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Now Playing: SNTV - Chelsea handles Angelina Jolie Late Night Laughs: Cursing The Snow And Chelsea’s Rat’s Nest
2014-04-16 Chelsea Handler Shares Her Hair Disaster
2014-04-16 Larry King -- Calls for Women in Late Night ... While Eyeballing a Hot Chick
2014-04-08 Top 4 David Letterman Replacements for Late Night
2014-04-05 Rumor: Colbert CBS’ Top Pick To Replace Letterman
2014-04-05 'Chelsea Lately' Staff Loves Obamacare
2014-04-04 Chelsea Handler Ending 'Chelsea Lately'
2014-04-01 Chelsea Handler Reportedly Planning To End E! Show
2014-03-31 Chelsea Handler Leaving 'Lately' Show After Numerous Complaints
2014-03-31 Chelsea Handler Is Leaving E!
2014-03-31 Brad Wollack the Atrocious Public Speaker on 'Chelsea Lately'
2014-03-21 Shaun White Talks His Band 'Bad Things' on 'Chelsea Lately'
2014-03-21 Theo James Has 'Killer' Sex
2014-03-19 Is Chelsea Handler Coming Between Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux?
2014-03-14 Jennifer Aniston's Fiancé Thinks Her Pal Chelsea Handler Is Obnoxious And Rude
2014-03-14 Things Got Really Awkward Between Piers Morgan And Chelsea Handler Last Night
2014-03-12 On This Day: February 25
2014-02-25 Alex Pettyfer Flirts With Chelsea Handler!!!
2014-02-19 Chelsea Handler Admits She Wants to Murder Her Father
2014-01-22 Amy Adams Takes Credit for J.Law Kiss
2014-01-09 Penguins Crash the "Chelsea Lately" Set
2014-01-02 Chef Curtis Stone Cranks Out Yummy Food
2013-12-28 Late-Night Highlight: Ben Stiller Cut Daughter From New Movie
2013-12-24 Lizzy Caplan Comfortable Being Naked
2013-12-11 Chelsea Handler: To Be a Gentleman
2013-12-01 Behind the Scenes of Chelsea Handler's Cover Shoot
2013-11-28 Sexy and Hot Stars At The Elle Women In Hollywood Celebration
2013-10-23 Chelsea Handler and Hotelier Boyfriend Split Again
2013-09-26 Online Dating With "Chelsea Lately" Staff
2013-09-25 Regina the Makeup Artist Strikes Again
2013-09-16 Kris Jenner and Chelsea Handler Feuding Over Obama?
2013-09-11 New Talk Show Host Ross Mathews on Miley Cyrus
2013-09-04 "Chelsea Lately" Makeup Artist Rant
2013-08-21 Lily Collins Eyebrows Have Twitter Account
2013-08-14 'Who Do You Think You Are?': Chelsea Handler - We Never Spoke About It
2013-08-14 'Who Do You Think You Are?': Chelsea Handler's Grandfather and the POW Camp
2013-08-14 'Who Do You Think You Are?': Lessons from Chelsea Handler's Grandfather
2013-08-14 'Who Do You Think You Are?': Chelsea Handler - A Memoir
2013-08-14 'Who Do You Think You Are?': Chelsea Handler - Prisoner of War
2013-08-14 'Who Do You Think You Are?': Chelsea Handler's Ancestry
2013-08-13 Chelsea Handler Gets Emotional On 'Who Do You Think You Are?'
2013-08-06 Kristen Stewart Isn't Safe from Lindsay Lohan's Slams
2013-08-04 Katie Couric Responds To Jennifer Aniston's Major Diss
2013-08-02 Lindsay Lohan Goes Straight From Rehab To Guest Host On 'Chelsea Lately'
2013-08-02 How Chuy Bravo Ended Up With Chelsea Handler
2013-07-11 Chelsea Handler Grilled The Wanted About Lindsay Lohan Hook-Ups
2013-05-29 Ross Mathews Talks Jay Leno and Chelsea Handler as Bosses
2013-05-06 Chelsea Handler Reveals Why She Isn't Having Kids
2013-04-29 Chelsea Hander Giving Dating Advice To Jenny McCarthy
2013-04-25 Chelsea Handler's Best Relationship Advice
2013-04-09 Chelsea Handler Reveals Her Greatest Strength
2013-04-09 Brandi Glanville Blasts Chelsea Handler: 'Suck It!'
