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Kendall Jenner Biography

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Birth Name: Kendall Jenner
Born: 11/03/1995
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, USA

During the show's earlier seasons, Jenner mostly shied away from the cameras; however, her model-like features and aspirations hinted that she was also getting primed for family fame. The show began devoting more screen time to Jenner going on casting calls with her manager/mother. At 14, Jenner appeared in a print ad campaign for the clothing chain, Forever 21, where she was photographed in vintage-inspired dresses. The ad campaign not only launched Jenner's modeling career, but it also gave her a bigger role on their reality show after her older siblings began starring in their own spin-off series. In 2011, rumors circulated that the then-15-year-old was on birth control pills - all of which created buzz for the show, and resulted in one dramatic episode that captured father Bruce in shock upon the realization that his daughter was growing up. That same year, Jenner finally had her turn in the TV spotlight when she starred on a special episode of the flagship program titled "Kendall's Sweet 16," which showed her family trying to throw her an over-the-top party at the Bahamas. The episode eventually showed her mother relenting to the teen's wishes and hosting the bash instead at a West Hollywood hotel. The episode also revealed the teen's philanthropic side when she asked her guests that in lieu of gifts, that they donate toys to the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles. Jenner kept up her modeling appearances, including making her runway debut at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City for the Sherri Hill dress line. As the series progressed, it began focusing on the growing media fascination with Jenner and her younger sister, Kylie, which triggered rumors that the teen starlets might be getting their own reality show as well.

By Candy Cuenco