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Bryce Dallas Howard Filmography

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Jurassic World
Release Date: 2015-06-12
Cast as: Claire
Role: Actor

When You Find Me
Year: 2012
Role: Director

The Help
MPAA Rating: PG 13
Release Date: 2011-08-10
Cast as: Hilly Holbrook
Role: Actor
Box Office: $169,705,587.00

MPAA Rating: PG 13
Release Date: 2011-09-16
Role: Producer
Box Office: $163,141.00

MPAA Rating: R
Release Date: 2011-09-30
Cast as: Rachael
Role: Actor
Box Office: $35,006,877.00

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
MPAA Rating: PG 13
Release Date: 2010-06-30
Cast as: Victoria
Role: Actor
Box Office: $300,523,113.00

MPAA Rating: PG 13
Release Date: 2010-10-15
Cast as: Melanie
Role: Actor
Box Office: $32,741,596.00

Terminator Salvation
MPAA Rating: PG 13
Release Date: 2009-05-21
Cast as: Kate Connor
Role: Actor
Box Office: $125,320,003.00

Good Dick
MPAA Rating: R
Release Date: 2008-10-10
Cast as: Kissing Woman
Role: Actor

The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond
MPAA Rating: PG 13
Release Date: 2009-12-30
Cast as: Fisher Willow
Role: Actor
Box Office: $119,382.00

Spider-Man 3
MPAA Rating: PG 13
Release Date: 2007-05-04
Cast as: Gwen Stacy
Role: Actor
Box Office: $336,530,303.00

As You Like It
Year: 2006
Cast as: Rosalind/Ganymede
Role: Actor

Lady in the Water
MPAA Rating: PG 13
Release Date: 2006-07-21
Cast as: Story
Role: Actor
Box Office: $42,272,747.00

MPAA Rating: None
Release Date: 2006-01-27
Cast as: Grace
Role: Actor
Box Office: $74,205.00

Book of Love
Year: 2004
Cast as: Heather
Role: Actor

The Village
MPAA Rating: PG 13
Release Date: 2004-07-30
Cast as: Ivy Walker
Role: Actor
Box Office: $114,195,633.00

Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas
MPAA Rating: PG
Release Date: 2000-11-17
Cast as: Surprised Who
Role: Actor
Box Office: $260,031,035.00

Current and Past Television:

Call Me Crazy (TV Movie)
2012 - 2013
Call Me Crazy: A Five Film (TV Movie)
2012 - 2013
Five 2 (TV Movie)
2012 - 2013
20/20 (TV Series)
2010 - 2011
Conan (TV Series)
2010 - 2011
TBS / Conan O'Brien Late-Night Talk Show (TV Series)
2010 - 2011
Jimmy Kimmel Live's Twilight Saga: Total Eclipse of the Heart (TV Special)
2009 - 2010
Family Guy (TV Series)
2008 - 2009
Moving Image Salutes Ron Howard (TV Special)
2005 - 2006
Biography (09/06/99) (TV Special)
1999 - 2000
Ron Howard: Hollywood's Favorite Son (TV Special)
1999 - 2000

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