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Forgotten Friday Flick - 'Hiding Out'

3/16/2012 12:22pm EDT
Hiding out photo
With "21 Jump Street" in full movie release mode this weekend, it reminded me of another 80’s gem where an adult also goes back to high school with equally interesting results – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick! While some youthful looking grown ups head back to teen land in pursuit of something, this is one underrated gem where the lead man is actually running away. Shaving the beard, dying his hair blonde and borrowing his name off a coffee can, were checking out the Jon Cryer 1986 vehicle..."Hiding Out."

Andrew Morenski is a successful stockbroker. He’s got a great job, a plac...

Interview: Director Ami Canaan Mann On 'Texas Killing Fields', Her Fabulous Cast and Influences Via Father Michael

1/31/2012 2:40pm EST
Ami Mann photo
When one thinks of "Manhunter" and "Heat" film director Michael Mann, stunning visual style and tone comes to mind – like father, like daughter. Filmmaker Ami Canaan Mann is making a name for herself by creating her own memorable work and her latest is the dark and moody crime thriller "Texas Killing Fields" (out Jan. 31 from Anchor Bay Home Entertainment) starring Sam Worthington, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Jessica Chastain and Chloe Grace Moretz. The film, which marks a real bold stroke for Mann in both style and tone, is loosely based on true events about the murder of various women who were...

Rewind Recaps - Brotherhood: "Things Have Changed 1:7-8"

4/23/2011 5:00pm EDT
The first season of Brotherhood had a finale that was pretty much perfect. The end of season two couldn't quite meet that high standard, but in a way, that belies the more tumultuous nature of the show's sophomore year.

When last we left Providence, things had gotten kind of ugly. They've only gotten worse since then. The one-time informant Marty Trio is no longer with us thanks to Colin, Freddie Cork is on the run, and everyone else is up in arms. Moe Riley (I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm amazed this guy has a pulse) meets with Michael, who wants to know where Fr...

Rewind Recaps - Brotherhood: 'Only A Pawn...1:7-8'

4/16/2011 6:55pm EDT
The biggest episode of Brotherhood's second season is episode seven. It's election day, and when things don't go smoothly, Tommy is forced to take desperate measures to secure his position. On the other side of the equation, Michael shoots a hitman point-blank in the head. It's not a docile episode by any means.

While everyone's out trying to get Tommy reelected, Michael is asked by the Italian mobster Alphonse Nozzoli to escort an incoming hitman to and from his job. When Michael asks what the intended target did to deserve being murdered, he gets the vaguest of vague answers. Th...

Rewind Recaps - Brotherhood: "One Too Many Mornings 3:4-8"

4/9/2011 5:00pm EDT
Last month, we cracked season one of Brotherhood. Welcome to season two.

The near-perfect conclusion to season one is a tough act to follow. In fact, the entirety of season one is one of the best self-contained stories I've ever seen told on television; if the creative team had wanted to quit while they were ahead I would have understood. Thankfully, they didn't.

It's a few months after season one. Tommy (Jason Clarke) has a lot of anger to deal with over wife Eileen's (Annabeth Gish) infidelities, so he decides to take it out on a wall with a sledgehammer. Though he and Eileen tr...

Rewind Recaps - Brotherhood: 'Matthew 22:10'

4/2/2011 4:53pm EDT
We've come to the end of season one of Brotherhood. This is the episode that's affectionately referred to as the show's "[Robert] Altman film." I call it a season finale that is not a season finale.

What do I mean by that? I've noticed a trend over the years, wherein season premieres and season finales are expected to be huge affairs. Things explode, mysteries are created, cliffhangers are written, et cetera. For some shows, that works. At other times, the need for a huge event comes dangerously close to eclipsing the actual point. Thankfully, Brotherhood's first-season finale is no...

Interview: Blake Masters Revisits 'Brotherhood'

4/2/2011 4:36pm EDT
I've been unable to stop raving about Brotherhood since I started watching the Showtime series earlier this month. And I'm not alone in thinking it an amazing piece of drama. To share my joy and further dissect three brilliant seasons, I went to the source: Blake Masters, the man who created the series and wrote half of it. Here's what Masters, who went on to help develop NBC's Law & Order: Los Angeles, had to say about his Peabody Award-winning first TV series.

