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Birth Name: Victoria Gotti
Born: 11/27/1962
Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, USA

In 1995, she penned her first book, Women and Mitral Valve Prolapse, which detailed her own struggle with her condition. Its success led to more writing opportunities, including columnist stints with the New York Post and the Star tabloid, as well as a string of mystery novels and memoirs that purported to tell the "truth" about the Gotti family's lives. Her account often clashed mightily with reality, as evidenced by brother John's conviction on extortion and bribery charges, and her husband's arrest for allegedly threatening a business competitor. Undercover investigation videos also showed Agnello engaged in an affair with his bookkeeper, yet Gotti remained steadfast in her support of her husband, who eventually served a nine-year sentence before Gotti divorced him in 2003. Gotti's father also passed away from cancer during this period. In 2005, she and her sons became the subject of "Growing Up Gotti" (A&E, 2004-05), which detailed their extravagant lives in their Long Island mansion. The series was criticized for celebrating a family whose financial gains had been incurred through criminal means, as well as for her sons' boorish behavior. Her stock plummeted even further that year when her claims of having breast cancer were challenged in the press, forcing her to revise her diagnosis to "pre-cancerous." In 2009, her mansion, once worth $11.4 million, was in foreclosure after Gotti failed to pay her mortgage. She resurfaced in 2012 as a contestant on the fifth installment of "Celebrity Apprentice" (NBC, 2004- ).

By Paul Gaita