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You Won't Believe Where Bryce Dallas Howard Got Her Golden Globes Dress

1/11/2016 12:49pm EST
Everywoman Bryce Dallas Howard Bought Her Golden Globes Dress At
The day after any Hollywood awards show is often filled with lists of the best and worst dressed celebrities, but today, actress Bryce Dallas Howard is getting attention for the Jenny Packham gown she wore to Sunday's Golden Globes for a pretty novel reason.

She got it off the rack at a department store.

The 'Jurassic World' actress disclosed the fashion tidbit during a red carpet interview with E! News.

"I just picked it up at Neiman's this week," Howard said.

Howard elaborated that she almost always heads to the mall to get her award show attire because a lot of the more glamourous st...

Matthew McConaughey Is Almost Unrecognizable On Movie Set

10/5/2015 10:53am EDT
Matthew McConaughey - Gold Movie Set
Actor Matthew McConaughey once dropped a large amount of weight to play the role that won him an Oscar in 'Dallas Buyers Club,' so it's clear he's a professional who is willing to do just about anything to fit the part he's asked to play. But that doesn't make his latest transformation any easier to look at.

The Academy Award winner was spotted this past weekend on the set of his new movie 'Gold,' and if you didn't know better, you might have been hard-pressed to tell that it was him. The actor is currently trading his six-pack abs and good looks for some extra body fat and a balding head....

New Details Just Released About 'Jurassic World 2'

9/22/2015 12:26pm EDT
Colin Trevorrow Reveals 'Jurassic World 2' Story To Be Based On
'Jurassic World', the sequel/reboot of the 'Jurassic Park' franchise was one of the biggest blockbusters of the summer, setting a new record with the biggest global opening ever. Now, director Colin Trevorrow has begun the business of starting the hype train for the upcoming sequel, by revealing some new details about 'Jurassic World 2's story.

The director dropped the details during a podcast interview called the Jurassic Cast. He first revealed that his team actually envisioned the reboot as a trilogy from the very beginning and that a quote from the original 'Jurassic Park' served as th...

'Jurassic World' Is Already Setting Box Office Records

6/12/2015 10:03pm EDT
'Jurassic World' Pushes Universal Past $2 Billion, Sets New Reco
It's been a very good year for Universal Pictures. The studio, which has had a wide variety of hits in theaters this year including Furious 7 and Pitch Perfect 2, now has another rousing success on its hands with Jurassic World.

The early box office receipts for the film starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard have helped push Universal past the $2 billion dollar mark overseas. It's the fastest any movie studio has ever eclipsed that mark in a calendar year. Universal beat out the record set by 20th Century Fox in 2010 by four days.

Jurassic World's early estimates are prediciting a ...

'Jurassic World' Star Reveals How She Got Her Middle Name

6/12/2015 9:21pm EDT
Bryce Dallas Howard Explains The 'Disgusting' Way She Got Her Na
Bryce Dallas Howard is still making the rounds on her press tour for Jurassic World, which came out Friday. We've seen her discuss the movie in detail, including the fact that she runs from dinosaurs in high heels, but during an interview with Peter Travers, she got a little more personal.

Bryce is the daughter of famous director Ron Howard. She talked briefly about her Dad and how she got her name, saying that Ron Howard named all of his children after the place they were conceived.

"When I started working, I just had my name be Bryce Dallas. I was a little insecure, hoping people don't...

How Often Do You Get To See Chris Pratt In High Heels?

6/11/2015 4:55pm EDT
Watch Chris Pratt Run In High Heels Like His Costar In 'Jurassic
Jurassic World hits theaters Friday and is getting mostly positive reviews so far. One aspect of the film that is generating a bit of debate, however, are the scenes where actress Bryce Dallas Howard gets chased by dinosaurs while wearing her high heels.

Some corners of the Internet are rolling their eyes at Hollywood once again making an actress do something ridiculous on screen that a man would never get asked to do.

