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Now Playing: Entertainment News Pop: Remstar Acquires 'Parkland,' 'Dark Places' for Canada Chuy's Voiceover Artist Demo Tape
2014-08-21 Chelsea Handler Confesses the Real Reason She’s Leaving E!
2014-08-21 Late-Night Laughs: Jimmy Fallon Gives Jared Leto A Shave
2014-08-21 Chloe Grace Moretz Admits to Faking Cello Scenes
2014-08-20 'Chelsea Lately': Chris and Heather 20 Years from Now
2014-08-20 Teenage Girl Rules Little League World Series
2014-08-19 'Chandelier' Singer Reveals Song Writing Tips
2014-08-19 The Time Aubrey Plaza Puked from Laughter
2014-08-14 Justin Bieber Has to Take Anger Management
2014-08-14 Cops Wrangle Drunkest Family Ever
2014-08-13 Liv Tyler Gives Dad Fashion Advice
2014-08-13 Megan Fox Talks Life After Having Kids
2014-08-12 Ethan Hawke Talks About Unique 'Boyhood' Experience
2014-08-07 Jake Owen's Impromptu Proposal
2014-08-06 Who Can Teach Leah Remini to Be Sexy?
2014-08-05 Kelsey Grammer 'Partners' With Martin Lawrence
2014-07-31 Ross Mathews Has Straight Talk for 'Bachelorette' Guy
2014-07-30 Chelsea Handler Surrounding Herself With A-List Clique
2014-07-30 Whose Butt Is That?! Sandra Bullock Parties Hard at 50
2014-07-29 Justin Theroux Gives Eggs-Travagant Gifts
2014-07-29 Justin Theroux Tells Chelsea Handler Why He Often Gives Their Mutual Friends Eggs
2014-07-29 How Sandra Bullock Spent Her 50th Birthday
2014-07-28 'OITNB' Stars Talk About Their Creepy Workplace
2014-07-25 Chelsea Handler To Uzo Aduba: "I Thought You Were Crazy"
2014-07-25 The New Captain America Is Black!
2014-07-24 Frank Grillo's Hard-Drinking Horror Story
2014-07-24 'Power' Star Lela Loren Talks About Boss 50 Cent
2014-07-23 Sherri Shepherd Faces Baby Lawsuit
2014-07-23 Dean Norris Is the Real Ben Franklin
2014-07-22 12 Celebs Who've Dissed the Kardashians
2014-07-20 Cameron Diaz Talks 'Sex Tape' With Chelsea
2014-07-18 Dane Cook's Stand-Up Special Near-Disaster
2014-07-17 Dress Me: A (Gross) Film by Chelsea Handler
2014-07-17 Chuy Explains the Hobby Lobby Ruling
2014-07-16 How Chrissy Teigen Fights Twitter Trolls
2014-07-16 'Chelsea Lately' Talks Lebron James' Move to Cleveland
2014-07-15 Ben Falcone Puts Chelsea's Dance Moves on Blast
2014-07-15 Stars Who Are On Tinder
2014-07-03 Judge Lately Lays Down the Law on Pot
2014-07-01 Eric Bana Talks Exorcism with 'Chelsea Lately'
2014-07-01 Just Give the Homeless People Some Money!
2014-06-27 Chris Rock Shuts Up About Gun Control
2014-06-27 Kim Jong Un Calls Movie 'An Act of War'
2014-06-26 Gabriel Iglesias Talks About Full-Body Transformation
2014-06-26 American Student Gets Caught in German Stone Vagina
2014-06-25 Jenna Dewan-Tatum Gets an Awkward Massage
2014-06-25 Chinese Billionaire Takes Homeless People to Lunch
2014-06-24 Kevin Hart's Ugly Foot Problem
2014-06-24 Chelsea Handler Is Headed To Netflix For A New Talk Show
2014-06-20 Netflix's Chelsea Handler Deal Is About Much More Than Chelsea Handler
2014-06-20 Chuy's Wedding Idioms
2014-06-19 Chelsea Handler Quits Late Night Because of Justin Bieber & Kim Kardashian
2014-06-15 Katy Perry Talks Exes Russell Brand And John Mayer, Reveals The Longest She's Gone Without Sex
2014-06-05 Melissa Etheridge Marries Linda Wallem
2014-06-02 Sarah Silverman Proposes to Chelsea Handler
2014-05-30 Lea Michele Started Drinking Young
2014-05-30 Late-Night Laughs: Chelsea Handler Catches Lea Michele Pantsless
2014-05-30 Kim Kardashian Takes Kanye West's Name
2014-05-29 Chelsea Handler Imagines Why Solange Knowles Attacked Jay Z
2014-05-13 Arianna Huffington Helps You "Thrive"
2014-05-08 Chelsea Handler Shares Her Hair Disaster
2014-04-16 Larry King -- Calls for Women in Late Night ... While Eyeballing a Hot Chick
2014-04-08 Top 4 David Letterman Replacements for Late Night
2014-04-05 Rumor: Colbert CBS’ Top Pick To Replace Letterman
2014-04-05 Chelsea Handler Ending 'Chelsea Lately'
2014-04-01 Chelsea Handler Reportedly Planning To End E! Show
2014-03-31 Chelsea Handler Leaving 'Lately' Show After Numerous Complaints
2014-03-31 Chelsea Handler Is Leaving E!
2014-03-31 Brad Wollack the Atrocious Public Speaker on 'Chelsea Lately'
2014-03-21 Shaun White Talks His Band 'Bad Things' on 'Chelsea Lately'
2014-03-21 Theo James Has 'Killer' Sex
2014-03-19 Is Chelsea Handler Coming Between Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux?
2014-03-14 Jennifer Aniston's Fiancé Thinks Her Pal Chelsea Handler Is Obnoxious And Rude
2014-03-14 Things Got Really Awkward Between Piers Morgan And Chelsea Handler Last Night
2014-03-12 On This Day: February 25