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DVD Review: 'Ascension' - Worth The Money?

10/20/2015 11:00am EDT
Ready to join an ideal space traveling paradise? Then grab an oxygen mask and hang on as we check out the new to DVD mini-series "Ascension" out now from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. We see if there may be trouble in outer space below.

Title: "Ascension"

Grade: 4

Cast: Tricia Helfer, Gil Bellows, Andrea Roth

Director: Various

Rating: Not Rated

Runtime: 232 minutes

Release Company: Lionsgate Home Entertainment


The Flick: Far from an original premise (think the class system of "Titanic" mixed with the oddities of a murder and small town secrets...

Patrick J. Adams Directs, Tricia Helfer Guest Stars In Wednesday's 'Suits'

2/17/2015 2:08pm EST
Patrick J. Adams Directs, Tricia Helfer Guest Stars In Wednesday
This week's Suits is one that you definitely don't want to miss. Not only does one series regular accomplish a career first, but the episode's major guest star is absolutely worth getting excited about.

Patrick J. Adams moves behind the camera on Wednesday to make his directorial debut with "Derailed," which is significant not just for the SAG Award nominee but also for the show itself.

In addition to it being Patrick's first TV episode as a director, he becomes the second Suits cast member to make their helming debut in a mere four weeks - as his co-star Gabriel Macht directed the midsea...

'Ascension' Star Tricia Helfer Leads Upcoming PATH Home Charity Ride

10/18/2014 12:10pm EDT
'Ascension' Star Tricia Helfer Leads Upcoming PATH Home Charity
Tricia Helfer will next be seen as the scheming Viondra Denninger in SyFy's original series Ascension, but off camera the Killer Women and Battlestar Galactica star is busy making the world a better place.

Helfer and her Galactica colleague Katee Sackhoff are the co-founders of the charitable organization Acting Outlaws, and on November 2 they're teaming with People Assisting The Homeless (PATH) for the first annual PATH Home charity motorcycle ride, raising funds to end homelessness in Southern California.

Helfer, Sackhoff, their fellow riders and several celebrity guests - including fam...

Brett Davern Returns To Win 2014 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race

4/14/2014 12:22pm EDT
Brett Davern Returns To Win 2014 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race
Brett Davern has definitely left his mark on the auto racing world. After a surprising second-place finish last year, Brett returned to put our jaws on the floor again as he was named champion of the 2014 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race. While he proved on Saturday that he has as much racing talent as he does acting talent, BFTV was on hand to document Brett's climb to the top. We also checked back in with Cole Hauser, Rutledge Wood and Tricia Helfer to talk about how they fared behind the wheel.

Brett represents everything that's fantastic about the Pro/Celebrity Race. In 2013, he came in and r...

Brett Davern, Tricia Helfer, Nick Wechsler Ready For 2014 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race

4/9/2014 12:15pm EDT
Brett Davern, Tricia Helfer, Nick Wechsler Ready For 2014 Toyota
This weekend it's time again for the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race - the event in which stars and racing vets get behind the wheel for a good cause. Last year at the 2013 TPCR, our friend Rutledge Wood took home the victory with young gun Brett Davern and our other friend Michael Trucco right behind. This year, Rutledge and Brett are back for a rematch, plus there's another familiar face who could be a threat to snatch victory from both of them - Killer Women star Tricia Helfer.

During last week's TPCR Media Day, Rutledge was off shooting new episodes of Top Gear, but we sat down with Brett, T...

The 15 Sexiest Sci-Fi Women On Television

3/26/2014 1:34am EDT
The 15 Sexiest Sci-Fi Women On Television
Sci-fi shows have a lot to offer - intriguing storylines, alien encounters, paranormal activity and, more often than not, beautiful women.

Today's sci fi is no longer geared to just nerds and homebodies. With compelling story threads, many tune in to find out what happens to the characters each week. But having a little eye candy doesn't hurt either.

Who makes our list of the sexiest sci-fi stars on television?

