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Ten Surprising Celebrity Deaths Of 2014

12/9/2014 6:59pm EST
10 Surprising Celebrity Deaths Of 2014
Year-end death lists usually include older stars who've lived long, fulfilling lives. People aren't usually too upset to see them go to the great big beyond. But when a star fades too early, particularly under unsettling circumstances, his or her passing can be shocking.

It was well known that Robin Williams battled substance abuse and depression and had been to rehab several times for drug addiction and alcoholism. Still, his death was shocking -- particularly the circumstances. Williams killed himself on Aug. 11. Following his passing, it was revealed that the comedian battled depression...

Peaches Geldof Died Of Heroin Overdose, Confirms Coroner

7/23/2014 11:43am EDT
Peaches Geldof Died Of Heroin Overdose, Confirms Coroner
British socialite Peaches Geldof had been receiving treatment for heroin addiction for two and a half years before she died of a drug overdose last April.

During an inquest in Kent, England, her husband Thomas Cohen said Peaches, 25, had been taking heroin substitute methadone and undergoing weekly testing; however, he suspected she was using again.

In February, she flushed a bag of heroin down the toilet that she had stashed in the attic after Thomas confronted her about her drug use.

When she died on April 7, police searched the couple's home and found 6.9 grams of heroin, several need...

10 Celebrities Who Secretly Went To Rehab

5/24/2014 8:00pm EDT
10 Celebrities Who Secretly Went To Rehab
Actor Zac Efron battled a cocaine addiction and dabbled with party drug Molly, prompting him to seek professional help in March 2013. He was treated for several weeks. He reportedly relapsed while filming the comedy Neighbors and headed back into rehab as soon as the movie was finished.

He told The Hollywood Reporter in April: "I was drinking a lot, way too much. It's never one specific thing. I mean, you're in your 20s, single, going through life in Hollywood, you know?

"Everything is thrown at you. I wouldn't take anything back; I needed to learn everything I did. But it was an interest...

Peaches Geldof's Death Caused By Heroin Overdose

5/1/2014 6:17am EDT
Peaches Geldof
The results of toxicology reports done on Peaches Geldof following her death earlier this month reveal that the British socialite died of a heroin overdose.

The results were set to be released on Thursday, but the news was leaked by UK newspaper The Times of London on Wednesday, infuriating a Kent city official, according to

"[I]f I find out who leaked it I will cut their balls off," the official told the website.

Geldof was found dead in her home in Wrotham, Kent, England, on April 7, and police found no evidence of drugs or drug paraphernalia in her home.

Geldof, who had beco...

Peaches Geldof's Cause Of Death 'Inconclusive' Following Autopsy

4/9/2014 10:42pm EDT
Peaches Geldof
The autopsy performed on late British TV presenter Peaches Geldof, who died suddenly on Monday, has come up inconclusive, according to reports.

The autopsy was carried out on Wednesday at Darent Valley hospital in Dartford, Kent, and the cause of Geldof's "sudden and unexplained" death could now be weeks away pending a series of toxicology tests to find out if any drugs or alcohol was in her system.

Peaches, the daughter of former Boomtown Rats rocker Bob Geldof and late model Paula Yates, was found dead in her home in Kent, South East England Monday afternoon.

Several sources now report...

Celebrities React To Peaches Geldof's Death

4/7/2014 6:03pm EDT
Peaches Geldof
Stars have come out to offer their tributes and prayers to the Geldof family after Peaches Geldof was found dead today at the young age of 25.

Lily Allen, Lorde, and Simon Cowell are among those who have offered condolences to the family. See their words below:

@lilyallen My thoughts are with Peaches' family at this awful time. I hope they get to grieve in peace. Peaches, rest in peace gorgeous girl

— Lily Allen (@lilyallen) April 7, 2014

Peaches! You beautiful thing. Rest with the angels. My thoughts and prayers go out to all that knew and loved you.

— Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Mil...

Pregnant Celebrities Expecting In 2013

1/3/2013 5:03pm EST
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian
Another year, another crop of celebrity babies! Here are the celebrities looking forward to a happy and healthy bundle of joy in 2013:

Twilight star Cam Gigandet and longtime girlfriend Dominique Geisendorff announced in June they are expecting their second child.

Mentalist actress Amanda Righetti and her husband Jordan Alan revealed they were expecting this past August.

