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Rumor Patrol: Kim Kardashian's Illuminati Photo, Anne Hathaway Pregnant, More

11/9/2013 2:03pm EST
Kim Kardashian Illuminati
You can't go one week without hearing a ridiculous story involving some of your favorite celebrities. Thankfully, the Starpulse Rumor Patrol is here to sort out what's real and what's fake.

Kim Kardashian's Illuminati Photo: Conspiracy theorists have connected just about every celebrity with the not-so-secret-society Illuminati. They were quick to pounce on a photo shared by Kim Kardashian that featured a collage in a shape similar to the alleged Illuminati symbol. So what's the deal?

Verdict: She's clueless. As accusations piled up on Twitter, Kim responded, "What is the illuminate? A re...

The Most Ridiculous Reality Shows

2/7/2011 10:39am EST
Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive- This show should have been called, “I’m a son/daughter/cousin of a C-list Celebrity: Now I’m trying to get famous with their last name.” The show starred Kourtney Kardashian (pre-fame), Brittny Gastineau (NFL daughter), Courtenay Semel (Yahoo heir), Alex Quinn, George Forman III, Pat Benatar’s daughter and Robert Blake’s son among other spoiled rich kids. Train wreck with a capital “T.”

Temptation Island- What happens when you mix a group of insecure couples with a bunch of hot singles? A hit Fox Reality show. As deliciously addicting this was to watch, it wa...

Brittny Gastineau Isn't Pregnant Or Dating Michael Phelps, But She's Still Hot

12/10/2010 1:00pm EST
Brittny Gastineau
We spotted Brittny Gastineau arriving at BOA steakhouse in a revealing dress last night.

Brittny has spoken out to deny rumors she is dating Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps. She also denied she is pregnant after she was allegedly spotted buying a home pregnancy test.

She explained to People magazine, "I’m too busy to date anyone because I’m working so hard on my jewelry line." The 28-year-old reality star is the daughter of former NFL star Mark Gastineau.

See more photos of Brittny here!

Brittny Gastineau Dating Michael Phelps?

11/15/2010 7:25pm EST
Reality hottie and Kim Kardashian BFF Brittny Gastineau is reportedly dating U.S. Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps.

TMZ reportedly snapped a picture of the pair grabbing coffee together in L.A. at The Grove shopping center but they went their separate ways shortly after the picture was taken, leaving us to ponder the status of the two. New couple alert or just friends?

The two were also seen getting cozy together at the Mondrian Hotel in L.A. on Friday night but nothing has been confirmed by their publicists or via Twitter. We'll keep you posted on the "Gastinelps" status.


Lisa Gastineau Has Nose Job After Cancer Op

3/6/2010 3:00pm EST
Lisa Gastineau
Reality TV mom Lisa Gastineau has undergone cosmetic surgery to rebuild her nose, after doctors were forced to remove part of it due to cancer. The socialite's daughter and Gastineau Girls co-star Brittny broke the news of her mother's condition at the launch of her new jewelry line in Los Angeles on Thursday.

And Brittny has revealed the ops to remove cancerous cells in October left her glamorous mom feeling "ugly," so she put her beauty in the hands of Hollywood surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan, who cosmetically overhauled fellow reality TV star Heidi Montag earlier this year.

Gastinaeu tells N...

Reality TV Star Lisa Gastineau Diagnosed With Cancer

3/4/2010 8:52pm EST
Lisa Gastineau
Reality TV mom Lisa Gastinaeu has been diagnosed with skin cancer. The socialite's daughter and "Gastineau Girls" co-star Brittny broke the news at the launch of her new jewelry line in Los Angeles on Thursday.

She told, "My mom can't be here right now. She has skin cancer so just had surgery."

And Brittny insists the family has been left stunned by the news: "My mum was diagnosed with Melanoma in 2006. Since then she has always had to check her skin. She had her basil cell removed from her nose in October so her surgery is reconstructive. She is fine, everyone is good. She...

There's Something Sexy About A Celebrity & A Lollipop (Photos)

1/20/2010 11:12am EST
Kim Kardashian lollipop
Kim Kardashian attended Mel B's "Sugar Factory Couture Lollipop Series" launch party in Los Angeles yesterday. She is definitely fond of her sugary sweet! See more photos of celebs and their treats after the jump!

Kim recently denied making an engagement bet with her football player boyfriend Reggie Bush. Recent reports suggested the couple agreed that if Bush comes home a winner at this year's Super Bowl he'll ask Kardashian to be his wife.

Now on to the lollipop lovers!

Holly Madison appeared at The Sugar Factory Candy Store at the Mirage in Las Vegas on September 19, 2009.


Celebrity Birthdays, November 11

11/11/2009 3:00am EST
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Happy Birthday to:

The Departed star Leonardo DiCaprio (1974)

Troubled "American Idol" reject Jessica Sierra (1985)

Socialite Brittny Gastineau (1983)

"Knocked Up" actress Leslie Mann (1972)

La Femme Nikita star Peta Wilson (1970)

Ally McBeal star Calista Flockheart (1964)

Actress Demi Moore (1962)

Actor / director Stanley Tucci (1960)

Singer Marshall Crenshaw (1953)

Comedian / actor Jonathan Winters (1925)

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Brittny Gastineau's Jamie-Lynn Spears Abortion 'Joke' In 'Bruno'

7/15/2009 4:18pm EDT
Brittny Gastineau Bruno Jamie Lynn Spears Abortion
Reality TV star, model and socialite Brittny Gastineau claims her comments in the movie 'Bruno' that Jamie-Lynn Spears should abort her baby were a "joke."

In the film, Sacha Baron Cohen interviews the 25-year-old star of the E! show Gastineau Girls in his Bruno character showing her a sonogram which he claims is of then unborn Jamie-Lynn Spears' child. After making fun of the baby's oversized arms and "too small" head, Bruno asks her if Spears should keep the baby, to which Gastineau bluntly replied, "Abort It!"

But now Gastineau is covering her tracks, telling Us, "When I got there,...

Kim Kardashian To Host 'MTV Cribs Awards'

2/28/2009 7:33am EST
Kim Kardashian
The first ever “MTV Cribs Awards” air on Saturday, March 7 at 1pm ET/PT. Kim Kardashian will host the MTV honors:

-Best Bachelor/Bachelorette Crib

-Best Sneaker Collection

-Best Cribs Bling

-Best Beach Bungalow

-Best Crib

After all the awards are handed out, five brand new back-to-back episodes of “MTV Cribs” will air beginning at 2:30pm ET/PT.

New celeb cribs include Criss Angel, Akon, Brittny Gastineau, Verne Troyer, Christian Audigier, Young Joc, Andy Hurley, Kerry Rhodes, Marques Houston, Derek Anderson, Al Harrington and more.

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