2013-03-12 Chelsea Handler: "I've Met My Match"
2013-03-11 Chelsea Handler's High-Profile Relationship With 50 Cent
2013-03-11 The Secret to Chelsea Handler's Success
2013-03-11 The Great Losses in Chelsea Handler's Life
2013-03-11 How Chelsea Handler's DUI Arrest Helped Launch Her Career
2013-03-11 Is Chelsea Handler the Anti-Oprah?
2013-03-11 Chelsea Handler Opens Up About Boyfriend Andre Balazs
2013-03-08 First Look: The Secret to Chelsea Handler's Success
2013-03-08 First Look: Chelsea Handler's High-Profile Relationship With 50 Cent
2013-03-08 First Look: The Great Losses in Chelsea Handler's Life
2013-03-08 Chelsea Handler Slams Angelina Jolie As A 'Demon'
2013-03-07 Kris Jenner & Chelsea Handler End Bitter Two-Year Feud
2013-03-07 So Is Taylor Swift Losing Guys Cause She's a Virgin?
2013-03-07 Taylor Swift Mocked by Chelsea Handler and More Stars
2013-03-07 Chelsea Handler Tells Oprah Her Greatest Strength
2013-03-06 First Look: Chelsea Handler on Oprah's Next Chapter
2013-03-04 Chelsea Handler Talks To Oprah About Relationships
2013-03-01 Chelsea Handler Biography: To Chuy, Love Chelsea
2013-02-26 Jenny McCarthy on Chelsea Handler's Friendship
2013-02-26 Chelsea Handler Biography
2013-02-26 Who Jennifer Aniston Has Picked As Her Bridesmaids
2013-02-23 Reese Witherspoon Goes Off on Chelsea Handler, Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z Announce Tour, and More!
2013-02-23 Chelsea Handler Gushes Over Boyfriend Andre Balazs
2013-02-20 Chelsea Handler Rips Piers Morgan On Her Show
2013-01-31 Chloe Grace Moretz, Carmen Electra, Chelsea Handler Unusual Premiere Fashion
2013-01-26 50 Cent Confirms Ciara Caused His Break-Up With Chelsea Handler
2013-01-23 Chelsea Handler: Which Celeb She's Not Allowed To Make Fun Of
2013-01-17 Khloe Kardashian's Secret Identity
2012-11-22 Michelle Sets the Record Straight
2012-11-22 Chelsea Handler Talks About Dating
2012-11-20 Stars Reveal Their Mother's Advice
2012-11-19 Chelsea Handler To Donald Trump: 'Go The F**K Away'
2012-11-14 How Jimmy Fallon, Chelsea Handler, and More Support Sandy Relief
2012-11-01 Why Chelsea Handler Won't Be Jennifer Aniston's Maid Of Honor
2012-10-19 Chelsea Handler Reveals The Celebs She Would Never Allow On Her Show
2012-10-17 Celeb Pet Profile: Chelsea Handler Writes Thank You Letter To 'Chunk'
2012-10-16 Chelsea Handler, Katy Perry at AmfAR Inspiration Gala
2012-10-13 Chelsea Handler Accused of Hating Pal Jenny McCarthy Over Talk Show
2012-08-28 Chelsea Handler Says She Deserved To Have Her Sitcom Cancelled
2012-08-15 Rick Ross Charms Chelsea Handler
2012-07-28 Victoria Justice Wants to Sing Coldplay While on Solo Tour
2012-06-15 Cameron Diaz Terrified Of Mean Girl Chelsea Handler
2012-05-18 Jessica Simpson's Pregnancy Gives Katy Perry Anxiety
2012-04-30 Rihanna Shines At The Time 100 Gala
2012-04-26 Latest Celebrity Gossip
2012-04-24 Chelsea Handler Bashes Angelina Jolie, Again
2012-04-23 Chelsea Handler Says Angelina Jolie Can't Be Trusted
2012-04-23 Hollywood Celebs That Made Time Magazine 100 Most Influential List

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