But it looks like maybe someone on the Jurassic World set should have asked Chris Pratt. Turns out, he's game.

Pratt and Howard both appeared on The Late Late Show with ...

The Final Trailer Has Arrived!

6/8/2015 6:55pm EDT
The Final 'Jurassic World' Trailer Is Here
We're less than a week away from the highly-anticipated debut of Jurassic World in theaters nationwide. Hype has been building for the sequel/reboot to Jurassic Park starring Chris Pratt for a while now, but Universal Pictures is making one last attempt to get fans pumped up for the film with the release of one final trailer.

A good portion of the trailer features content we've seen before in the previous trailers, but it has a new opening: A park employee falls into a raptor pit and has to be saved by Pratt.

If this trailer and the previous ones are any indication, it looks like Juras...

Second Trailer For 'Jurassic World' Features Lots Of Chris Pratt

4/20/2015 7:01pm EDT
Chris Pratt Takes Center Stage In The Latest 'Jurassic World' Tr
The new trailer for Jurassic World is so over the top and unbelievable -- that we can't wait to see it!

The film stars Chris Pratt as Owne Grady, who is good with animals and is basically a dinosaur whisperer, something that comes in extremely handy when it comes to taking on the film's new bad guy, the Indominus Rex.

The I-Rex just happens to be a genetically engineered dino that gets off on hunting other dinosaurs. And people.

"It's not about control," he says in the trailer as he tames a trio of velociraptors, "it's a relationship based on respect."

"These animals are thinking I gott...

Miss The Epic 'Jurassic World' Trailer During The Super Bowl? Watch It Here!

2/2/2015 2:05pm EST
Jurassic World
The newest trailer for this summer's upcoming blockbuster "Jurassic World" debuted during the Super Bowl, and the new clip promises plenty of action.

The film takes place 22 years after the events of the first "Jurassic Park" film, in which John Hammond's (the late Richard Attenborough) dream of creating a dinosaur theme park has been fully realized.

The park now sees over 20,000 visitors per day and features all the same amenities of the top theme parks around the world, only "Jurassic World" features living, breathing dinosaurs.

The only problem this time around is that the scientists ...

'Jurassic World' Trailer Arrives Two Days Early

11/25/2014 6:59pm EST
Jurassic World
The first trailer for "Jurassic World," which was teased over the weekend with a 21-second promo, was released on Tuesday morning, two days earlier than planned.

The trailer was slated to debut on Thanksgiving night during the NFL football game between the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks, but an early leak forced Universal to scrap its plans and let it fly online.

The film follows the typical Jurassic format -- scientists mess with nature so people will go to a tropical island to see creatures that were once extinct, creatures somehow get free and try to eat people, people flee i...

There's A Trailer For The First 'Jurassic World' Trailer

11/23/2014 5:15pm EST
Jurassic World
The first trailer for the fourth "Jurassic Park" movie, "Jurassic World," is set to premiere on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 27.

Starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, the latest installment in the series, which takes place 22 years after the events of the first film in the series.

The original Jurassic Park, located on Isla Nublar, off the coast of Costa Rica, has now been fully developed by Simon Misrani (Irrfan Khan, "Life of Pi") and is a fully functional theme park that drew in nearly 100,000 guests in its first month of operation, according to the website Masrani Glob...

Natural Celebrity Redheads - The Dirt On Whose Hair Is Real Or Fake

5/3/2014 8:00pm EDT
Natural Celebrity Redheads - The Dirt On Whose Hair Is Real Or F
Research reveals that less than 1 percent of the world's population has natural red hair. Even if both parents have red hair, there is just a one in four chance their child will be ginger, according to

Despite these rare statistics, Hollywood is full of redheads. So whose hair is real and whose isn't?

Lindsay Lohan is one of the few natural gingers in Tinseltown. She experimented with blonde for a while, but we're glad she's been sticking to her roots lately.

Check out more natural and unnatural redheads...

Curvy "Mad Men" star Christina Hendricks told The Daily Mail ...

