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'Castle' Recap: 3x19 - Law And Murder Is An Homage To The Original Police Procedural

March 31st, 2011 10:16am EDT
If last week’s episode was an homage to soap operas, this week was all Law and Order all the time. Joe Mcusic, a jury member, drops dead from cyanide poisoning in the middle of court. The case he was sitting on was the high profile murder of a socialite. While Castle and Beckett untangle the juror murder, Castle has to deal with the ramifications of snooping on Alexis’ phone and her consequential loss of trust.

Beckett and Castle meet the victim’s brother, and we learn more about his background. He was a former juvenile offender who ran a half-way house to help others pick up their lives. ...

Check Out 'Castle: The Complete First Season' On DVD Sept. 22

September 19th, 2009 7:40am EDT
Castle season 1
Castle: The Complete First Season comes to DVD on September 22, 2009. A bestselling novelist (Nathan Fillion) and a New York City detective (Stana Katic) delve into real world crime, starting with a copycat killer who recreates the murder scenes depicted in his novels.

Finding true life mysteries more stimulating than fiction, writer Richard Castle continues to offer his professional insights to Detective Kate Beckett — whether she wants them or not. Sparks fly and a hint of romance hangs in the air as these two strong personalities investigate some of the most puzzling crimes on the NYP...

Tamala Jones Is Eager To Display Her New Assets

March 8th, 2006 10:14am EST
Tamala Jones
Booty Call star Tamala Jones is so thrilled with her cosmetic breast enhancement that she's looking for saucy film roles so she can show her assets off. The sexy actress, who was once engaged to rapper Nate Dogg, is keen to bare all on the big screen - so fans can get a peek at her new chest.

She says, "I'm very happy with them, and they don't look, or feel, fake to me. I did my homework and looked for a specialist. I didn't go to any ol' body to get them done. I went to someone who works on breast cancer patients, and he creates a breast that looks and feels real. I can't wait to get ...

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