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Forgotten Friday Flick - The Comedy, Romance 'Something Wild'

2/26/2016 12:10pm EST
Forgotten Friday Flick - 'Something Wild'
Call us crazy but we’re still feeling romantic Valentine’s Day after effects, so we’re going to fill the void with a little something…welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick! This week we're digging deep into the cinematic vault to pull out a tasty tale of a regular guy who meets an irregular girl who changes everything. Theft, robbery, S&M and violent ex-husbands – and that’s just for breakfast! We’re looking for something sexy, something dangerous or at least…"Something Wild!"

Charlie Driggs is a man whose joy in life has passed him by. He’s got a mundane high paying job at a Wall St...

Melanie Griffith Calls Out Body Shamers In New Selfie

12/15/2015 2:30am EST
Melanie Griffith Dares Body Shamers To Hate In New Selfie On Ins
Melanie Griffith is the latest celebrity to post a photograph on social media that typically draws in haters. With the latest epidemic of body shamers out there, Griffith uploaded a photo of herself onto Instagram with a caption taunting the trolls.

Griffith is currently in Hawaii where she's appearing on “Hawaii Five-O” playing Scott Caan's mother. She snapped a selfie that was completely “unfiltered.”

With the image, Griffith added a daring message to critics.

"Here ya go. Unfiltered. I'm 58. And I'm in 'Hawaii Five O' playing Scott Caan's Mom. Go ahead... Say some more mean things. Me...

Melanie Griffith Walks Away With How Much For Spousal Support From Antonio Banderas?

12/9/2015 8:34am EST
Melanie Griffith Scores $65K A Month In Spousal Support From Ant
After announcing their split in June of 2014, Melanie Griffith's divorce from actor Antonio Banderas has finally been completed.

It will cost the actor $65K a month in spousal support to legally support the actress.

According to a story published by People, a judge finalized the couple's divorce on Dec. 4.

People Magazine quoted court documents which revealed that the couple will divide earnings they made from films the worked on between the years 2004 and 2014.

They are also dividing the assets of artwork the couple collected.

Griffin will receive the monthly spousal support of $65,00...

Kris Jenner Snapped A Sneaky Selfie With A Pretty Important Figure

7/7/2015 10:08am EDT
Kris Jenner & Melanie Griffith Take A Selfie With The Dalai Lama
The Jenner/Kardashian clan is known for their love of selfies, and momager Kris Jenner is no exception. The family matriarch posted a photo of herself and friend Melanie Griffith with the Dalai Lama on Sunday.

The pair was among an estimated 18,000 people who attended the Global Compassion Summit at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif, to celebrate the spiritual leader's 80th birthday.

In the pic, Griffith is open mouthed and Jenner makes a coy smile behind the Dalai Lama, who isn't looking at the camera and was probably unaware of the snapshot.

Jenner captioned the Instagram pic: "I thin...

Griffith & Banderas Put LA Mansion On The Market

4/24/2015 8:39am EDT
Melanie Griffith& Antonio Banderas
Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas are selling their Los Angeles mansion nearly one year after the actress filed for divorce.

The stars purchased the estate in Hancock Park in 1999 for $4.2 million and later purchased the next-door property for $1.3 million. The estranged couple has listed the home for $16.1 million.

The Italian Revival-style mansion was built by Hoover Dam designer Gordon Kaufmann. It includes 13 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a two-story banquet hall, several gardens and an expansive yard, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Griffith and Banderas have been married for ov...

Top 5 Free Spirit Female Film Characters

2/2/2015 8:20pm EST
Free Spirit
By definition a person who is a free spirit is described as being relaxed, free from worldly concerns and can act of his or her own choosing. But what about such a state of mind in the cinematic world - what traits would embody such a memorable movie character? For the purposes of this top five list we’re going with the bold and the beautiful – a handful of direct, fearless and sassy gals with unbridled imagination and limitless spirit. These are women who are most at home guiding others well outside their comfort zone and in turn showing them that life is indeed worth living. So let go...