Bryce Dallas Howard Opens Up About Homeopathic Remedy She Used To Battle Depression

4/19/2013 6:35pm EDT
Bryce Dallas Howard
A homeopathic treatment made actress Bryce Dallas Howard realize she needed to seek help for depression after her son was born.

The gorgeous, green-eyed redhead didn't realize she was suffering from postpartum depression after the birth of her first child, Theo, in 2007 until she started a new treatment and became a totally different person.

The Twilight star explains, "It (depression) went untreated for, like, a year and a half... He (Theo) was born and I just felt like I was tumbling into this pit... I felt nothing normal at all, but I didn't know what that meant and I felt ashamed ab...

Bryce Dallas Howard Hopes 'Call Me Crazy' Will Raise Awareness About Mental Illness

4/17/2013 3:38pm EDT
Bryce Dallas Howard
Bryce Dallas Howard signed up to direct part of the Lifetime original movie Call Me Crazy: A Five Film to help shed light on mental illness after her own battle with clinical depression.

The Village actress stepped behind the camera for one of the five short films in the collection, about individuals suffering from mental illness or living with someone who does.

Howard, who was reunited with her The Help co-star Octavia Spencer on the project, admits the subject matter was close to her heart as she was diagnosed with post-partum depression following the birth of her son in 2007 and stru...

Top 10 Celebrity Redheads

7/13/2012 8:00am EDT
Christina Hendricks
Only 2 to 6 percent of Americans are redheads, which makes them very rare and very desirable - they are rumored to be very, very good in bed.

Some of the stars on our "Top Celebrity Reheads" list may not be natural gingers, but they've sported the color so long they've owned it.

Voluptous "Mad Men" star Christina Hendricks is always on sexy redhead lists, but it's not her true color. "I'm naturally a dark blonde. I couldn't tell you what shade because I haven't seen it in ages. I started playing with red hair when I was 10 years old," she recently revealed.

Who else makes the list? Check...

Jennifer Aniston And Bryce Dallas Howard To Compete For MTV's Dirtbag Award

5/31/2012 2:27pm EDT
Horrible Bosses
Actresses Jennifer Aniston and Bryce Dallas Howard are in competition for the first-ever Best On-Screen Dirtbag category at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday.

Ceremony organizers recently announced the induction of the new category in a bid to spice up this year's event and now a total of five nominees will duke it out for the Golden Popcorn prize.

Aniston's portrayal of sexually-promiscuous Dr. Julia Harris in Horrible Bosses and Howard's Miss Hilly in The Help earned them nods.

They will compete with Mad Men star Jon Hamm, who was nominated for his role as Kristen Wiig's arrogant s...

MTV Movie Award Surprises: Can 'The Help' Beat 'Hunger Games?'

5/1/2012 3:30pm EDT
MTV Movie Award Surprises
The MTV Movie Awards have their finger on the pulse of 2011/2012 cinema with tons of nominations for The Hunger Games, Bridesmaids and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2. If they’re really current, Hunger Games will sweep but there are a few interesting surprises here too.

The Help is a nominee for best picture. Maybe it’ll be the dark horse winner and make up for losing the Oscar? Only if Hunger Games and Bridesmaids split the vote. It’s interesting that MTV acknowledges the popular historical drama, perhaps doing its part for civil rights education.

For best male performance, he...

Bryce Dallas Howard Gives Birth To Baby Girl

1/22/2012 11:55am EST
Bryce Dallas Howard
Actress Bryce Dallas Howard is a mom again after giving birth to a baby girl.

The Help star and her husband Seth Gabel became proud parents to little Beatrice, a sister for their four-year-old son Theo, on Thursday.

The baby news was announced by the actress' director father Ron Howard in a post on his page on Saturday.

He writes, "Beatrice Jean Howard-Gabel Born Jan 19 2012 8lbs 6oz Bryce & Baby B are spectacular. Daddy Seth & brother Theo are beaming ear to ear."