Valerie Stahl (Minka Kelly) from Almost Human (2013-)

FOX's "Almost Human" is a police drama set 35 years in the future, when police officers are partnered with highly evolved h...

An Open Farewell To 'Killer Women'

2/18/2014 12:06pm EST
An Open Farewell To 'Killer Women'
Dear Killer Women,

So tonight is your season finale. According to popular opinion, it's also your series finale. We're not giving up on you, but just in case we don't see you again, we wanted to let you know that we've enjoyed these last seven weeks.

Sure, you're not perfect. There are things that you could've done better. And the comparisons to Justified didn't help, especially when you were going up against that amazing show. But we think you kind of got a bum rap, being written off so early. So here's our attempt to add one last point in the other direction.

Thank you for all these th...

5 Things We've Learned From 'Killer Women'

2/11/2014 1:36pm EST
5 Things We've Learned From 'Killer Women'
ABC's Killer Women hasn't been a ratings success, but that doesn't mean that we haven't enjoyed watching it. In fact, we've actually picked up a thing or two from the show since it began in January. Here are five things that we've taken away from Killer Women, that have made us glad that it's been on the airwaves.

01) Tricia Helfer can lead a television series. How did it take this long for Ms. Helfer to be cast front and center? You'd think people would've fallen over themselves to land her as their lead; she's talented, tough, and beautiful. Now as stalwart Molly Parker on Killer Women, ...

Celebrities With Plunging Necklines

2/9/2014 4:00pm EST
Celebrities With Plunging Necklines
Hollywood is full of beautiful women who like to spotlight their lean legs, curvy bottoms, and sexy cleavage.

German-American model Heidi Klum has proven that 40 isn't over the hill. She often wears figure-hugging gowns that show off her 5'9" frame.

She's not the only one in Tinseltown who likes to show a bit of skin. Selena Gomez, 21, also likes to step out in a revealing dress now and again.

Check out some celebrities wearing outfits with plunging necklines...

Selena Gomez

Demi Lovato

Kim Kardashian

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Aniston

Vanessa Hudgens


Tricia Helfer Takes Charge In 'Killer Women'

1/14/2014 12:15pm EST
Tricia Helfer
It's surprising that it's taken this long for Tricia Helfer to land the central role on a TV series. She's everything you'd want in a show's lead: a talented actress, capable of doing her own stunts, stunningly beautiful and with her own fan base courtesy of her years on Battlestar Galactica. Now as Texas Ranger Molly Parker on ABC's Killer Women, she's proving that she can carry a program on her shoulders. BFTV recently had the opportunity to talk with Tricia about her new starring role, and what it's meant for her.

"I loved Molly from the get-go," Tricia told us. "When I read the script,...

'Killer Women' Recap And Review: 'La Sicaria' Is A Success

1/8/2014 10:11am EST
Killer Women
If you're going to put something up against Justified, a kick-ass drama fronted by Tricia Helfer and Michael Trucco is as good as you could ask for. And it's hard to argue with a title like Killer Women, too. But how does Molly Parker stack up against her tough competition? Well, that's what we're going to tell you.

Molly Parker (the ever-awesome Helfer) would rather be on a horse than picking out a cocktail dress. Thankfully, she can soon put her fashion issues aside after a bride is gunned down at the altar by a mysterious woman. Molly is promptly part of a high-speed pursuit, making fin...

Previewing 'Killer Women' With EP Hannah Shakespeare

1/7/2014 12:09pm EST
Killer Women
Tonight is the premiere of one of our most anticipated shows, ABC's Killer Women. Before we dive into eight weeks of femme fatales, BFTV sat down with executive producer Hannah Shakespeare to be briefed on what we can expect from the season and what it's like to be the woman behind Killer Women.

Adapted from the Argentine series Mujeres Asesinas, Killer Women centers on Molly Parker (played by Tricia Helfer, above left), a Texas Ranger on the trail of some dangerous ladies. How did the show make the leap to American television? "The project originated via Latin World Entertainment.  Latin ...