Spoiler alert: This interview discusses all three seasons of Brotherhood. If you're planning on watching the show (which ...

Rewind Recaps – Brotherhood: “Vivekchaudamani: 51″

3/26/2011 5:00pm EDT
It's one thing to produce one great episode. It's entirely another to have a great arc of episodes. Brotherhood's ninth episode was near-perfect - and the tenth episode continues a sterling conclusion to the first season of the Showtime drama.

Firstly, the episode has another shocking opening. I somewhat choked on my soda when I was greeted with the image of an unfortunate soul who's been thrown to his death off the roof of a building. Pete doesn't like the guy very much. Not that it matters as he's now in a pool of his own blood on the sidewalk below.

Rose and her friend later stum...

Rewind Recaps - Brotherhood: "Ecclesiastes 7:2"

3/19/2011 2:21pm EDT
Grief is one of the hardest things in human existence to deal with. It's also one of the most universal. Brotherhood's ninth episode tackles it head-on, weaving an emotionally moving story without shying away from the more suspect undertones that have always colored the series.

The episode starts with a horrific bang, when Freddie Cork's son Ricky jumps from an overpass, causing a vicious traffic accident that claims several lives, including those of Marty Trio's wife and Carl Hobbs, the mailman with whom Eileen had been cheating on Tommy. As far as huge accident scenes go, I don't...

Rewind Recaps - Brotherhood: 'Matthew 5:6'

3/12/2011 5:00pm EST
Before he was taking back a city on FOX's The Chicago Code, Jason Clarke was taking over a different one, starring as Rhode Island politician - and sibling to a gangster - Tommy Caffee in Showtime's Peabody Award-winning family drama Brotherhood (2006-2008).

And "Matthew 5:6," the series' fourth episode, was my lightbulb moment.

I'd watched the first three episodes with interest, seeing characters develop and plots emerge, but I wasn't entirely sold. That is, until the Secret Service executed a raid during the Caffee family's Sunday dinner. Then I couldn't stop watching.

You see, t...

'X-Files' 10 Best Episodes

7/25/2008 11:34am EDT
The X-Files: I Want to Believe
After six long years, we may finally discover the ultimate truth. Today, the second "X-Files" movie hits theaters a decade after the first movie and six years after the series went off the air. All that time apart from Mulder and Scully has inevitably left fans feeling disconnected from the characters and casual viewers forgetting the show altogether.

This will probably result in the film being a massive financial failure (the first movie barely cracked $80 million at a time when 20 million people tuned in every week), but for the true X-Philes out there "The X-Files: I Want to Believ...

Showtime's 'Brotherhood' To Return For A Third Season

1/23/2008 1:05pm EST
Showtime has ordered a third season of its critically-acclaimed one-hour drama series "Brotherhood." Eight one-hour episodes have been ordered of the gritty, political-crime drama starring Jason Isaacs, Jason Clarke and Annabeth Gish.

The series will continue to shoot on location in Providence, Rhode Island. "'Brotherhood' is one of our shining hours at Showtime -- a drama series that is among the highest quality shows offered anywhere on television, and we're proud to keep it firmly in our portfolio," said Greenblatt.

One of the most critically praised television series of the l...

Lifetime's Memorial Day Weekend Features Movies, Miniseries & Salute To Armed Forces

5/26/2007 9:00am EDT
Brooke Shields
Lifetime Television's Memorial Day weekend features a cavalcade of movies and miniseries along with a special salute to the men and women in the Armed Forces, leading up to the premiere of the network's drama series "Army Wives" -- the first of three new Lifetime dramas debuting this summer -- on Sunday, June 3, at 10PM (ET/PT).

Airing both Saturday, May 26, and Sunday, May 27, from 11AM-11PM (ET/PT), the "Beach Reads" movie festival stars Brooke Shields, Lindsay Frost, Annabeth Gish, Lacey Chabert, Annette O'Toole, Gena Rowlands, Tom Berenger and Ken Olin, in stories from writers incl...