15 Celebrities Who Haven't Aged Well

10/23/2014 11:24am EDT
15 Celebrities Who Haven't Aged Well
Everyone grows older, but some people do it better than others. Partying too hard, gaining weight, and genetics often contribute to what a person looks like as they age.

Some age very well (Christie Brinkley, we're talking to you) - others not so much.

Ten years ago Lindsay Lohan was a beautiful 18-year-old with a promising career ahead of her. An addiction to drugs and alcohol changed all that. She lost a large amount of weight, dyed her hair blonde, dyed it back to red, caused trouble on set, and went to rehab on several occasions.

Lohan's abusive lifestyle has definitely affected her...

No Butts About It: 30 Celebrity Smokers

10/9/2014 2:07pm EDT
No Butts About It: 30 Celebrity Smokers
Everyone knows smoking is bad, but many celebrities can't help lighting up. Maybe they have a tough time quitting the habit, or perhaps they smoke to keep off the weight. A cheeseburger is worse than a cigarette, right?

It may surprise you that some of these stars smoke - others you won't find so shocking.

Keira Knightley is a smoker, and it's probably part of the reason why she's so thin. She's also been accused of having an eating disorder. Early in 2014 she admitted that her grandmother and great-grandmother had anorexia but denied suffering from the disease herself. Either way, both h...

20 Celebrity Lushes

9/23/2014 1:15pm EDT
20 Celebrity Lushes
Celebrities are like regular people in that they occasionally overindulge in things they should consume in moderation.

But too many stars have battled drug addiction and alcoholism, and although many are currently sober, some still struggle to stay clean.

Lindsay Lohan, who charmed audiences with films such as "The Parent Trap," "Freaky Friday" and "Herbie Fully Loaded," has been to rehab six times to battle her addictions.

She told Oprah Winfrey in 2013: "(Alcohol) in the past was the gateway to other things, for me... I tried cocaine with alcohol... It allowed me to drink more. I think...

Rumor Patrol: Antonio Banderas Cheats, Joel McHale To Host 'Late Late Show,' More

6/28/2014 11:01am EDT
Antonio Banderas
You can't go one week without hearing a ridiculous story involving some of your favorite celebrities. Thankfully, the Starpulse Rumor Patrol is here to sort out what's real and what's fake.

Antonio Banderas Cheating Rumors: Ever since he and wife of 18 years Melanie Griffith divorced, Banderas has been involved in romantic rumors with several ladies. A couple of them, including Mallika Sherawat and Sharon Stone, were allegedly with Antonio before the breakup. So did he cheat on his wife?

Verdict: Probably false. We weren't the bedroom with Antonio, but the allegations against him are pret...

Melanie Griffith Files For Divorce From Antonio Banderas After 18 Years Of Marriage

6/8/2014 11:01am EDT
Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas
Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas have called it quits.

The Hollywood couple, who were married for 18 years, are headed for divorce after Griffith filed papers on Friday.

"We have thoughtfully and consensually decided to finalize our almost twenty years marriage in a loving and friendly manner honoring and respecting each other, our family and friends and the beautiful time we have spent together," the couple said in a statement.

The divorce papers, filed by Griffith's attorney, Laura Wasser, cite irreconcilable differences as the reason for the break-up.

Griffith is seeking sole ph...

10 Celebrities Who Aren't Aging Well

10/1/2013 6:30pm EDT
Melanie Griffith
Whether it is bad genes, multiple plastic surgery procedures or simply too much partying, there are a few celebrities who look well beyond their years They can’t all be Betty White, Christie Brinkley or Sophia Loren, right? Here is our list of celebrities who aren’t aging well.

Melanie Griffith- The fifty-six year old used to be an adorable gal with a warm smile and now she looks like the plastic surgery she had is sinking off of her face. 

Val Kilmer-This former Batman star may only be fifty-three but his excessive partying has definitely taken a toll on his former Batman looks. 


