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Now Playing: Highest Paid Celebrities Revealed Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Filming Their Second Movie Together Ever In Malta! Soon!
2014-07-06 Megan Fox Is More Like Angelina Jolie Than She Cares to Admit
2014-07-03 Jennifer Lawrence Named Most Powerful Actress in Hollywood
2014-07-01 Jennifer Aniston Packs on PDA on the Red Carpet
2014-06-25 Kristin Chenoweth as Maleficent for New DCOM 'Descendants'
2014-06-22 Angelina Jolie in a Homewrecker Face-Off!
2014-06-16 Angelina Jolie Made a 'Dame' by Queen Elizabeth
2014-06-16 Angelina Jolie Receives Honorary Damehood
2014-06-15 Angelina Jolie Speaks Out To End Sexual Violence
2014-06-12 Angelina Jolie Launches a Summit to End Sexual Violence in War Zones
2014-06-11 Brad Pitt Wears Shirt With Doodle Of Himself And Angelina Jolie
2014-06-10 Angelina Jolie Hosts Summit to End Rape in War Zones
2014-06-10 Escape to the Movies: 'Maleficent' Review
2014-06-08 Malefiftycent: 50 Cent Spoofs "Maleficent" On Jimmy Kimmel Live
2014-06-06 Angelina Jolie Won't Increase Security After Brad Pitt Attack, Says "Most Fans Are Just Wonderful"
2014-06-06 Richard Roeper Reviews 'Maleficent'
2014-06-04 Brad Pitt Speaks Out About the "Nutter" That Attacked Him
2014-06-03 Jolie: We Won't Change Our Security On Red Carpet
2014-06-03 Re-Creating Fully Digital Characters in Disney’s 'Maleficent'
2014-06-02 'Maleficent' Spellbinds The Weekend Box Office With $70 Million Debut
2014-06-02 Talk Of The Tube: Maleficent Pronunciation, Ricky Gervais And Tired Robin
2014-06-02 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie - No Longer Lovers
2014-06-01 Sam Riley on Working with Angelina Jolie in 'Maleficent'
2014-06-01 Brad Pitt's Attacker? Banned from Red Carpet Events
2014-05-31 Move Over, Angelina Jolie! Ellen DeGeneres Becomes "Elleficent"
2014-05-31 Must List for Thursday, May 29: Angelina Jolie in ‘Maleficent,’ and More
2014-05-30 Brad Pitt Attacked on ‘Maleficent’ Red Carpet By Habitual Prankster
2014-05-30 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Attacked at 'Maleficent' Premiere
2014-05-30 Angelina Jolie Talks Playing Maleficent: I Got To Be Silly And Make A Fool Of Myself
2014-05-30 All Of Brangelina Children Come To Maleficent Premiere
2014-05-30 Angelina Jolie Reveals Maddox Has Girlfriend: 'She's Very Cool'
2014-05-30 'Maleficent'
2014-05-30 Angelina Jolie's Son Maddox Has a Long Distance Girlfriend
2014-05-30 Brad Pitt Attacked at 'Maleficent' Primere
2014-05-29 Brad Pitt Is Attacked on the Red Carpet
2014-05-29 Why Disney Needs to Make More Movies About Classic Villains
2014-05-29 Angelina Jolie: 'Maleficent's Horns Transformed Me'
2014-05-29 Brad Pitt Punched by Celebrity Prankster Vitalii Sediuk
2014-05-29 Brad Pitt Attacked At ‘Maleficent’ Premiere
2014-05-29 Brad Pitt Attack: Ukrainian Red Carpet Prankster Responsible
2014-05-29 Behind the Scenes of 'Maleficent'
2014-05-28 Angelina Jolie Calls Ex Johnny Lee Miller a 'Great Friend'
2014-05-28 Angelina Jolie Takes the Vile Out of Villain in 'Maleficent'
2014-05-28 Sharlto Copley Is The King of 'Maleficent'
2014-05-26 Maleficent Is In An Awkward Situation With The King
2014-05-26 Salma Hayek, Others Talk Red Carpet Activism At Cannes
2014-05-24 Angelina Talks in Depth About Herself and 'Maleficent'
2014-05-24 Angelina Jolie Afraid People Won't Take Her Seriously in Political Office
2014-05-23 Angelina Jolie Says Privileged Moms 'Shouldn't Complain'
2014-05-23 It's Angelina Jolie Vs Gwyneth Paltrow on Being a Working Mum
2014-05-22 'Maleficent': In the Clouds Clip
2014-05-21 'Maleficen't: Fairy Godmother Clip
2014-05-21 'Maleficent' Trailer 2
2014-05-21 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Hitting The Silver Screen Together Again
2014-05-21 Angelina Jolie Remains Gracious: "I'm Not A Single Mom With Two Jobs Trying To Get By Every Day"
2014-05-21 Angelina Jolie on 'Maleficent' Role
2014-05-20 Jack O'Connell Wants to Play Elvis
2014-05-17 Is Angelina Jolie Going To Quit Acting Soon?
2014-05-16 Angelina Jolie on Her Wedding Plans
2014-05-15 Maleficent Clip: Princess Aurora Mistakenly Thinks The Mistress Of All Evil Is Her "Fairy Godmother"
2014-05-15 Angelina Jolie Says Kids Are Helping Plan the Wedding
2014-05-14 Angelina Jolie Has a Major Makeup Mishap
2014-05-13 Why Angelina Jolie Cast Her Daughter in Maleficent
2014-05-12 Brangelina Love At Kensington Palace For Maleficent Premiere
2014-05-12 Elle Fanning's Best Red Carpet Accessories Are A Crop Top And Jolie
2014-05-12 'Maleficent': Exclusive UK Premiere Report
2014-05-11 Angelina Jolie Wears Custom Maleficent-Inspired Louboutins
2014-05-10 French Photogs Go Crazy Over Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning
2014-05-10 Angelina Jolie Thinks About Her Mom During Maleficent Interview
2014-05-10 Angelina Jolie Drawn to 'Elegant' Maleficent
2014-05-09 Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt Ponder Screen Reunion
2014-05-09 Angelina Jolie Calls For Release Of Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls
2014-05-09 Angelina Jolie Calls Nigerian Schoolgirl Kidnappings "an Unthinkable Cruelty"
2014-05-07 Domhnall Gleeson: Angelina Jolie Is 'Great' Director
2014-05-05 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Preparing to Co-Star in Movie

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