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Ashley Judd Reveals Her Secret To Sexy Washboard Abs At 47

8/19/2015 1:05am EDT
Ashley Judd Abs: Ashley Credits Zumba For Her Awe-Inspiring Wash
Ashley Judd’s got abs. But not just any abs- she’s got Zumba abs. According to Entertainment Tonight, the 2015 Zumba Convention Kick-Off Session began in Orlando, Florida. And Ashley was the keynote speaker! Apparently, not only does Zumba have its own convention, it’s a big enough convention to have keynote speakers (and for those keynote speakers to be Ashley Judd).

Ashley even Zumba’d along with an instructor, Laura Boyd, onstage at the convention. Clearly, she’s a big Zumba junkie.

And she’s been a Zumba junkie for quite a while, it seems. Ashley’s been pretty active about her Zumba l...

Best & Worst Fashion From The CFDA Awards

6/2/2015 2:55pm EDT
Best And Worst Dressed At The 2015 CFDA Awards Include Gigi Hadi
The stars were out on Monday night for this year's annual Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Awards, held at Alice Tully Hall in New York City's Lincoln Center.

Celebs, models and fashion designers alike took to the red and white carpet prior to the night's ceremony, showing off in some pretty amazing outfits.

Supermodel Gigi Hadid, 20, sizzled in a silver and bronze Michael Kors jumpsuit, while sister Bella, 18 looked amazing in a black evening gown.

Model Karlie Kloss took the plunge in a red and black polka dot gown by Diane von Furstenberg, while actress January Jones bro...

Ashley Judd Going After Online Bullies

3/17/2015 7:35pm EDT
Ashley Judd
Ashley Judd is planning to press charges against all of the people who sent abusive threats to her via Twitter following Sunday's Southeastern Conference Championship (SEC) game between the Kentucky Wildcats and the Arkansas Razorbacks basketball teams.

Judd, who accused some members of the Arkansas squad of "playing dirty" in a tweet she posted during the game on Sunday, was blasted on Twitter after making her comment, and she's planning on taking legal action against the online bullies.

The Kentucky native was called all sorts of nasty names and threatened with sexual violence following...

Who Is Ashley Judd Sharing This Awkward Kiss With?

3/17/2015 8:43am EDT
Why Was Ashley Judd Caught In An Awkward And Sloppy Kiss With Di
When Ashely Judd went to see the SEC Championship game on Sunday, she was probably expecting to see some basketball.

She was probably not expecting a sudden invasion of older man lips all over her face.

But that's what happened- Judd, speaking to ESPN analyst Dick Vitale, found herself being kissed by Vitale out of nowhere. And not just a peck on the cheek, either- as seen above, Vitale is clearly trying to consume her entire upper lip.

Are you weirded out seeing that? We are. Judd, however, is not. During a later appearance on MSNBC, the "Insurgent" actress explained just what happened ...

Top Celebrity Break-Ups & Divorces Of 2013

12/28/2013 6:00pm EST
Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones
2013 was chock full of celebrity break-ups, divorces, and even reconciliations.

Michael Douglas, 69 and his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, 44, took a temporary "break" from their 13-year marriage in August. They had their doubters when they wed due to their vast age difference but proved people wrong after staying together for more than a decade - a triumph in Hollywood.

In November, Douglas told reporters, "I hope to resolve my marriage in a positive fashion."

We're not sure what that means - have a peaceful divorce? Get back together? Who knows.

Check out other stars that split up (and so...

Ashley Judd Accuses Sister Wynonna Of Spying On Her With A GPS Device

12/17/2013 3:48pm EST
Ashley Judd
Ashley Judd has accused her sister Wynonna of placing a tracking device on her car as part of an ongoing custody battle. After a mechanic found a wireless GPS tracking device on her vehicle, the actress filed a police report in Tennessee in Novemter.

ABC News obtained legal documents that reveal Ashley reportedly told authorities she believed Wynonna was responsible for the GPS. An investigation eventually traced the device back to a private investigator, who claimed to be "working for" the singer.

The celebrity siblings are currently involved in a custody dispute over Wynonna's teenage d...

Indy Driver Dario Franchitti To Have Second Surgery On Broken Ankle, Estranged Wife Ashley Judd Thanks Fans For Support

10/7/2013 11:15pm EDT
Ashley Judd
Ashley Judd has rushed to be by estranged husband Dario Franchitti's side after the IndyCar driver was involved in a frightening crash on the final lap of the Houston Grand Prix that injured 13 fans.

Franchitti suffered two broken vertebrae, a broken ankle and a concussion in the crash, which happened when his car collided with that of driver Takuma Sato, sending debris flying. Two of the injured fans were taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries, while the rest received treatment on site. Sato walked away from the crash unhurt.