Melanie Griffith 'Proud' Of Daughter Dakota Johnson's 'Fifty Shades' Role

9/3/2013 11:30am EDT
Melanie Griffith
Melanie Griffith is thrilled that her and Don Johnson's daughter Dakota Johnson has been cast in the erotic thriller "Fifty Shades of Grey."

The proud mom posted on Twitter on Monday, "My beautiful child Dakota has been chosen to play Anna Steele in 50 Shades. Look out world! Here she comes!!! #proudmama."

Author E.L. James announced the casting, revealing Charlie Hunnam would be playing Christian Grey opposite Johnson's Anastasia Steele. The film centers on a young college woman who gets involved in a bondage relationship with a wealthy man.

Producer Michael De Luca explained that there...

Melanie Griffith Signs To Play Scott Caan's Mom On 'Hawaii Five-O'

8/17/2013 4:30pm EDT
Melanie Griffith
Melanie Griffith has signed on to play Scott Caan's mom on CBS cop drama Hawaii Five-O.

Griffith tells WENN Caan approached her personally and asked her to consider playing his character's mother on the show, and she's hoping the role becomes a recurring one.
She says, "I did a play with him (Caan) last summer and he's so cool. I adore him."

The TV gig could not have come at a better time for Griffith, who admits she's struggling to find work in her 50s.
She adds, "I don't get offered a lot of movies. I just thought what would never happen when I was in my twenties and thirties hea...

Style Watch: Worst Oscar Dresses Of All Time

2/23/2013 12:00pm EST
Worst Oscar Dresses
People tune in to the Academy Awards to see who wins, but what fans really want to see is the fashion - especially when it's bad. What are some of the worst Oscar looks from past ceremonies?

In 2009 Beyonce looked like she was wearing her grandmother's curtains in a black and gold gown from House of Dereon.  Jessica Biel wore a frumpy, unflattering Prada gown, while Amy Adams donned a bright red Carolina Herrera number that may have come from Spider-Man's closet.

Miley Cyrus tried to dress older than her age in a silver and white Zuhair Murad gown in 2009, and in 2002 Gwyneth Paltrow wor...

Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Bad

2/21/2013 8:07pm EST
Kim Novak
Most celebrities have had "a little work done" over the course of their careers, going for the usual nip here or tuck there to improve their appearance and keep themselves looking youthful enough to keep landing the big roles; and then there are the few dozen who have taken cosmetic surgery procedures to their most extreme.

Take former Dead or Alive singer Pete Burns, for instance. Known in the early 80s for his flamboyant, androgynous appearance, Burns has undergone several cosmetic surgeries -- likening them to simply "buying a new sofa" and saying it's something he'll always keep doing ...

Melanie Griffith Bombarded By 'Nasty' Tweets

10/23/2012 9:29am EDT
Melanie Griffith
Melanie Griffith has fallen victim to "nasty" online trolls who criticize her looks on

The Working Girl star is relatively new to the social website after being introduced to tweeting by her daughter Dakota Johnson earlier this year.

However, the actress reveals she has received a less-than-warm welcome from some users, who regularly take aim at the blonde's appearance.

She tells Us Weekly, "Most people are telling me I look horrible. The tweets I get are really nasty."

"I don't know if I look that great. I work out a lot. I have a trainer that I (work with) four times ...

Antonio Banderas & Melanie Griffith Are Still Together

8/6/2012 11:09am EDT
Antonio Banderas & Melanie Griffith
Amid ongoing rumors of marital strife, Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith put on a united front on Saturday while attending a charity gala together in Spain.

In recent weeks the couple has been dogged by speculation of an impending split, with sources claiming the pair was growing apart.

However, Antonio and Melanie, who wed in 1996, walked the red carpet at the Starlite Gala in Marbella. The pair smiled as they posed for photos with their 16-year-old daughter, Stella.

For the third consecutive year Banderas hosted the event, which raises money for a series of charitable foundations.