Howard later added, "Beatrice's arrival is hugely exciting for our family. Thanks for all the kind tweets folks...

'The Help' Leads 2012 NAACP Image Awards Nominations

1/19/2012 2:40pm EST
The Help
Critically-acclaimed drama The Help looks set to dominate the 2012 NAACP Image Awards after landing eight nominations.

The movie adaptation of Kathryn Stockett's bestselling book of the same name will compete for Outstanding Motion Picture against seven-time nominee Pariah, comedy Tower Heist, Jumping The Broom and The First Grader, while stars Viola Davis and Emma Stone will go head-to-head for the title of Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture.

The Help co-stars Bryce Dallas Howard, Octavia Spencer and Cicely Tyson are also nominated in the Outstanding Supporting Actress field, alon...

Blu-ray Review: 'The Help'

12/9/2011 10:20am EST
The Help photo
Curious to see not only the movie based on the best selling book, but also what all the buzz is about? Look no further as well delve deep and examine the new drama that is “The Help," hitting Blu-ray this week from Touchstone Home Video. All the info below.

Title: "The Help"

Grade: 4

Cast: Emma Stone, Viola Davis, Bryce Dallas Howard

Director: Tate Taylor

Rating: PG-13

Runtime: 146 minutes

Release Company: Touchstone Home Entertainment


The Flick: "The Help," with its subject steeped in racism and the civil rights movement in the early ...

Check Out Delightful Film 'The Help' On DVD & Blu-ray Dec. 6

12/4/2011 7:15am EST
The Help
In "The Help," a 1960s-era Mississippi debutante sends her community into an uproar by conducting a series of probing interviews with the black servants behind some of her community's most prominent families.

Skeeter (Emma Stone) has just graduated from college, and she's eager to launch her career as a writer. In a moment of inspiration, Skeeter decides to focus her attention on the black female servants who work in her community. Her first subject is Aibileen (Viola Davis), the devoted housekeeper who has been employed by Skeeter's best friend's family for years. By speaking with Aibilee...

Don't Miss The 'Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1' Red Carpet Live Stream - Tonight At 8pm (Watch It Here!)

11/14/2011 4:30pm EST
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1
The highly anticipated fourth chapter of the Twilight Saga begins this Friday (Nov. 18); and tonight the stars of the film will be out in full force for the Red Carpet premiere of Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 - and you can watch it right here!

Tune in at 8pm (EST) for the live Ustream webcast from the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles to see the all-star cast, including Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene, Peter Facinelli and more!

MTV's Josh Horowitz will host the live stream for two hours from the red-carpet; and fans can also experience the event by int...

'50/50' Review: 'Two Jews On Film' Cheer This Beautiful Heartfelt Dramedy' (Video)

9/28/2011 11:00am EDT
A doctor tells a young man he has cancer - a tumor. The man replies 'Tumor...Me?' The doctor says 'yes'. The man responds...'That's impossible...I don't smoke...I don't drink...I recycle.'

The young man is Adam Lerner (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and he not only has cancer...but he has a super rare cancer...a giant tumor growing along his spine and his chances are...50-50.

So what does a person do with this kind of news? Well, writer Will Reiser, the real life person that this happened to, turned his life threatening disease, into a very funny, very touching and very beautiful movie entitled...

Review: Equal Parts Storytelling And Acting Give Powerful '50/50' Real Resonance

9/26/2011 6:00pm EDT
50/50 photo
I recently spotted an ad for "50/50" which proudly proclaimed 'brought to you by the guys who did Superbad' – bad move. Not that there isn’t some Seth Rogen-esk humor within or some amusing levity brought to the morose subject of cancer, but the true impact behind the brilliance of "50/50" lies in its drama.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as Adam, a young man who has a great life, good friends and a wonderful girlfriend. But at the early age of twenty-seven he finds his life altered virtually overnight when he is suddenly diagnosed with cancer. It’s proves to be a whole new world for Adam w...