Franchitti was taken to the Memorial Hermann-T...

Ashley Judd's Publicist Replies To Leaked Audio From Sen. Mitch McConnell's Re-election Campaign

4/10/2013 3:54pm EDT
Ashley Judd
Ashley Judd's publicist has fired back at Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell and his staff after leaked audio from a February meeting with his re-election committee suggested that the senator was planning on using the star's history with depression a key attack point if she chose to run against him.

The Olympus Has Fallen star was considering running against McConnell on the Democratic ticket against the Republican senator next year, but she pulled her hat out of the ring in March to focus on her family.

During the audio from the meeting, which was posted on left-wing website

Ashley Judd To Focus On Family, Won't Run For Senate Seat

3/28/2013 11:17am EDT
Ashley Judd
After months of speculation about a potential move into politics, actress Ashley Judd has decided not to run for a seat in the U.S. Senate.

In recent months Judd emerged as a favorite Democratic Party candidate to challenge Republican Mitch McConnell for his job in Kentucky. McConnell even launched attack ads against the star, calling her a "radical Hollywood liberal."

In February, she met with representatives from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in Washington, D.C., further fueling speculation she was ready to leave Tinsletown for politics.

However, Judd recently split from...

Newly Single Ashley Judd Rocks A Tight Bandage Dress At 'Olympus Has Fallen' Premiere

3/19/2013 3:00pm EDT
Ashley Judd
Ashley Judd showed off her curves at the Los Angeles premiere of "Olympus Has Fallen" in Hollywood on Monday night. The actress, 44, stunned in a turquoise bandage dress and strappy silver heels. Va va voom!

In January, Judd and her race car driver husband Dario Franchitti announced they were splitting up after 11 years of marriage. It appears that the star is definitely back on the market by the looks of her latest red carpet appearance.

Last month Judd met with Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee officials for the first time in Washington, D.C., further fueling speculation she will...

The Top 5 Biggest Celebrity Fans Of March Madness

3/17/2013 2:00pm EDT
Happy St. Patrick's Day and sports fans congregate to their TVs and smartphones to keep up with the month-long college basketball tournament. There will be some fans who are die hard they might have gravestones like those at with their favorite team's logo engraved on the stone.

Celebrities are no exception. Many of your favorite stars will be waving their alumni colors in anticipation for the Final Four championship games. Here are a few dedicated celebrity fans you may catch court side throughout the month. .Yes, March Madness is upon us and it seem...

Ashley Judd Getting Closer To Senate Bid In Kentucky

2/21/2013 11:37am EST
Ashley Judd
Ashley Judd appears to be inching closer to competing for a senate seat in Kentucky, after she was spotted with Democratic officials.

The 44-year-old actress and activist met with Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee officials for the first time in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, according to Politico. If she were to run, she'd be up against Mitch McConnell - who has held the position in Senate since 1985.

How prepared are the Republicans for a campaign against Judd? An attack ad has already been released taking on his Hollywood connections, and McConnell has run internal polling to ca...

Ashley Judd 'Thanks' Karl Rove For Political Attack Ad

2/7/2013 2:35pm EST
Ashley Judd
Ashley Judd has taken a swipe at her Republican detractors as she considers running for office, sarcastically thanking her critics for releasing an advert attacking her political views before she even enters the race.

The actress has been contemplating branching out into politics for some time, and is a fierce supporter of President Barack Obama.

Her passion for the Democratic party has impressed politicians in Kentucky, where she attended university, and a survey revealed she is the candidate of choice to run for state Senate.

However, the actress' interest in a political role has sp...

Ashley Judd & Dario Franchitti 'Mutally Decided' To End Their 11-Year-Marriage

1/30/2013 8:23am EST
Ashley Judd & Dario Franchitti
Just weeks after celebrating their 11th wedding anniversary on 12-12-12, actress Ashley Judd and racecar driver Dario Franchitti are splitting up.

The couple announced the news on Tuesday, releasing the following statement to "We have mutually decided to end our marriage. We'll always be family and continue to cherish our relationship based on the special love, integrity, and respect we have always enjoyed."

The news was a surprise to fans. The couple looked happy at the Emmy Awards in September (pictured above), and on their anniversary on Dec. 12, Judd tweeted about her husb...

The Worst Fashion Fails In 2012

12/21/2012 1:07pm EST
Nicki Minaj
Even celebrities can't look perfect every day. However, it takes a special disaster to be remembered for your fashion blunder for the rest of the year. Here are the Worst Fashion Fails In 2012:

Nicki Minaj: We could probably construct a list entirely out of Nicki's fashion choices this year, but that wouldn't be fair to the others. It was a growing list of cries of attention, with the zenith being her red church outfit - complete with pope.

Christina Aguilera: Fair or not, Xtina's weight was a topic of a lot of discussion in the previous years. This unflattering pair of jeans featur...