Tricia Helfer's Extremely Low-Cut, Plunging Neckline Turns Heads At 'Riddick' Premiere

8/29/2013 11:29am EDT
Tricia Helfer
You've got to give it up to Tricia Helfer. The 39-year-old still oozes sex appeal as evidenced by her appearance at the "Riddick" premiere in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

The actress posed on the red carpet in an outfit so low cut you could nearly see her belly button. The star wore a bronze silk Rubin&Chapelle jacket and pants with a yellow blouse featuring a plunging neckline - and exposing quite a bit of cleavage.

Helfer came out in support of her former "Battlestar Galactica" co-star Katee Sackhoff, who appears in "Riddick" alongside Vin Diesel.

The film centers on Riddick, who is left ...

'The Firm' Recap: 'Chapter Four' (1.04)

1/20/2012 3:06am EST
The Firm
After a strong start, The Firm's fourth chapter wavers - but that also serves to reinforce what makes this show tick and why the series should stick to its guns.

We start forward again, with Mitch having gotten off the phone with Andrew, and meeting his family at the dock. He tells them that Martin is dead and explains what we've been seeing for the past three weeks. "I can't know what we're into until I know what this is about," he says, and heads off to find Andrew at the same time that the cops want to talk to him.

There's finally a title sequence this week, and it's pretty n...

'The Firm' Recap: 'Pilot/Chapter One' (1.01/1.02)

1/9/2012 2:07am EST
The Firm
The story of The Firm began in a novel 20 years ago, then was adapted into a film, and now it has arrived on NBC as a weekly series. Considered on its own merits, the TV program stands as an intriguing series that is not simply a conspiracy play.

It's ten years after the events of the previous incarnations (so 2003), and Mitch McDeere (Josh Lucas of Sweet Home Alabama and Glory Road) is running from a trio of thugs in broad daylight in Washington, D.C. He calls his wife Abby (Human Target guest star Molly Parker) from a pay phone, saying, "They could be's happening again...

5 New Mid-Season Television Shows To Check Out...Or Not

1/2/2012 10:00am EST
The Firm
Every Jan. 1, I heave a sigh of relief because I not only made it through another year and survived the frenzied stress of the holiday season but also because mid-season television shows will be unveiled. Like Christmas presents from an adoring aunt, mid-season shows can be just what you need or exactly what you don't.

Check out five new shows you may or may not want to check out:

The Firm (NBC)

NBC took John Grisham’s best-selling novel and big screen hit, “The Firm,” and continued the story in the spin-off of the same name. It follows Mitch McDeere, the Memphis lawyer who brought ...

Celebrity Birthdays - January 2, 2012

1/2/2012 3:00am EST
Karina Smirnoff
Happy Birthday to:

Dancing With The Stars dancer Karina Smirnoff (1978)

Actress Shelley Hennig (1987)

Superman Returns actress Kate Bosworth (1983)

Boardwalk Empire actress Paz Vega (1976)

Idiocracy actor Dax Shepard (1975)

Battlestar Galactica actress Tricia Helfer (1974)

Actress Lucy Davis (1973)

Rent star Taye Diggs (1972)

Calvin Klein model Christy Turlington (1969)

Actor Cuba Gooding, Jr. (1967)

Relic Hunter star Tia Carrere (1967)

Beverly Hills 90210 actress Gabrielle Carteris (1961)

"King of the Road" crooner Roger Miller (1936; d. 1992)

'Like' Starpulse and get Celeb...

Who Are TV's All-Time Sexiest Couples?

6/27/2011 2:00pm EDT
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Buffy and Angel from cult TV show "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" have topped a new magazine poll to find TV's All-Time Sexiest Couples.

The pair, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz, beat out "Moonlighting's" David and Maddie (Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd) and Father Ralph and Meggie (Richard Chamberlain and Rachel Ward) from "The Thorn Birds" in the Entertainment Weekly countdown.

