05 'Castle': Castle and Beckett Finally Know the Truth
2015-04-21 'Castle': Ryan and Esposito Get Lucky
2015-03-31 'Castle': Castle Gives Up Performing for Beckett
2015-03-31 'Castle': Castle and Beckett Flirt with the Law
2015-03-31 'Castle': Beckett Recognizes the Victim
2015-03-31 'Castle': Beckett Has Stage Fright
2015-03-31 'Castle': Is Castle a One Direction Fan?
2015-03-24 'Castle': Ryan Arrests the Shooter
2015-03-24 'Castle': Beckett's Confidence Is Back
2015-03-17 'Castle': Inspector Zhang Isn't Perfect
2015-03-17 'Castle': Castle Doesn't Need Ryan's Marriage Advice
2015-03-17 'Castle': Beckett Realizes She's Insecure
2015-03-17 'Castle': Castle and Beckett: Abducted by Aliens?
2015-02-24 'Castle': Beckett to the Future
2015-02-24 'Castle': Caskett Needs to Get a Room
2015-02-24 'Castle': Castle Meets the Best Case Ever
2015-02-24 'Castle': Martha Announces She's Moving Out
2015-02-24 'Castle': Castle Runs Around in a Space Suit
2015-02-24 'Castle': Castle and Beckett Love Each Other
2015-02-17 'Castle': Castle Doen't Believe 3XK Is Really Dead
2015-02-10 'Castle': Castle Is Arrested for Murder
2015-02-10 'Castle': Castle Faces the Real Triple Killer
2015-02-10 'Castle': Caskett Babies Coming Soon?
2015-02-10 'Castle': Tyson and Nieman Took Beckett
2015-02-10 'Castle': Sneak Peek: Jerry Tyson?
2015-02-06 'Castle': Castle Is Rethinking Being a P.I.
2015-02-03 'Castle': Beckett Calls Castle Cocky
2015-02-03 'Castle': Caskett Agrees Naps Are Good
2015-02-03 'Castle': The Telenovela Mesmerizes Esposito
2015-01-21 'Castle': Everyone Is Getting Satisfied Today
2015-01-21 'Castle': Castle Asks for a Favor in Bed
2015-01-21 'Castle': Sneak Peek: Beckett Talks Dirty
2015-01-20 'Castle': Castle Is One Savvy P.I.
2015-01-13 'Castle': The Morning After Caskett's Wild Night
2015-01-13 'Castle': Drinking Wine and Breaking Rules
2015-01-13 'Castle': Caskett's Work Chemistry Is Dangerous
2015-01-13 'Castle': Beckett Is Proud of Her P.I.
2015-01-13 Check Out Who Won at the 2015 People's Choice Awards
2015-01-08 'Castle': Castle's Punishment and Beckett's Poem
2014-12-09 'Castle': Kate Says Goodbye to Her Apartment
2014-12-02 'Castle': It's Ryan Time
2014-12-02 'Castle': Castle's Comment Bothered Beckett
2014-12-02 'Castle': The Indestructibles Execute Their Plan
2014-12-02 'Castle': Sneak Peek: Hidden Treasure
2014-11-15 'Castle': Castle Takes a Bullet for Kate
2014-11-11 'Castle': Castle and Beckett's Wedding Ceremony
2014-11-11 'Castle': Castle Gives a Heartfelt Goodbye
2014-10-21 'Castle': Sneak Peek: Can Castle Handle It?
2014-10-18 'Castle' Season 7 Episode 2 Clip: We Should Get Married Tomorrow
2014-10-15 'Castle': Kate Watches Castle's Goodbye Video
2014-10-13 Stana Katic Photo Shoot Behind the Scenes
2014-08-31 Peoples Choice Award Winners and Sexy Fashions
2014-01-11 What to Expect on the New 'American Horror Story: Coven'
2013-10-15 A Stunning Malin Akerman Lights Up The Premiere of CBGB
2013-10-03 'Castle' Sneak Peek: 'Need To Know'
2013-10-03 'CBGB' Premieres in LA
2013-10-02 'Castle': Lisa Edelstein On Her 'Fun' Season 6 Arc And Playing Beckett's Mentor
2013-09-23 Big Sur- Trailer No. 1
2013-09-18 A Paparazzi View Of The "Elysium" Premiere Red Carpet
2013-08-11 'Castle' 100th Episode Exclusive Sneak Peek
2013-04-01 'Castle' Exclusive Preview: 'Under the Influence'
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