Ashley Judd Considers Running For Kentucky Senate Seat

12/5/2012 8:36am EST
Ashley Judd
Ashley Judd is "seriously exploring" a 2014 bid for senate in Kentucky. According to news website, the actress is researching a political career and recently met with Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Kentucky Republican John Yarmuth, who has also met with the star, explained, "She is doing all the things that a serious candidate exploring a race should do. I think there are a lot of people, and I was one of them, who wanted to let her know that her candidacy would be an exciting prospect for us."

Last month Judd dismissed speculation that she was going to run for office...

Ashley Judd Plays Down Talk Of Senate Run

11/10/2012 5:08pm EST
Ashley Judd
Ashley Judd has played down speculation she is preparing to enter politics, insisting she feels "honored" to even be considered to run for office for the Democratic Party.

The Double Jeopardy star was one of many celebrity attendees at the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina in September, when she spoke as a Tennessee delegate, and she has previously admitted she was seriously considering swapping Hollywood for Washington, D.C. after receiving such overwhelming support from leading members of the party.

She said, "Everybody's thinking about it (political office) for me... a...

Vibrant Yellow Gowns Dominate 2012 Emmy Fashion - See Tons Of Photos!

9/24/2012 9:11am EDT
Julie Bowen
The red carpet was full of bright colors at the 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards last night, but yellow was the most popular. "Modern Family" star Julie Bowen, winner of Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, looked oustanding in a strapless canary yellow gown.

"Homeland" winner Claire Danes, who is several months pregnant, also opted for a strapless yellow dress that was (obviously) more loose fitting than Julie's.

"Game Change" winner Julianne Moore picked a more conservative yellow gown with long sleeves, a higher neckline and a billowing skirt.

Check out more yellow gown...

Ashley Judd Considers Running For Political Office

9/7/2012 9:04am EDT
Ashley Judd
Ashley Judd is seriously considering a political run - because leading Democrats want her in office.

The Frida star attended the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina on Wednesday night and spoke as a Tennessee delegate, and she admits she'll be listening to the party's leaders on the final day of the political get together on Thursday and making a decision about her future in the months to come.

She tells MSNBC, "Everybody's thinking about it (political office) for me... and I'm at the point where so many people have asked that I feel it is honorable to at least talk about i...

Ashley Judd To Talk About Sex Abuse For Mother's Radio Show

6/3/2012 11:48am EDT
Ashley Judd
Actress Ashley Judd is to discuss her sex abuse allegations with her mom Naomi for the first time as part of the country star's new satellite radio talk show next week.

Mother and daughter will sit down for the emotional chat in front of a studio audience next Tuesday.

Naomi tells she hasn't had the chance to talk to her daughter about her book claims of sex abuse since Ashley's revealing memoir, All That is Bitter & Sweet, was released last year.

The Judds star says, "I admit I'm a little nervous about doing it (interview) because this is the first time that Ashley and I h...

This Week's Shining & Falling Stars: Ashley Judd And Courtney Love

4/13/2012 3:00pm EDT
Shining Star: Ashley Judd
Shining Star: Ashley Judd: It was the diss heard round the world, and Ashley responded with not a whimper, but a bark!

You may have seen the pictures. Ashley Judd was spotted with what appeared to be a plastic surgery enhanced face. She was photographed looking bloated and puffy. Media outlets assumed the A-List actress had gotten Botox and fillers injected into her face, some even called on plastic surgery experts to diagnose her appearance.

But just imagine how degrading that speculation must have been, when you're really just been sick and were prescribed antibiotics. You see, Judd cla...

Ashley Judd Lashes Out At Those Who Criticized Her 'Puffy' Face

4/10/2012 8:28am EDT
Ashley Judd
Ashley Judd has taken aim at the media for jumping to conclusions and suggesting she had undergone cosmetic surgery after the star's face appeared "puffy" on a TV show.

The star has written a piece for online newspaper The Daily Beast, re-iterating that her appearance was the result of steroid medication for a cold and reprimanding careless journalists and bloggers who were quick to report she had gone under the knife.

Calling the stories an "assault" on female body image, Judd writes, "The hypersexualization of girls and women and subsequent degradation of our sexuality... is what this c...

Alec Baldwin Calls For Circus Boycott

3/16/2012 10:26am EDT
Alec Baldwin
Actor Alec Baldwin has called for a boycott of a leading circus over allegations elephants are ill-treated.

The Hollywood star highlights the animals' plight in a four-minute campaign posted this week by staff at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

The clip shows footage of a trainer for The Greatest Show on Earth allegedly using a bullhook on a baby elephant, and Baldwin has called for swift action to crack down on the scandal.

He says, "Having worked with actors for many years, it's hard to believe that anyone would have to be dragged kicking and screami...