Former Girls Next Door star and Playboy Playmate Holly Madison is expecting a child with Pasquale Rotella in March.

Malibu Country actress Sara Rue is expecting a child with husband Kevin Price early this ...

9 Celebrities Accused Of Stealing

8/29/2012 1:00pm EDT
9 Celebrities Accused Of Stealing
In recent news, Lindsay Lohan was just let off the hook by L.A. District Attorney in a burglary case involving jewelry and cash. The actress was reportedly named among other suspects for a theft from a private residence in Hollywood. The case was dropped due to insufficient evidence. This isn't the first time Ms. Lohan has been accused of having sticky fingers. In 2011, she was accused of stealing when she walked out of a Venice store wearing a $2,500 necklace. How's that saying go about smoke and fire? And of course while writing this article, our favorite red head has been banned from Cha...

'The Dark Knight Rises' European Premiere Photos

7/19/2012 9:02am EDT
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
The cast from "The Dark Knight Rises" jetted from New York City on Tuesday to London on Wednesday for the European premiere of the highly anticipated film.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt looked playful yet dapper in a polka dot tie and navy blue suit. Fuzzy faced Christian Bale and his wife wore matching black ensembles.

Anne Hathaway, who plays the sultry catwoman, opted for a long gold shift dress embellished at the neckline with various baubles and beaded flowers.

Morgan Freeman was too cool for school in sunglasses and a purple button-down shirt beneath his black suit.

Check out photos from t...

Peaches Geldof Gives Birth To First Child

4/22/2012 4:24pm EDT
Peaches Geldof
Peaches Geldof has become a first-time mother after giving birth to a baby boy.

Bob Geldof's daughter announced on Saturday that she had welcomed a son named Astala with her rocker fiance Thomas Cohen.

The 23-year-old socialite confirmed the news in a post on her page, telling fans, "Yes, its true - I'm a mummy!!!!... My little boy is the most beautiful thing in this world. When he holds (his dad's) finger with his hand it's the sweetest thing ever."

A spokesman for the couple adds in a statement, "Peaches and Thomas are delighted to announce the birth of their son Astala. B...

Peaches Geldof Blames Weight Loss On Bird Flu

7/31/2011 2:23pm EDT
Peaches Geldof
Bob Geldof's wildchild daughter Peaches has defended her dramatic weight loss, insisting she shed the pounds as a result of avian flu.

The rock offspring shocked fans earlier this week by stepping out in a skimpy red dress, showing off her minuscule figure.

Geldof came under attack by critics for her skinny frame, but she has now hit back, insisting an illness initiated the weight loss.

She tells London's Evening Standard newspaper, "I've lost weight. I've had avian flu."

But the TV presenter is adamant she has not lost her appetite - she's just cut out junk food to maintain her new ima...

Peaches Geldof Blames Her Weight Loss On Bird Flu

7/30/2011 6:20pm EDT
Peaches Geldof
Bob Geldof's wildchild daughter Peaches has defended her dramatic weight loss, insisting she shed the pounds as a result of avian flu.

The rock offspring shocked fans earlier this week by stepping out in a skimpy red dress, showing off her minuscule figure.

Geldof came under attack by critics for her skinny frame, but she has now hit back, insisting an illness initiated the weight loss. She tells London's Evening Standard newspaper, "I've lost weight. I've had avian flu."

However, the TV presenter is adamant she has not lost her appetite - she's just cut out junk food to maintain her ...

Eli Roth & Peaches Geldof Break Up

11/1/2010 10:59pm EDT
Peaches Geldof and Eli Roth
Director Eli Roth and rock wildchild Peaches Geldof have called off their relationship due to their hectic schedules, according to reports.

"The Last Exorcism" filmmaker and Bob Geldof's socialite daughter, who celebrated their six-month anniversary in August, are said to have parted ways so they can focus on their work commitments.

But the pair has decided to remain friends, according to Britain's Sunday Mirror.

A source tells the newspaper, "Peaches is really sad that things didn't work out with Eli. They were very much in love and she'd never been so nuts about a guy.

"But both are h...

Romeo Turns 21, Makes A Milkshake

8/21/2010 5:59pm EDT
Rapper-turned-actor Romeo celebrated his 21st birthday in style on Thursday night by creating his very own milkshake.