'The Help' Cast To Be Honored At Hollywood Film Awards

9/20/2011 8:14am EDT
The Help
The star-studded cast of hit movie The Help will reunite to accept an ensemble honor at the upcoming Hollywood Film Awards.

Viola Davis, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jessica Chastain, Octavia Spencer and Emma Stone will be together onstage to pick up the Ensemble Award at the 15th annual ceremony, which kicks off the film awards season.

The leading ladies of the drama will be joined by fellow cast members Allison Janney, Chris Lowell, Ahna O'Reilly, Sissy Spacek, Mary Steenburgen and Cicely Tyson, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The Help took the box office by storm this summer, raking i...

'The Help' Crushes 'Conan' At The Box Office

8/22/2011 8:29am EDT
The Help
Sleeper summer film hit The Help has topped the U.S. box office in its second week on release.

The movie, starring Bryce Dallas Howard, Viola Davis and Emma Stone, has made an impressive $20.5 million over the weekend to take over the top spot from Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

"The Help" has now made over $70 million since its release earlier this month.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes comes in second place with a third-weekend take of $16.3 million and the rest of the top five features new movies, which garnered disappointing ticket sales.

Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D ca...

Viola Davis Put On 25 Pounds For 'The Help,' Was Still Too Skinny

8/5/2011 2:34pm EDT
Viola Davis
Actress Viola Davis piled on 25 pounds for her role as a middle-aged maid in new movie The Help - but still had to wear body pads to appear thicker than she was.

The usually-svelte Oscar nominee stars alongside Emma Stone and Bryce Dallas Howard in the big screen adaptation of author Kathryn Stockett's 2009 novel, about the 1960s racial divide between middle class white families and their African-American maids in Jackson, Mississippi.

Davis indulged in fatty fried Southern foods to bulk up for the part, but her weight gain wasn't quite enough.

She says, "I had to gain 25 pounds durin...

Shocking And Funny New '50/50' Movie Poster!

7/13/2011 1:30pm EDT
50/50 poster
With a poster that's as shocking and funny as the film itself, the new cancer themed dramatic comedy "50/50" has a new one sheet and it's a trip indeed. The movie, which stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a man who finds out he has cancer, is a clever mix of serious drama with bits of humor to add levity. (See Seth Rogen!) The flick also stars Anna Kendrick as Gordon-Levitt's counselor, Bryce Dallas Howard as his girlfriend and features a stand-out performance by the mighty Anjelica Huston as his over-protective mother. (Her best work since "The Grifters!") In any case the film does bring b...

Fashion Fails: Kelly Bensimon, Jessica Szohr, Chloe Sevigny And More

6/13/2011 1:00pm EDT
Kelly Bensimon
Thanks to red carpet events like the MTV Movie Awards and the CMT Music Awards, we've had plenty of celebrities dressing up for the occasions - which means tons of fashion fails!

Kelly Bensimon is first up for her sheer dress she wore to the CFDA Fashion Awards. We said it looked like it belonged in the bedroom, if anywhere at all. Suffice to say, she did not win a fashion award at the event.

Chloe Sevigny tries to look daring in this low-cut leather top with ridiculous frills at the CFDA Fashion Awards. It also seemed like she was wearing doilies as a dress. You figure the fashion po...

Blake Lively, Emma Watson, Cameron Diaz & More Celebs Heat Up The MTV Movie Awards (Photos)

6/6/2011 8:28am EDT
Blake Lively
Last night the MTV Movie Awards red carpet was a rainbow of colors as celebrities appeared in various different colors, mostly sticking to shorter ensembles.

Blake Lively was eye popping in an electric blue dress with purple pumps while Emma Watson opted for a white frock with a silver embelished neckline and sleeves.

Cameron Diaz wore a simple, short black jumpsuit while Kristen Stewart wore a tiny strapless dress with an odd assortment of safety pins adhered to it.

Check out all the stars below:

Emma Watson

Selena Gomez

Cameron Diaz

Reese Witherspoon

Kristen Stewart