Claudia Jordan Videos

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Now Playing: Claudia Jordan Shoutout Claudia Jordan and Omarosa's Mother Get Into a Fight at the BET Awards
2013-07-02 Claudia Jordan Looks Smoking at 40 in Bikini
2013-06-21 Tiny Chimes In On Tamar Vs. Claudia Beef!
2013-04-09 Celebrity Apprentice Star Claudia Jordan Flaunts Her Hot Bikini Body
2013-04-04 Tamar Braxton Calls Beyonce's Baby Bump Fake
2012-12-19 Celebrity Apprentice All Star Cast Announced: Lisa Rinna,Bret Michael and Gary Busey
2012-10-12 Celebrity Apprentice All Star Cast Announced: Lisa Rinna and Bret Michaels
2012-10-12 Claudia To Work More, Party Less For New Year
2010-12-17 Claudia Jordan Interview
2009-11-28 Claudia Jordan Shoutout
2009-11-28 Star Magazine Young Hollywood Event

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