Forgotten Friday Flick - 'Cherry 2000'

11/18/2011 2:12pm EST
Cherry 2000
A bit worn out on the whole "Twilight" threesome love story? Feel like the Bella and Edward romance is getting a bit mechanical? Well, check out a different, but equally romantic (and robotic!) love triangle selection below because it’s time for another...Forgotten Friday Flick! As promised this one is a love story about a man, his lovely fembot and a real woman who gives him pause in the automation-is-best department. Cue the soothing music, crack open the champagne and insert your memory microchip because love is in the air courtesy of five-star 1987 sci-fi camp classic..."Cherry 2000...

Melanie Griffith And Antonio Banderas Open Home For Obama Fundraiser

10/13/2011 1:10pm EDT
Barack Obama-JTM-046564.jpg
Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas are opening up their home to U.S. President Barack Obama to host an upcoming fundraiser.

The Hollywood couple has agreed to provide the venue for a national Latino gala on 24 October, which will be co-hosted by Eva Longoria at the property in Los Angeles.

Tickets for the event, which will target Obama's Latino supporters to raise cash for his election candidacy, cost between $5,000 and $35,800, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Prince Royce Rules The Univision Awards

7/22/2011 2:26pm EDT
Prince Royce
Latin pop star Prince Royce was the big winner at the Univision Network's Premios Juventud Awards in Miami, Florida on Thursday, walking away with four top honors.

The singer opened the show at the University of Miami's BankUnited Center in spectacular style with Daddy Yankee, performing the reggaeton rapper's song Ven conmigo (Come With Me) with 1,200 dancers taking part in a futuristic light show.

The night continued to go well for Royce as he walked away with accolades for Red Hot Artist, The Super Tour, My Tropical Artist and My Favorite Video for his hit Corazon sin Cara (Heart Wit...

Kara DioGuardi To Replace Christie Brinkley In 'Chicago'

6/17/2011 3:36pm EDT
Kara Dioguardi
Songwriter Kara DioGuardi is set to replace Christie Brinkley on Broadway when the model's run in musical Chicago comes to a close.

The former American Idol judge will make her theatrical debut as murderess Roxie Hart in the Award-winning musical. She will begin her eight-week run on September 5th.

DioGuardi is the latest celebrity to join the Big Apple cast - singer Ashlee Simpson and actresses Brooke Shields and Melanie Griffith have all taken the stage as Hart.

Meanwhile, Brinkley is in talks to head overseas with the role - and take the lead in the West End production of Chicago.

Celeb Beauty Salon Boss Pleads Guilty To Scamming Jennifer Aniston & Other Stars

1/23/2011 10:03am EST
Jennifer Aniston
A beauty salon boss accused of scamming A-list clients including Jennifer Aniston and Liv Tyler out of thousands of dollars has pleaded guilty to a charge of fraud as part of a plea deal.

Maria Hashemipour was arrested in August on federal fraud charges for allegedly stealing her clients' credit card information and making fraudulent purchases on their behalf.

Hashemipour, owner of the exclusive Beverly Hills Chez Gabriela Studio, is said to have tallied $280,000 in unauthorised charges to clients including Aniston, Tyler, Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry, Cher and Melanie Griffith.

On Friday ...

Elton John Advises Lindsay Lohan To Ditch 'Pampering' Rehab Centers

10/21/2010 1:21pm EDT
Elton John
Elton John is urging Lindsay Lohan to swap "pampering" rehab centers for a tough "boot camp" treatment course - because the troubled actress needs serious professional help with her problems.

The British singer spent years battling alcohol and drug demons and endured numerous stints in clinics as he attempted to kick his addictions. The Rocket Man admits he can empathize with Lohan, who has spent this year in and out of prison and rehab as she tries to get sober, but fears she may be taking the wrong approach to her treatment.

Lohan is currently a patient at the Betty Ford clinic in Ca...