Janel Moloney Joins Showtime's Drama Series 'Brotherhood' For Four Episodes

5/11/2007 4:45pm EDT
Janel Moloney
Showtime's critically-acclaimed original series Brotherhood, which was recently honored with a prestigious George Foster Peabody Award, brings acclaimed actress Janel Moloney to the series for four episodes. Ten new one-hour episodes of Brotherhood are scheduled to premiere this fall.

The series currently stars Jason Isaacs, Jason Clarke, Annabeth Gish, Ethan Embry, Kevin Chapman, Fiona Erickson with Bran F. O'Byrne and Fionnula Flanagan.

Moloney will play Dana Chase, an attractive, professional woman who mysteriously strikes up a relationship with Tommy Caffee (Jason Clarke) tha...

Celebrity Birthdays, March 13

3/13/2007 3:00am EDT
Cillian Murphy
Happy Birthday to singing/songwriting twins Natalie and Nicole Albino of Nina Sky (1986), "Alpha Dog" actor Emile Hirsch (1985), "The Ring" actress Rachael Bella (1984), "That 70s Show" actor Danny Masterson (1976), "Red Eye" star Cillian Murphy (1974), Disturbed lead singer David Draiman (1973), actress Annabeth Gish (1971), U2 bassist Adam Clayton (1960), prolific actress Dana Delany (1956), "What's Happening!!" star Fred Berry (1951; d. 2003), screen actor William H. Macy (1950), singer/songwriter Neil Sedaka (1939), and science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard (1911; d. 1986).

Alicia Silverstone To Star in Hallmark Film

9/29/2006 10:34am EDT
Alicia Silverstone
“Candles On Bay Street,” a new "Hallmark Hall of Fame" presentation starring Alicia Silverstone, Annabeth Gish, Emmy Award winner and nominee Polly Bergen and Eion Bailey will be broadcast Sunday, Nov. 26, (9 p.m., ET/PT) on CBS. In this drama, a spirited young woman moves back to the small town of her youth with her son after a 13-year absence, creating a whirl of emotions for her formerly smitten childhood friend and his wife.

Sam Timmons' (Bailey) past and present worlds collide when Dee Dee Michaud (Silverstone), his childhood friend and secret first crush, who left town with anot...

Showtime's 'Brotherhood' Debuts Tonight

7/9/2006 8:00am EDT
Jason Isaacs stars in Brotherhood
“Brotherhood,” set against the disparate worlds of politicians and mob bosses, looks at how gray good and evil can be. Placed in a fictional Irish neighborhood in Providence, Rhode Island, known as "The Hill," the series explores what lengths people go to achieve the elusive American dream.

The show stars Jason Isaacs and Jason Clarke as Michael and Tommy Caffee, two brothers on opposite sides of the law, determined to protect the neighborhood and what is theirs by whatever means necessary.

It is a story of rivalry and revenge, of loyalty and allegiance and ultimately of family ...

'Stephen King's Desperation' Airs Tonight on ABC

5/23/2006 8:01am EDT
Ron Perlman plays a creepy cop in Desperation
An unlikely band of people find themselves forced to be reluctant heroes as they battle an unspeakable horror in a small, Nevada desert town, in the three-hour original film, "Stephen King's Desperation," airing on ABC tonight (8:00-11:00 p.m., ET).

In the middle of the vast, empty Nevada desert stands the once proud mining town of Desperation - a harmless, non-descript little community that one may briefly notice on a drive to some distant vacation destination. But something evil has taken over Desperation - its name is Tak -- and its mission is to eliminate anyone who gets close to ...

Celebrity Birthdays, March 13

3/13/2006 3:00am EST
Cillian Murphy
Happy Birthday to singing/songwriting twins Natalie and Nicole Albino of Nina Sky (1986), "Alpha Dog" actor Emile Hirsch (1985), "The Ring" actress Rachael Bella (1984), "That 70s Show" actor Danny Masterson (1976), "Red Eye" star Cillian Murphy (1974), Disturbed lead singer David Draiman (1973), actress Annabeth Gish (1971), U2 bassist Adam Clayton (1960), prolific actress Dana Delany (1956), "What's Happening!!" star Fred Berry (1951; d. 2003), screen actor William H. Macy (1950), singer/songwriter Neil Sedaka (1939), and science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard (1911; d. 1986).