Ashley Judd Speaks Out Against Sex Trafficking At United Nations

3/15/2012 10:45pm EDT
Ashley Judd
Actress Ashley Judd addressed members of the United Nations on Wednesday in her latest bid to end sex slavery and human trafficking.

A longtime political activist, Judd earned her Master's degree in Public Administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University in 2010 and, during her studies, she learned all about the violent atrocities linked to the international black market sex trade.

In a bid to educate others, the De-Lovely star participated in a discussion with the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime in New York City.

She says, "I wrote a paper for a...

Rep 'Unequivocally' Denies Ashley Judd Had Plastic Surgery - You Be The Judge

3/15/2012 9:00am EDT
Ashley Judd
A representative for Ashley Judd has dismissed speculation the actress has undergone plastic surgery, insisting her face appears "puffy" due to a sinus infection.

Bloggers and gossips went into overdrive earlier this week after new images of the actress appeared online, and many websites suggested the 43 year old's swollen look was a clear sign she had opted to get Botox injections in a bid to minimize the effects of ageing.

However, Judd's rep, Cara Tripicchio, has now spoken out to set the rumor straight.

She tells E! News, "For the record, this is unequivocally not true. Ashley has be...

Check Out 'Dolphin Tale' On Blu-ray & DVD Combo, Digital Download Dec. 20

12/17/2011 7:03am EST
Dolphin Tale
Inspired by the incredible true story of Winter, a dolphin who was rescued off the Florida coast after her tail became caught in a crab trap, "Dolphin Tale" is an uplifting family-oriented adventure from director/co-screenwriter Charles Martin Smith that details the unique bond between an injured dolphin and a young boy.

When Winter loses her tail in a tragic accident, her young friend convinces the locals to build her a prosthetic replacement, inspiring hope and courage in handicapped people across the globe.

Nathan Gamble, Morgan Freeman, Harry Connick Jr., Ashley Judd, and Kris Krist...

Ashley Judd Pays Tribute To Race Car Driver Dan Wheldon

10/17/2011 6:55pm EDT
Ashley Judd
Actress Ashley Judd has paid tribute to late racing driver Dan Wheldon by recalling a John Donne poem and tweeting it to followers on Sunday - hours after the Indy 300 ace was killed in a crash.

Judd was cheering on husband Dario Franchitti at the Las Vegas racetrack on Sunday when Wheldon's car was flipped into the air after hitting another vehicle, before crashing into a nearby fence. He was taken to a local hospital, but died from his injuries.

The actress was left devastated by the events surrounding the 33 year old's death and she took to to share her grief with fans.


Review: 'Dolphin Tale' A Whale Of A Time For Kiddies

9/23/2011 5:00pm EDT
A Dolphin Tale
Do me a favor, locate your local corporate coffee shop chain and nab five sugar packets. Thanks. I'd like you to go ahead and pour all those sugar packets down your throat simultaneously. Okay, so, how's that feel? Weird right? The combination of guilt because you're a dirty, dirty thief, and sweetness overload from the sugar packets, is about the same the feeling you leave “A Dolphin Tale” with.

“A Dolphin Tale” is a sugary sweet family friendly tale that isn't going to rock your world. There's no inspirational soundtrack like with "Free Willy" or an adorable puppy that does cute puppy t...

Trailer Talk: This Week In Movies - 'Moneyball,' 'Abduction,' & More

9/19/2011 11:00am EDT
Last week I didn’t screen any new movies, but I had a chance to conduct some awesome interviews. I talked with Jonah Hill on Monday about his role in “Moneyball” and Seth Rogen on Wednesday for his upcoming film “50/50.” Look out this week for my Jonah Hill interview and the next for mine with Seth Rogen.

Hollywood loves movies inspired by true stories this week, since they represent four of the six opening in theaters. You’ll have the opportunity to see the Brad Pitt baseball vehicle “Moneyball,” the Taylor Lautner espionage thriller “Abduction,” the Gerard Butler redemption tale “Mac...

ABC Announces New & Returning Shows For 2011-12

5/17/2011 1:54pm EDT
Body Of Proof
New series for ABC's 2011-12 season are "Apartment 23," "Charlie's Angels," "Good Christian Belles," "Last Man Standing," "Man Up," "Missing," "Once Upon a Time," "Pan Am," "Revenge," "The River," "Scandal," "Suburgatory" and "Work It."

"America's Funniest Home Videos," "The Bachelor," "Body of Proof," "Dancing with the Stars," "Desperate Housewives," "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," "Happy Endings," "Secret Millionaire," "Shark Tank" and "20/20" join previously announced returning series "Castle," "Cougar Town," "Grey's Anatomy," "The Middle," "Modern Family" and "Private Practice." "Sat...