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Now Playing: 2014 Kids Choice Awards Nominations Are Out Selena Gomez and Cara Delevingne Return to Los Angeles
2014-07-25 Selena Gomez Celebrates Birthday with New Man
2014-07-24 Selena Gomez Caught Snuggling With New Guy
2014-07-24 Selena Gomez And Cara Delevingne Are Still Living It Up In St Tropez
2014-07-24 Toni Garrn, Cara Delevingne and Selena Gomez Leaving For The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Gala
2014-07-24 Selena Gomez Celebrates Her 22nd Birthday with Cara Delevingne
2014-07-23 Selena Gomez’s Best Boobie Moments! From Red Carpet Exposure To Casual Cleavage!
2014-07-23 Cara Delevingne & Selena Gomez Celebrate Selena's Birthday
2014-07-23 Check Out Selena Gomez's Fashion Frenzy
2014-07-22 Fans Go Crazy for Selena Gomez at the Ischia Global Film & Music Fest
2014-07-21 Selena Gomez's Bohemian Fashion at Italian Ischia Global Festival
2014-07-20 Bieber Who? Selena Gomez Kisses Fans and Poses With Shirtless Boys in Italy
2014-07-19 Justin Bieber Is Getting Even Friendlier With This Underage Beauty
2014-07-19 Justin Bieber Could Cause Hollywood Club To Loose Liquor License
2014-07-18 Selena Gomez Gets New Back Tattoo
2014-07-17 What 'Faking It' Star Gregg Sulkin Can Fake Better Than Anyone
2014-07-17 Inside the One Night Each Year When Actors Get to Be Fans
2014-07-17 Selena Gomez's Nip Slip During Girls Night Out
2014-07-13 Selena Gomez's Most Killer Looks in 90 Seconds
2014-07-13 7 Most Powerful Power Couples in Music
2014-07-13 Selena Gomez's Nipples Star in This Week's One Minute Buzz
2014-07-13 Selena Gomez 'Is Trying to Move on with Her Life'
2014-07-12 Selena Gomez: Plastic Surgeons Chime in About Rumored Boob Job
2014-07-11 Justin Bieber Will Be on Probation for Two Years
2014-07-10 Justin Bieber Will Be Attending Selena Gomez's Secret Birthday Party
2014-07-09 Demi Lovato Disses Selena Gomez on Twitter
2014-07-06 9 Guys Selena Gomez Has 'Dated'
2014-07-06 8 Top Selena Gomez Music Videos of All Time
2014-07-06 Teen Choice Awards 2014 Predictions: Selena Gomez Vs. Ariana Grande
2014-07-06 Justin Bieber Reportedly Proposes to Selena Gomez After Shopping for a Ring
2014-07-03 Is Selena Gomez's Stalker Back on the Prowl?
2014-07-02 Jennifer Lopez's Romantic Holiday Weekend Plans
2014-07-02 Selena Gomez's Next Album: Greatest Hits Compilation?
2014-06-29 Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas Want to Start a Band Together
2014-06-29 Selena Gomez Has a Case of June Gloom
2014-06-28 Are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Getting Engaged?
2014-06-27 Selena Gomez Shows Off Hot Bod in Bikini
2014-06-25 Justin Bieber Has Been Involved in a Car Crash
2014-06-25 Justin and Selena Step Out Together in Los Angeles and More
2014-06-24 Cops Called on Public Disturbance at Selena Gomez's Party on a Tuesday!
2014-06-22 Selena Gomez Admits "I'm Living In A Bubble," Reveals She "Never Showered" During Trip To Nepal
2014-06-21 Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Are Back Together: They "Just Can't Drop Those Feelings"
2014-06-21 Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez's Romantic Birthday Celebration
2014-06-18 Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's Reunion Captured on Camera
2014-06-18 Justin Bieber & Cody Simpson Collaborating on New Song
2014-06-15 Justin Bieber Wins Selena Gomez Back After Romantic Weekend in Canada
2014-06-13 Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Back on & Kissing on Instagram?
2014-06-12 Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Together Again?
2014-06-12 Bieber Deletes Intimate Pic with Selena Gomez
2014-06-12 Inside Info on Miley Cyrus' Diss to Selena Gomez
2014-06-11 Miley Cyrus Disrespects Selena Gomez During Bangerz Concert
2014-06-10 Orlando Bloom Laughs Off Dating Rumors As Miranda Gets Cozy With New Man
2014-06-10 7 Things You Didn't Know About Selena Gomez
2014-06-08 Selena Gomez Calls Justin 'Stupid & Immature' But Not Racist
2014-06-08 Justin Bieber Back In Jail for "Behaving Badly"
2014-06-05 Selena Gomez Swearing Off Men After Justin Bieber?
2014-06-01 Is Selena Gomez Swearing Off Men?
2014-06-01 Selena Gomez Tours Nepal in Role as UNICEF Ambassador
2014-05-30 Kim Kardashian Steals Most-Liked Instagram Photo From Bieber
2014-05-30 Did Justin Bieber Hang with Kylie Jenner to Taunt Selena?
2014-05-29 Niall Horan & Selena Gomez Date at Katy Perry’s Concert?
2014-05-29 Justin Bieber Let Adriana Lima Rebound From Her Marital Split With Him?!
2014-05-29 The Crop Top: Summer's Hottest Trend
2014-05-29 Selena Gomez 'Takes Her Power Back' in New Instagram Pic
2014-05-25 Selena Gomez Gives Back at Her Nepal Unicef Trip
2014-05-25 Did Selena Gomez Have a Miscarriage?
2014-05-18 Did Selena Gomez Miscarry Justin Bieber’s Baby in 2012?
2014-05-15 All the Celebs Lorde Has Dissed (So Far)
2014-05-11 Pop Star Selena Gomez Selling Her Starter Home For $3.49 M
2014-05-10 Selena Gomez: Jon Stewart Says Justin Bieber 'Ruined' Her
2014-05-09 Justin Bieber Spotted with Kylie Jenner in Las Vegas
2014-05-07 Selena Gomez on the 2014 Met Gala Red Carpet
2014-05-07 Met Gala Is A Sexy Must Be Seen Fashion Show
2014-05-07 Kylie Jenner Gets Close to Justin Bieber
2014-05-05 Taylor Swift Gives Advice to Selena Gomez

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