"Gossip Girl" couple Chuck and Blair - played by Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester - and "Battlestar Galactica's" Number Six and Gaius Baltar (Tricia Helfer and James Callis) round out the top fiv...

Justin Bieber Urges Millions Of Fans To Always Adopt From Animal Shelters

1/21/2011 2:01pm EST
Justin Bieber Peta
Justin Bieber's recent hit single "U Smile" not only has his legions of fans smiling but also has homeless dogs wagging their tails and homeless cats purring. That's because the pop music phenom - whose 3-D movie Never Say Never opens on February 9 - has just shot a public service announcement for his pals at PETA promoting adoptions from animal shelters. The ad was shot by renowned celebrity photographer Cliff Watts.

"It's really important that people adopt," said Bieber. "I really encourage going out to an animal shelter or a place where you can get a dog who has been abandoned or doesn'...

Interview: Coby Bell Dishes On 'Burn Notice' And 'The Game'

12/14/2010 10:40am EST
Burn Notice
I got an early Christmas present on Monday: the chance for a follow-up chat with one of my favorite actors, Burn Notice and The Game star Coby Bell. Picking up where our August conversation left off, Coby sat down with me to discuss that scene from Burn Notice, his second job on The Game, and a particular guest spot of his that you may have missed. Warning: this interview does contain some spoilers for both series.

You warned us in August that fans were going to be upset with Jesse - now we know why! What was your reaction when you realized Jesse was going to have to shoot Michael to sa...

'Burn Notice' 4.16 'Dead Or Alive' Recap And Review

12/9/2010 11:02pm EST
Burn Notice
Burn Notice is on a roll. Last week it did an excellent job bringing back Nate Westen, and this week it provides the return of one of my favorite bad guys, arms dealer Tyler Brennen (The Shield's Jay Karnes).

The most important question from last week was "What is Michael going to do with the list of people who burned him?" We get a quick answer, as Michael tells Jesse they need to hand it over to the government. Jesse, in turn, has contacted Marv (Richard Kind), hoping to use the information to get both himself and Michael back into the spy world. Marv isn't too keen on Michael, so M...

'Lie to Me' Recap - 'Double Blind'

10/27/2010 3:13pm EDT
It's getting a little old now to have the "Lightman falls for bad girl but is really playing her or is he being played" storyline. Especially since last week that exact storyline happened with the dirty cop. We get it. Lightman can be an idiot about women, and he has a fatal attraction to bad types. From now on we can assume that any woman he is attracted to will turn out to be evil in some way. It didn't exactly surprise the audience that Tricia Helfer was a con artist, since the previews for the episode indicated that as did the episode summary. So why spend half an episode trying to pret...

'Battlestar Galactica' Beauties Tricia Helfer & Katee Sackhoff Do 'Voodoo'

9/12/2010 10:47pm EDT
Tricia Helfer
Former "Battlestar Galactica" co-stars Tricia Helfer and Katee Sackhoff are motorbiking to the Voodoo Experience festival in New Orleans, Louisiana to raise cash for charities working to restore the Gulf of Mexico following the BP oil spill.

The sexy stars will set off from Los Angeles in the week before the event, which is scheduled to run over the Halloween weekend.

They have asked famous friends and businesses in Tinseltown to sponsor their big ride, which is expected to take them 28 hours and cover 2,000 miles.

Once at the festival, the biker girls are expected to check out performa...

Pamela Anderson's 'Sexist' New PETA Ad (Video)

7/15/2010 3:19pm EDT
Pamela Anderson PETA Ad
Pamela Anderson flew into Montréal, all set to unveil her new vegetarian campaign for PETA today, only to be denied a permit for the event at the last minute by city officials who are claiming that her ad is sexist.

Says Anderson, "In a city that is known for its exotic dancing and for being progressive and edgy, how sad that a woman would be banned from using her own body in a political protest over the suffering of cows and chickens. In some parts of the world, women are forced to cover their whole bodies with burqas-is that next? I didn't think that Canada would be so puritanical."


