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Now Playing: Rivals Take Aim at Donald Trump Ahead of the 2nd GOP Debate Rivals Take Aim at Donald Trump Ahead of the 2nd GOP Debate
2015-09-16 Escape Artist Spencer Horsman Rescued from Stunt Gone Wrong
2015-09-16 Would You Like a ‘Dislike' Button to Show Empathy on Facebook?
2015-09-16 Caution: Wi-Fi Hot Spots Run by Hackers Are Targeting Tourists
2015-09-16 Los Angeles Among Finalist Cities for 2024 Olympics
2015-09-16 Caught on Camera: BMW CEO Faints on Stage
2015-09-16 Jamie Lee Curtis Reenacts Mom Janet Leigh's ‘Psycho' Shower Scene
2015-09-16 Helen Mirren to Women: Take Boyfriend's Arm Off Your Shoulder
2015-09-16 Tom Brokaw on How Millennials Can Truly Serve America
2015-09-16 Willard Scott Presents Milestone Birthdays: Sept. 16, 2015
2015-09-16 Alyssa Milano: Story Behind Breast-Feeding Photos, ‘Boss' Rumors
2015-09-16 Cool School! Third-Grader Plays ‘Probability Plinko' with John Cena
2015-09-16 You Can Stay Inside a Real Sand Castle Hotel, Complete with Wi-Fi
2015-09-16 John Cena Challenges TODAY, Willie Honors Him with Napkins
2015-09-16 Michael Shannon: ‘99 Homes' Takes Hard Look at Foreclosure Crisis
2015-09-16 Prince Harry (with a Beard) Is KLG and Hoda's Hump Day Hunk
2015-09-16 Bobbie Thomas Introduces Adorable Baby Son Miles to the Fourth Hour
2015-09-16 Huge Sporks, Phone-Charging Jeans: Check Out Jill's Shopping Bag
2015-09-16 What's a ‘Juicy Lucy'? KLG Plays Cheeseburger Trivia with Fans
2015-09-16 Terry Fator on His ‘Overnight Success That Took About 25 Years'
2015-09-16 Brian Houston on Hillsong Church, ‘Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin'
2015-09-16 Donald Trump Packs the House at Massive Dallas Rally Ahead of Debate
2015-09-15 Chelsea Clinton on New Book: ‘We Should Ask Kids What They Care About'
2015-09-15 Huge Maryland Corn Maze Pays Tribute to Taylor Swift
2015-09-15 Supercalifragilistic! ‘Mary Poppins' Sequel Is in the Works
2015-09-15 How a Mistaken Identity Tragedy Helped Two Families Find Faith
2015-09-15 Carol Burnett Shares Secrets Behind Classic Show's Lost Episodes
2015-09-15 Top Travel Trends at Virtuoso Travel Week: Cultural and Culinary
2015-09-15 Josh Brolin Details the Many Challenges of Filming ‘Everest'
2015-09-15 Meet First Competitors to Complete ‘American Ninja Warrior' Course
2015-09-15 TODAY Anchors: Arnold Schwarzenegger on ‘Apprentice' Will Be ‘Fun'
2015-09-15 3 TODAY Fans Vow to Get Fit by 2016, and We're Here to Help
2015-09-15 Portion Size Affects How Much People Eat
2015-09-15 New Research Links Air Pollution to Deaths
2015-09-15 Study: Vitamin D Could Help Ward Off Dementia
2015-09-15 Mel B Talks About Howard Stern Leaving ‘AGT,' Spice Girls Reunion
2015-09-15 Hope to It: Giving Kids the School Supplies They Need to Succeed
2015-09-15 Baby Pranks Nervous Dad While He Tries to Trim Those Teeny Nails
2015-09-15 Bravo Releases Clip of Teresa Giudice Calling Family from Prison
2015-09-15 ‘West Texas Investors Club' Stars on ‘Train Wreck' Show Being Renewed
2015-09-15 How Carol Burnett Found Success in the ‘Man's Game' of Variety TV
2015-09-15 Watch a Little Girl Pet a Friendly Fawn in This En-Deering Video
2015-08-21 Willard Scott Presents Milestone Birthdays: August 21, 2015
2015-08-21 Tamron Hall (Over)Shares: What a True Friend Is Willing to Do
2015-08-21 Rosie O'Donnell's Daughter Found Safe After a Week Missing
2015-08-19 Heidi Klum to Donald Trump: Every Woman Is a 10
2015-08-19 Idaho Ditches ‘420' Mile Marker, and People Are Buzzing About It
2015-08-19 Owner of ‘Goonies' House: Back Off, Fans!
2015-08-19 Now You Can Yelp About the Government on Yelp
2015-08-19 ‘50/50' Hosts: Our Travel Show Ambushes People with Wild Adventures
2015-08-19 Willard Scott Presents Milestone Birthdays: August 19, 2015
2015-08-19 TODAY Fans Compete on the Plaza to Win a Travel Adventure
2015-08-19 Cheerleader's Amazing Tumbling Makes TODAY Anchors' Jaws Drop
2015-08-19 Al Congratulates Winners of His Epic Adventure
2015-08-19 Diabetes Drug May Help Some People Lose Weight
2015-08-19 All 4th-Graders and Families Get Free Admission to National Parks
2015-08-19 Shorter Women May Be More Likely to Have Premature Babies
2015-08-19 Video Capturing Utah Police Officer's ‘Nae Nae' Dance Goes Viral
2015-08-19 Hope to It: Hotel Chain Offers ‘Keys of Hope' to Cancer Patients
2015-08-19 What Words Should You ‘Honestly' Stop Saying?
2015-08-19 Susan Lucci Talks ‘Devious Maids' and Her Secret to Looking So Great
2015-08-19 KLG on ‘Long History' with Donald Trump, Why She's So Grateful to Him
2015-08-19 Emily Ratajkowski Wants to Fight for ‘More Dynamic' Roles
2015-08-19 Back-to-School Hair! 3 Teachers Get Trendy Fall Hair Makeovers
2015-08-19 Which Future Rock Star Was Fired from Teaching Sixth Grade?
2015-08-19 Jason Schwartzman, Olympia Dukakis on Teaming Up in New Film
2015-08-18 Dana Delany on ‘Hand of God,' Turning Down ‘Sex and the City' Lead
2015-08-18 Watch This ‘Football Player's' Awesome Dance with Cheerleaders
2015-08-18 Video: Robbers with Machete Chased by Store Clerk with a Sword
2015-08-18 Tracy Morgan to Host ‘Saturday Night Live' Oct. 17, Fans Thrilled
2015-08-18 Video: Tiger Gets Loose from Photo Shoot in Detroit
2015-08-18 Heidi Klum Trumps Donald Trump's ‘No Longer a 10' Insult
2015-08-18 Sean ‘Diddy' Combs Breaks Silence on Altercation with Son's Coach
2015-08-18 Willard Scott Presents Milestone Birthdays: August 18, 2015
2015-08-18 Thomas & Friends, Spa Sets and More: Jill's Summer Steals and Deals