The star took a break from his celebrations to visit Millions of Milkshakes in Hollywood and concoct his own sweet treat, which will become a menu item for his fans.

His cool creation features Reese's Pieces, cookie dough and banana.

Romeo is one of many stars who now have milkshakes named for them at the parlor - Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus, Peaches Geldof and Lil' Kim have all created delights there.

See more photos of Romeo here!

Peaches Geldof Dismisses Eli Roth Engagement Rumors

7/30/2010 11:57am EDT
Peaches Geldof-LMK-008209.jpg
Bob Geldof's daughter Peaches has no plans to marry her boyfriend Eli Roth, insisting rumors of an impending wedding are "made up lies".

British tabloid reports suggested the 21-year-old is planning to exchange vows with the Inglourious Basterds star in the New Year - less than a year after they began dating.

The pair was said to be planning a traditional Jewish ceremony on a New York rooftop and Roth's pal Quentin Tarantino was even named as one of the invited guests.

But the socialite has taken to her page to deny the gossip, writing: "Just so everyone knows, Eli and I are ...

Director Eli Roth & Peaches Geldof To Wed Next Year?

7/30/2010 9:09am EDT
Peaches Geldof
Bob Geldof's daughter Peaches is reportedly preparing to wed actor/director Eli Roth in January - less than a year after the pair began dating.

The rock offspring has been in a relationship with the "Hostel" moviemaker since March, and she's now said to be ready to walk down the aisle with the 38 year old - despite the 17-year age difference.

According to Britain's The Sun, the couple will marry in a Jewish ceremony in front of 50 guests in New York in the New Year.

A source tells the publication, "We wouldn't be surprised if they started a family together very soon. They are confident t...

Eli Roth Undergoes Surgery For Sea Urchin Attack

5/20/2010 4:00pm EDT
Eli Roth
Moviemaker and actor Eli Roth is still suffering from his near-death experience over the New Year when he was stung by deadly sea urchins - the star underwent surgery on Wednesday to remove one of the creature's spikes.

The Inglourious Basterds star was holidaying in Mexico when a kayaking adventure went wrong and he was pulled towards a sink hole. Roth managed to swim to a rock, only to find it was covered with poisonous urchins and he was stung 200 times. And now, months after the horrendous attack, Roth is still undergoing treatment for his injuries.

In a post on his personal Twitter...

Mother's Friend Concerned Over Peaches Geldof's Lifestyle

4/4/2010 3:00pm EDT
Another close pal of Peaches Geldof's later mother Paula Yates has allegedly expressed deep concern over the rock offspring's lifestyle, after snaps of the star half-naked and looking intoxicated hit the net.

Saucy pictures of Bob Geldof's wildchild daughter went online last week, showing the star on a bed, exposing her breasts with her legs in the air.

The pictures were posted by a man who claims to have enjoyed a drug-fuelled one-night stand with Geldof in Los Angeles in November last year.

Geldof's lawyer subsequently slammed the claims, stating: "The allegations that our clien...

Peaches Geldof Mistaken For A Transvestite

3/24/2010 2:05pm EDT
Peaches Geldof
British socialite Peaches Geldof was left red-faced recently after she was mistaken for a transvestite in the U.S.

The daughter of Bob Geldof was trying out outrageous make-up looks for her column in Nylon magazine, and took to the streets of New York City to show off her creations.

However, the over-the-top look, which was inspired by outlandish British singer Boy George, left some members of the public baffled.

She says, "In keeping with the beauty theme of this issue, I thought it would be fun to try out other people's make-up looks to see the reactions I get. Culture Club front ma...

Peaches Geldof Dating Eli Roth?

3/9/2010 7:00pm EST
Peaches Geldof
British socialite Peaches Geldof has sparked rumors she's dating actor/director Eli Roth - after the pair was photographed holding hands at an Academy Awards after-party.

The 20-year-old daughter of Bob Geldof was pictured on the red carpet of the Vanity Fair post-Oscars party in Los Angeles on Sunday night with the Hostel director, who appears in Oscar-nominated movie Inglourious Basterds.

Geldof, whose brief marriage to American musician Max Drummey ended last year, posed for pictures outside the bash with Roth, who is 17 years her senior, and also took to her page to desc...

Christmas Eve Eve Links

12/23/2008 6:00pm EST
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