Jenna Dewan's New PETA Ad

7/6/2010 11:43pm EDT
Jenna Dewan Tatum
Actor and model Jenna Dewan Tatum is the star of a s-s-s-sexy new PETA campaign exposing the cruelty of the exotic-skins industry. With her naked body painted to resemble snakeskin, the sultry star slithers on a tree branch in a jungle setting alongside the words "Wearing Exotic Skins Kills. Leave Wildlife Out of Your Wardrobe."

"I couldn't believe that that is what happens for a wallet or a purse," said Dewan Tatum in an exclusive PETA interview. "There's faux alligator, faux python. … I think there's a lot of different things you can find?you just have to ask. Not only are you helping an...

Olivia Munn's Anti-Circus PETA Billboard

4/27/2010 10:37am EDT
Olivia Munn
Actor and G4 host Olivia Munn is targeting the circus in a sexy new billboard for PETA. The Attack of the Show! host posed au naturel for the ad, which features a backdrop of elephants in their native environment alongside the words, "As Nature Intended, Let Elephants Be Free. Boycott the Circus." The billboard, which was shot by top celebrity photographer Hama Sanders, is located at the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Highland Avenue.

Munn feels especially passionate about this issue. In an exclusive PETA interview, she explains, "I had seen a video online about the mistreatment and abus...

Celebrity Birthdays, January 2

1/2/2010 3:00am EST
Tricia Helfer
Happy Birthday to:

"Battlestar Galactica" star Tricia Helfer (1974)

"Superman Returns" actress Kate Bosworth (1983)

Spanish actress Paz Vega (1976)

"Rent" star Taye Diggs (1972)

Calvin Klein model Christy Turlington (1969)

Actor Cuba Gooding, Jr. (1967)

"Relic Hunter" star Tia Carrere (1967)

"Beverly Hills 90210" actress Gabrielle Carteris (1961)

"King of the Road" crooner Roger Miller (1936; d. 1992)

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Pamela Anderson Unveils New PETA Campaign To Save The Seals

10/23/2009 12:35pm EDT
Pamela Anderson against seal slaughter
Pamela Anderson just unveiled PETA's new campaign against Canada's commercial seal slaughter. The ad series features Anderson and other celebrities calling for an end to the annual massacre of baby seals, the largest mass killing of marine mammals in the world.

Says Pamela, "I can only hope that by bringing attention to the slaughter, the international outcry will force the Canadian government to end this shameful practice. Canadians aren't cruel and indifferent, but our leaders have been on this issue."

For the new ad series, celebrities around the world are posing in PETA's striking...

'Battlestar Galactica: The Plan' Debuts On Blu-ray And DVD Oct. 27

10/19/2009 6:19pm EDT
Battlestar Galactica pictures
Television's most thrilling science fiction adventure makes a stunning turnabout when "Battlestar Galactica: The Plan" debuts on Blu-ray Hi-Def and DVD on October 27, 2009 from Universal Studios Home Entertainment. For the first time ever, fans can experience the uncut and uncensored story of humanity's futuristic fight for survival through the eyes of their deadly adversaries, the Cylons. This never-before-seen perspective of the Cylon plan reunites the series' original television cast, including Emmy Award winner Edward James Olmos, Dean Stockwell, Tricia Helfer, Grace Park and Callum Kei...

Grace Park And Tricia Helfer's Explosive 'Maxim' Photo Shoot

10/14/2009 4:30pm EDT
Grace Park and Tricia Helfer Maxim
Battlestar Galactica may have run its course, but Grace Park and Tricia Helfer aren't done seducing the human race. The two are featured in Maxim's November issue (on newsstands October 20) in a sexy spread. Check out the gallery after the break.

Maxim asked the pair about "Battlestar Galactica: The Plan," a "prequel-ish" movie announced by SyFy.

Since the new Battlestar movie is coming to DVD before TV, can we expect some R-rated action?

Tricia Helfer: There will certainly be a lot more explicit action on the DVD. And I refuse to have a body double, so you will see a little bit o...