Melanie Griffith Snubbed By 'Dancing' Bosses

9/3/2010 8:13am EDT
Melanie Griffith
Working Girl star Melanie Griffith was snubbed when she requested a spot on the new season of TV talent show Dancing With The Stars, according to industry reports.

The actress is a huge fan of the show and has been vying for the chance to wow judges with a professional dancer for months - but producers weren't interested.

Reports suggest Sylvester Stallone, Condoleezza Rice and Tim Allen were among the stars who turned series bosses down, while Griffith was never even considered, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

A source tells the publication that Griffith has been trying - and fa...

Salon Owner Swindled Jennifer Aniston, Cher & Other Stars In Credit Card Scam

8/19/2010 8:20am EDT
Jennifer Aniston
Liv Tyler, Cher and Jennifer Aniston have been caught up in a beauty salon boss' get-rich-quick credit card scheme, according to new reports.

The trio, as well as stars like Anne Hathaway and Melanie Griffith, have been named in an affidavit obtained by following an investigation by Secret Service officials.

The lawmakers accuse Maria Gabriella Perez, the owner of Beverly Hills salon Chez Gabriela Studio, of overcharging her famous clients and then stealing their credit card information.

According the the documents, the accused swindled $214,000 from Tyler alone.

Perez was arres...

Happy 50th Birthday, Antonio Banderas!

8/10/2010 8:36am EDT
Antonio Banderas
Celebrations are in order - it's Antonio Banderas' 50th birthday! The star was born Jose Antonio Dominguez Banderas in Spain 50 years ago today and dreamed of being a professional soccer star until a broken foot ended his sporting dreams - and put him on the path to Tinseltown.

After launching his acting career on the Spanish stage, Banderas found fame in Hollywood with roles in hit movies including "Desperado," "The Mask of Zorro" and the "Shrek" franchise, making him one of Spain's most successful exports.

Now, as Banderas reaches a new milestone, WENN takes a look back at his life with...

Chris Klein Checks Into Rehab

6/21/2010 12:30pm EDT
Chris Klein
American Pie star Chris Klein has checked himself in a rehabilitation facility in Utah to deal with alcohol addiction following his arrest for driving under the influence (DUI) last week.

The actor's car was pulled over by police in Los Angeles on June 16th and he was taken into custody after failing a sobriety test. He was released from jail hours later on $25,000 bail and now Klein is seeking professional help at the Cirque Lodge to battle his drinking problem.

His representative, Jaime Primak, tells, "After recent events, Chris was forced to take a clear look at a problem ...

Scarlett Johansson & Catherine Zeta-Jones Triumph At Tony Awards; See Full List Of Winners, Photos

6/14/2010 9:06am EDT
Tony Awards
John Logan's Broadway hit "Red" landed the lion's share of honors at the 64th annual Tony Awards, including Best Play and Best Director. The hit show, starring Brits Alfred Molina and Eddie Redmayne, picked up five awards at New York's Radio City Music Hall.

Bon Jovi star David Bryan's "Memphis" was also the toast of Broadway, picking up four awards - including the night's Best Musical honor. "Fela!" and "La Cage aux Folles" claimed only three of their 11 nominations each.

Onstage husband and wife Denzel Washington and Viola Davis were big winners, claiming the night's Best Actor and Actr...

Weekly Fashion Wrap Up: Jake Gyllenhaal, Cameron Diaz & More!

5/21/2010 11:18am EDT
Here's our wrap up of the week's best and worst looks. The men top our list this week - Go Team Jake!

Jake Gyllenhaal - just for the sake of having a picture up of Jake looking hot in a suit!

Robin Thicke shows us that men have a place on our best dressed list - props to him for not wearing a boring suit!

Cameron Diaz looks red hot in this dress at the "Shrek" premiere.

Someone, somewhere is going to disagree with us - but we think Jayde Nicole looks fun and flirty in this little number. Also, we are loving the haircut!


Oh Melanie Grffith, nothing ab...