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Now Playing: ‘Trainwreck's Amy Schumer Lines Up Next Movie ‘Trainwreck's Amy Schumer Lines Up Next Movie
2015-08-19 Anne Hathaway Enjoys Peaceful Boat Trip In Ibiza
2015-08-14 Anne Hathaway's September Cover Shoot for 'InStyle'
2015-08-13 'The Intern' Trailer
2015-08-04 Anne Hathaway: Fake Feud with Amy Schumer
2015-07-22 Anne Hathaway Reacts to Amy Schumer, Judd Apatow's 'Trainwreck' Jab
2015-07-22 Do You Think These Celebs Are Hotter with or Without Glasses?
2015-07-16 5 Worst Movie Accents
2015-06-28 Sofia Vergara And Beyoncé Lead The Metallic Trend
2015-06-08 'The Intern' Teaser Trailer
2015-05-16 Anne Hathaway to Battle Giant Monsters
2015-05-13 Anne Hathaway Wore a Gold Hoodie to the Met Gala
2015-05-05 Beyoncé Vs. Kim Kardashian: Sheer Dress Battle at Met Gala
2015-05-05 WATCH: Emily Blunt Slays 'No Diggity' on 'Lip Sync Battle'
2015-04-10 Anne Hathaway Came in on a Wrecking Ball in 'Lip Sync Battle'
2015-04-10 Anne Hathaway Channels Miley Cyrus on 'Lip Sync Battle'
2015-04-07 13 Celebs That Chopped Off Their Hair
2015-03-29 Oops! Anne Hathaway Suffers Makeup Mishap While Stepping Out in New York City
2015-03-13 From Hilary Duff to Brandy: The Top 7 Cinderella Movies
2015-03-13 Jared Leto's Oscars Farewell Tour for His Hair
2015-02-24 Best and Worst Dressed in Recent Oscars History
2015-02-20 One Last Chance to See Interstellar in IMAX!
2015-02-18 Exclusive Look at the Making of the Music of Anne Hathaway's 'Song One'
2015-01-30 Song One
2015-01-29 Celebs Go Selfie Crazy on Social Media
2015-01-26 Anne Hathaway Has The Best Response To Amal Clooney Comparisons
2015-01-25 Jon Stewart and Anne Hathaway Totally Lose It After She Describes the Plot of Her Latest Movie--Watch the Video!
2015-01-23 Anne Hathaway Calls Amal Clooney Comparisons ''the Best Thing'': ''I Hope That I Become Half the Woman She Is''
2015-01-22 Anne Hathaway Offers Neil Patrick Harris Oscars Advice
2015-01-09 Anne Hathaway Has Oscar Hosting Advice For Neil Patrick Harris
2015-01-07 Anne Hathaway Shares Oscars Advice
2015-01-07 Anne Hathaway on 'Interstellar'
2015-01-06 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Anne Hathaway on Reality TV
2015-01-06 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Anne Hathaway on Holidays with Family
2015-01-06 Best Celebrity One-Liners of 2014
2014-12-22 Upcoming Release: 'Song One'
2014-11-27 The Best Of: Anne Hathaway
2014-11-27 Who Said That?: 'Interstellar'
2014-11-20 Throwback Thursday with Anne Hathaway: From The Princess Diaries to Interstellar
2014-11-20 Matthew McConaughey Accepts His Walk of Fame Star With His Family by His Side
2014-11-18 The ZuboxTV Awards: The UK Awards We'd Like to See
2014-11-18 Anne Hathaway Gunning for ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ Sequel
2014-11-16 Escape to the Movies: 'Interstellar' Review
2014-11-13 Inside 'Interstellar' Premiere
2014-11-13 On This Day: November 12
2014-11-12 'Interstellar' Lands in China
2014-11-11 'Interstellar': Cast Interview
2014-11-09 'Interstellar' Clevver Movie Review
2014-11-09 Anne Hathaway Wants Catwoman to Cameo in Future DC Films
2014-11-09 'Interstellar' Cast Proud Of Film
2014-11-07 The Snap: The Reasons to Love Anne Hathaway
2014-11-06 At the Cinema This Week: 'Interstellar', 'Say When' and More
2014-11-06 'Interstellar' Cast Answers Galaxy's Greatest Mystery
2014-11-06 "Interstellar" Ahead of "Big Hero 6" with $1.5M in Early Screenings
2014-11-06 Anne Hathaway Stands Up to Her Cyber Bullies
2014-11-06 Film Trailer: 'Interstellar'
2014-11-06 'Interstellar': Drew McWeeny's Review
2014-11-04 'Interstellar': Exclusive IMAX UK Premiere Report
2014-11-04 The 'Interstellar' Cast Pull Out Their Best Outfits Yet
2014-11-04 Anne Hathaway on How Long It Took Her to Understand 'Interstellar' Ending
2014-11-04 'Interstellar': Richard Roeper Reviews
2014-11-04 Box Office Top 3: 'Nightcrawler' Crawls to #1
2014-11-03 'Interstellar': Exclusive European Premiere Report
2014-11-02 3 Things You Need to About 'Interstellar'
2014-11-02 Ed Sheeran on Education and the Latest Films Reviewed
2014-11-01 Interstellar - Practical Locations
2014-11-01 Anne Hathaway On The Fear That Comes With Fame: "Thankfully, I Got Over It"
2014-11-01 'Interstellar' Cast Interviews
2014-10-30 "Interstellar" Stars Land in Europe
2014-10-30 'Interstellar' Stars Land in Europe
2014-10-30 'Interstellar' Cast Glam Up for Red Carpet
2014-10-30 Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway And Jessica Chastain Bring Hollywood Glamour To London
2014-10-30 'Interstellar' Stars Spill Set Secrets on ET's Roundtable
2014-10-29 Jessica Chastain on Meeting Christopher Nolan
2014-10-28 Matthew McConaughey on 'Interstellar' and Christopher Nolan