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Now Playing: Beyonce and Ed Sheeran Perform Epic Duet Beyonce and Ed Sheeran Perform Epic Duet
2015-09-28 'Scream Queens' Spoiler Alert! Our Favorite Characters & Shocking Moments
2015-09-25 Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Beyonce Top VS List
2015-09-25 Who Is Hollywood's Top Celeb Dog?
2015-09-24 Ariana Grande Ditches Infamous Pony & Reveals Natural Curls
2015-09-22 Katy Perry Gearing Up for Holiday Dance Track
2015-09-22 Selena Gomez Revival Sneak Peek- Ariana NEW Single “Focus”- Kylie Jenner Lips
2015-09-18 Wheel of Musical Impressions with Ariana Grande
2015-09-16 Ariana Grande Nails Spot-On Impressions of Britney Spears, Celine Dion and Christina Aguilera
2015-09-16 Ariana Grande Played an Adorable Annie
2015-09-16 Ariana Grande Does Musical Impressions on The Tonight Show
2015-09-16 Ariana Grande Teases Fans with Big Announcement
2015-09-16 Ariana Grande's Celebrity Impressions on Jimmy Fallon Are Crazy-Good
2015-09-16 Ariana Grande Nails Impersonations of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera & Celine Dion
2015-09-16 Fallon Channels Sting, Ariana Grande Imitate Britney on 'Tonight'
2015-09-16 Ariana Grande Does AMAZING Impression of Christina Aguilera and More!
2015-09-16 Ed Sheeran Named Most Influential Artist Under 25
2015-08-19 Ariana Grande Covers Disney Song For New Compilation Album
2015-08-18 Ariana Grande Fans Demand That 'The Wendy Williams Show' Be Canceled
2015-08-15 Twitter Slams Wendy Williams After Ariana Grande Body-Shaming Comments
2015-08-15 The Women Taking Over Celeb Land
2015-08-14 Star-Filled Countdown For Justin Bieber's Upcoming Single
2015-08-11 Ariana Grande's Dog Becomes a Fashion Model
2015-07-29 'Scream Queens' Cast Interview
2015-07-23 Man Found Dead in Demi Moore's Swimming Pool
2015-07-20 One Direction's Louis Tomlinson Expecting a Baby and More
2015-07-15 Demi Lovato SHADES Ariana Grande!? - Zayn Disses Naughty Boy Calls Him FAT (DHR)
2015-07-14 Ariana Grande Escapes Prosecution in Doughnut Scandal
2015-07-14 From Vegan to Paleo: Healthy Diets The Celebrities Swear By
2015-07-14 Ariana Grande Will Not Be Criminally Charged in Donut Licking Incident
2015-07-14 Demi Lovato Denies She Dissed Ariana Grande at MLB All-Star Concert
2015-07-13 Pop Singer Ariana Grande Issues Second Apology for Saying She Hates America
2015-07-11 Celebs React to Ariana Grande's Donut-Gate
2015-07-10 Ariana Grande Issues Video Apology for "Doughnut Fiasco"
2015-07-10 Ariana Grande's Sweet Apology for Doughnut Incident
2015-07-10 Ariana Grande Apologizes for Licking Donuts: “I Made A Mistake”
2015-07-10 Ariana Grande Issues Apology Video for 'Donut Fiasco'
2015-07-10 Ariana Grande: I'm Not Here to Justify My Behaviour
2015-07-10 Tyga CHEATS on Kylie – Demi Lovato Lyric Video - Ariana Grande Hates America (DH
2015-07-09 Ariana Grande Apologizes for Saying 'I Hate America'
2015-07-09 Police Investigating Ariana Grande's Video Doughnut Licking
2015-07-09 Ariana Grande & Her New Boyfriend & Justin Bieber's Butt
2015-07-09 Shop Owner Wants Ariana Grande to Face Criminal Charges for Licking Donuts
2015-07-09 Jon Hamm Splits from Partner After 16 Years
2015-07-09 Ariana Grande: I'm Sorry for Saying 'I Hate America'
2015-07-09 Ariana Grande Faces California Police Inquiry Over Doughnut-Licking Incident
2015-07-09 Police Investigating Ariana Grande's Video Doughnut Licking
2015-07-09 Ariana Grande Says She Hates America, Pulls Out of MLB Concert
2015-07-09 Fox News' Laura Ingraham Did Not Take That Ariana Grande Video Lightly
2015-07-09 Ariana Grande Licking Donuts Video Is Now an Official Police Investigation
2015-07-09 Police Investigated Ariana Grande's Donut Shop Licking and 'I Hate America' Video
2015-07-09 Ariana Grande Hates America and Licks Doughnuts
2015-07-08 Ariana Grande -- Bails on MLB Concert ... 'I Hate Americans' Backlash to Blame?
2015-07-08 Ariana Grande -- Bails on MLB Concert ... 'I Hate Americans' Backlash to Blame?
2015-07-08 Ariana Grande Tongues New Boyfriend and an Innocent Donut
2015-07-07 Ariana Grande Dating Her Dancer? Carter Reynolds Alleged Statutory Rape in Leake
2015-07-03 Big Sean on Ariana Grande Breakup: 'No Mistakes, Only Lessons'
2015-06-29 19 of the Best Celebrity Hair Flips
2015-06-28 Ariana Grande Shocks Fans on Instagram
2015-06-26 Vin Diesel Unveils New 'Fast and Furious' Theme Park Ride
2015-06-26 Ariana Grande Debuts a Shorter Hairstyle - Kind Of!
2015-06-25 10 Hot Celebrity Summer Flings
2015-06-24 Justin Bieber & Taylor Swift Song In The Works? - Ariana Grande New Track (DHR)
2015-06-20 Miley Cyrus Met Her AmfAR Agender Date Tyler Ford Through Ariana Grande
2015-06-18 Ed Sheeran Thanks Eminem for Stutter Free Career
2015-06-10 Miley Naked With A Pig - Katy Perry Dissing Taylor In 1984 Track?
2015-06-09 Ariana Grande Goes on Epic Social Media Rant
2015-06-08 Ariana Grande Blasts Gender Double Standards, Slut-Shaming
2015-06-08 Ariana Grande Talks Feminism on Twitter, Not to Be Called "Big Sean's Ex"
2015-06-08 Ariana Grande & Niall Horan Dating? Harry Styles Talks Going Solo
2015-06-05 Lorde & Ellie Goulding Diss Taylor Partying W/ Katy Perry?-Caitlyn Jenner's Show
2015-06-04 Romance Rumours Heat Up for Ariana Grande and Niall Horan
2015-06-04 Ariana Grande: Don't F*#% with My Puppies
2015-06-04 Niall Horan And Ariana Grande Enjoy Night Out In London
2015-06-02 Ariana Grande Confirms Third Album Title